Antonio Buehler Arrested For Filming…Again (VIDEO)

Antonio Buehler of Peaceful Streets Project was arrested by Austin police early Sunday morning. In the video, Antonio is clearly walking silently and a significant distance behind a subject in the custody of APD.

According to

The man behind the Peaceful Streets Projects was arrested early Sunday morning. Police say Antonio Buehler was taken in to custody just before 3:00 a.m. on East Sixth Street. He’s been charged with interfering with public duties, a Class B Misdemeanor.

Buehler formed the Peaceful Streets Project after he was arrested on New Year’s Eve for allegedly disrupting an arrest. Buehler says he was standing up for a woman that police were abusing.

Friends of Buehler say he was arrested this morning while filming an arrest. Police say he was interfering with officer duties.

Buehler’s bond has been set at $2,000.

Joe James Sawyer, the activist’s attorney called the officer’s account “make believe” and “official oppression.”

“The allegation is that the victim was the drunk that the police were arresting. That he, the drunk, became indignant that he was being filmed and there was some fear he might fall and hurt himself,” Joe James Sawyer, Buehler’s lawyer, said. “So they arrested Antonio. That’s make believe. That’s stagecraft. That is insulting. It is abusive. It is official oppression.”

The Peaceful Streets Project is an activist group whose goal is to keep an eye on the Austin Police Department. Earlier this year, the group distributed 100 video cameras to people who committed to record police activity across Austin.


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