Cop Car Crusher Roger Pion Out of Jail, Has No Regrets

By William Boardman

Roger Pion, the self-employed Vermont farmer who rolled a 20,000 pound tractor over seven police cars in early August, was released August 30 after four weeks in jail.  When asked by a Fox 44 news reporter if he had any regrets, the taciturn Pion said, “No.”

Pion (pronounced PEE-on) has become something of an internet folk hero since he used his father’s tractor to crush five Orleans Sheriff’s cruisers, an unmarked car, as a van.  News of his release on the Fox 44 Facebook page drew 75 “likes” within a day, and the Associated Press report of his leaving “the Northern State Correctional Facility on Thursday with a smile on his face” was picked up by the Washington Post and New Orleans Times-Picayune, among others.

Asked what he was going to do after his release, Pion said, “Go home.” He was asked if it was okay in jail, to which he said, “Yeah, it was all right – for jail.”

Pion’s dramatic protest has received national and international news coverage, as well as worldwide support for his legal fund.  His bail was sit at $50,000, which he met soon after he was jailed, but authorities held him longer on an unrelated charge of disorderly conduct, leading at least one state senate candidate to suggest that he was a political prisoner.

Pion has pled not guilty to the 15 charges he faces for the cruiser-crushing event, which lasted only a few minutes while Sheriff’s dept. personnel sat obliviously in their office only a few feet away.  Seven of the charges against Pion are for property damage to each of the sheriff’s cars, but his attorney David Sleigh thinks that’s over-charging.

Sleigh’s argument is that there was only one event and the charge should be the same regardless of the number of damaged cars.   As far as charging goes, Sleigh argues, there was only one occurrence, a theory he says has a strong legal basis.

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Sleigh is also working to get the most serious charge, aggravated assault, dropped.  Pion didn’t cause any personal injuries and, Sleigh says, had no intent to harm anyone.  During the cruiser crushing, Pion actually moved at least one private car out of harm’s way.

While he is free, one of his conditions is that Pion may not drive any vehicle, including a tractor.   He was released into the custody of his father.  His next scheduled court date is October 2.

In a TV interview hours after his release, Pion spoke briefly of his mistreatment in jail.  He said that people put “stuff in my food,” that guards went through his cell whenever he left, and that he “spent the last of [his] time in the hole.”

Pion is soft-spoken and terse in interviews.  He says he doesn’t think off himself as a hero, but there’s a Facebook page called “Roger Pion, the magnificent” and his supporters in northern Vermont are planning a rally, picnic, music event for late September.

Pion’s actions seem to have tapped into two strong underground currents in American culture.  One is the anti-authoritarian strain that resents police and other authorities and sees the crushed cruisers as a form of revenge.

As one poster expressed it on the Fox 44 Facebook page, “our cops… harassed Roger, have done it to so many who do not deserve it… its why Roger did what he did. No one else would listen so he took matters into his own hands, and guess what? He finally got people to realize how screwed our system is.”

The other cultural current relates to Pion’s arrest for marijuana, which many supporters see as police state activity that should be resisted because, they argue, the drug war is a failure and marijuana should be legal.

As another Fox 44 poster said, “Get the police to stop stealing the vehicles of cannabis consumers, I bet the people will stop destroying the vehicles of police. Simple. End the war on freedom, end the war on cannabis.”



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  • John Q Public

    Pion (pronounced PEE-on)is a very appropraite name for that guy. Hope the taxpayers apperciate the destruction of city property.

  • Common Sense

    No regrets? Not until the bill….

  • t.

    If the town is smart, they will sue his dad for allowing him access to the tractor. This guy probably has few assets…. dad apparently has a farm and a big tractor. He let him take the tractor…he’s on the hook too.

  • 1605

    Aaaaaaaahahahahahaha!!! Run those cars over again and then back over em for good measure! The best. Absolutely the best!


    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha 1605… They’ll get new cars, he’ll go to prison possibly, and YOU will help foot the bill. Yeah, it’s real funny!

  • jpcfourth

    Great job roger, we love you! A true American patriot! Fulfilling his duty to fight back tyranny! Don’t pay any fucking bills they give you!

  • John Q Public

    jpcfourth, great idea. Then he can go bact to jail and wash the new cars the police get. That’ll fufill his duty alright.

  • jpcfourth

    @John Q Public lol you bootlicker how’s life on your knees?

  • Dustin

    Pathetic statist sheeple… I only wish the cops had been in the cars when he crushed them.

  • Yuppiesalwaysreply

    John Q, you must be a republican. lol. give it a rest. i doubt you have ever been harassed by the police. lemme guess, ur in ur mid 40’s, living upper middle class w/ a white picket fence, right? instead of preaching about crap u know nothing about, take a walk outside and see whats really going on. The man stood up for what he believed. it’s Yuppies like you that stand in the way of progress. The blind leading the stupid. you would have to be stupid to be so blind. Thanks, Cop Block for posting. Good to know Roger is out and home.

  • arthur berg

    you whiny little copfuckers are pissed cuz he beat the rap btw john q dumbass how does that cop jizz taste??

  • underoath

    Don’t pay any of the bills? Do you really think the police department will go without? No. They will go buy new cruisers and the taxpayers will foot the bill. Real fair, eh?

    Its fairly obvious that some of you guys are so slanted that you’ll cut off your nose to spite your face.

  • To hell with the taxpayers, that’s what they get for paying people to be fascists. To hell with these people with no principles, no sense of decency, no appreciation for freedom. They want to keep supporting a crappy society, let them pay the price.

  • jb

    good job roger!

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  • red

    I don’t know, maybe people will realize that crime didn’t go up while the ticket writing machines were being replaced and vote not buy any more cars for the police. Or maybe they’ll buy the cops bicycles so they can do real police work instead of robbing motorists. BTW, how do the police live with the fact their primary job is to rob people instead of helping them?

  • 1605

    They can buy all the cars back, yup. But they can’t undo what’s been done. HAHAHA!! It’s hilarious! Cops can’t even protect themselves or their own property.

    When seconds count, cops are minutes away.


  • Common Sense

    I wonder if they will laugh when they have to auction off the farm or sell their tractor and a few other assests? I bet the dad is laughing right now.

  • Omaedon

    I see alot of you saying “taxpayers will foot the bill” I happen to like what this guy did. Cops have become more violent and dangerous than most gangs anymore, good to see somebody has the balls to fight back, as far as footing the bill goes, the taxpayers would be paying that tax money regardless of had this guy crushed their cars or not, it would’ve just gone somewhere else. In the end the only thing you can blame for that is The Fed…

  • TheReb

    I can’t believe people, on this site of all places, are more concerned about the cost of the damage than they are about the clear and awesome act of rebellion.

    You don’t want tax money wasted? Then friggin DO

  • TheReb

    Then friggin DO something about the crazy police!! I love this guy for doing what he did, and I don’t care what it costs. Is less than a buck of your tax money that precious to you? I hope more people run over some cop cars.

    t: you honestly believe his dad just let him take the tractor to go run over some cop cars? He probably had no idea. The dad is not liable for this. Use your head.

    Lets see some more destruction of police property…..a LOT more.

  • This is an understandable reaction by a guy who has just had enough. There are millions like him and millions more to follow. As Mark Twain said, In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, brave,hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.

  • Don

    It’s like some chump walking by call’s 9/11 on his cell phone…”Newsflash officers: Your cars are getting squished! Send backup!”

  • Common Sense

    Maybe he can get a donation account set up. He’ll need about $200,000+ for 7 new police cars (base price).

    Sounds like the police department just got some farmland.

  • The Cap’n

    Do you have any idea how much cops actually pay for their cars? Pennies on the dollar! They will get those cruisers for roughly $6000. But they’ll charge regular price when they tally the bill.

  • John Q Public

    Yuppiesalwaysreply, the only thing you got right is I’m in my 40s. And I do know what’s going on. My military career opened my eyes while you were probably still in grammar school.I’ve been to more countries and experienced more than you’ll probably ever see. You must be a democrat. How’s that hope and change BS working out for you? Sounds like Pion got busted for dope and pulled a stupid stunt which will cost him even more jail time.

    Arthur, thanks for the intelligent comment. I didn’t realize that 6th graders were allowed to post on here.

  • John Q Public

    To everyone else: I am a firm beleiver in police accountability. But when you post the junk that you do on this site it just makes you look stupid. How can you get any credibility when yopu post half truths and stories that are not even true at all? Acting like a pimply 6th grader is not going to help your cause at all. Ask your leader Mueller how things worked out for him? Oh, yeah you can’t because he’s in jail.

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  • FTP

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! I love this article! The police have gotten WAY OUT OF CONTROL. I’m in my late 30’s and I’ve seen first hand how much worse it’s gotten over the last 20 years. This kid is my hero and I think there are gonna be more and more of these heros in the future!

  • Commonsense loser

    One time, when my chief still let me drive, I ran over 5 little boys’ bikes parked at school because those same little bastards refused my sexual advances. Luckily, I was able to tape them nude. This guy smashing cop cars makes me very mad. Those are the same cop car style that I put my Barbies in and take pictures.

  • mike

    Too bad Common Asswipe and Piece Of Shit weren’t sitting in those cars eating donuts! LMFAO!!!!

  • CommonSenseAssWipeperv

    Uh oh, “Common Sense” is something the matter? Why all of the very close to your “breaker breaker” anonymous screen names? Now what are you going to do? We know your slang! Change your “Common Sense” to the appropriate “Common Sense Ass Wipe” or “Common Sense Perv” for what else? We’ll still know who you are! Next step is to get of the pd computer, get on some very, very heavy “legal” narcotics, and put a bullet in your head. We are sick of your shit!!! You are absolutely ridiculous and so obsessed with “real” men and women (you perv) that are standing up to thugs that you consider your super heroes. Go get a real job, creeper.


    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Friend’s don’t let friends drive red tractors, by God.

  • John Q Public

    CommonSenseAssWipeperv, just jet a job period.

  • john

    i would give roger 20,000 to run a couple manchester nh police cars over.good job roger keep up the good fight