Gun-Dealing, Drug-Dealing, Child-Abusing, Torturing and Murdering of American Citizens by NYPD Officers has cost tax-payers $22,000,000 in One Year

Ladies and Gentleman, the title of this article says it all. As reported by;, abuses committed by NYPD officers cost 22 Million dollars in a single year, such as a 12-year-old Forest Hills girl collecting $115,000 after her arrest for doodling on her junior high school desk.

All of us  must eventually acknowledge that on some scale these same actions occur at every single police station in this great country of ours. What the police are doing doesn’t just physically hurt Americans, it hurts our already hurting wallets. Think the banks are bleeding us dry? Check out how much your city or state has spent settling lawsuits.

Americans used to take to the streets and achieve change, and that is happening, but not enough of that energy is being pointed at one of the greatest threats an American citizen faces; the police that are supposed to be protecting us, that we pay!, to protect us and our loved ones and our homes.

I live in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. In Detroit, the police no longer show-up for break-ins, but they wait at the corner of the stadiums and catch speeders to pay their salaries. This is not how police officers should be trained to work and not what they should doing as an organization.

I’ve been offered help from cops, I’ve gotten harassed by cops, I’ve gotten busted by cops (Nothing crazy, a few speeding tickets), but in the end, their entire reason for having a job is flawed. The way the police police is broken, it always has been.

What is the new equation? The rise of video, on cell-phones and other small handheld devices, much of America is already equipped to take a video, whenever, wherever. This terrifies the authorities within the police departments. They know that very soon, a tidal wave will hit them. Children are now raised in a world in which they can watch police brutality all day long on Youtube. The trick is getting everyone to acknowledge that the system is broken, that we have a problem. Much like what is occurring in politics  these days, sides are being picked.

I know from first-hand experience that it is not difficult to turn a police corruption non-believer into one, and that was before I even knew about Copblock. Now, I just point them towards the site. Liking Copblock on facebook will guarantee to convert anyone not a police officer or related to one, the evidence is overwhelming. That’s the point of what I’m writing. Spread the word. Don’t just re-post articles from Copblock that shock you, help us spread the word by sharing us on your facebook page or Twitter and urge people to join for themselves and see just how much cruelty is being done using their tax-dollars. (Another way is by wearing some of our merchandise, I guarantee you’ll change a few minds each day you wear it, as I myself have recently learned.)

It’s up to people to make a difference. I hope that those reading this spread the message. Like I said, the first step is getting everyone to acknowledge that we have a problem. Thankfully, there is a guaranteed easy solution to that; just turn them on to Copblock. Once we get everyone informed and on the same page, then and only then can we start having conversations, on a national level, about how our police forces current methods can be phased out and replaced with new, modern laws, that will aide the American people rather than being just another burden on our collective shoulders.

-Ethan I. Solomon


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