Blue Island, IL Police Department Still Racial Profiling

A law enforcement officer who would prefer to remain anonymous submitted the following via our submit tab.

Officer Martin Robitz (also known as “Marty”) is an officer with the Blue Island, IL Police Department, who often on a daily basis conducts racial profiling stops, mainly against young, African American males. Officer Robitz, who can be seen shaking hands with public officials and receiving commendation awards, is also known to make false arrests and lie on reports and in court, under oath, sending young men to the penitentiary or ruining them for the rest of their lives.




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  • Burn The Obedient

    What race are the people he is profiling? Because “african american” is not a race. Its a nationality.

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  • Jim

    Just stop.

  • Common Sense

    Define ‘many.’

    Blue Island is 38% white, 30% black.

  • Jeff

    This officer Martin Robitz isn’t any different then other cops. That’s what they all do!

  • John Q Public

    Now you guys have to write this crap to try and get more credibility? What proof do you have? Real journalists get corroberating witnesses to back up the story. You guys seem to make things up as you go along.

  • t.

    This isn’t even quality crap. Its just crap.

  • certain

    And if you let him continue doing so, and don’t bring it to the attention of the FBI or whatever agency would be responsible, then you are every bit as bad as he is.

    Oh, right, but then your fellow cops might not like you anymore. Oh well, an innocent kids life isn’t worth all that much now, is it? Piece of fucking dog-shit. What, you make yourself feel better with your little anonymous tip that will go absolutely nowhere?

    Better hope there’s no afterlife, sport.

  • Common Sense

    Maybe the ‘young man’ was a drug dealer, or a thief and was guilty. Or maybe, it was all an FBI coverup. Its not a lie if you believe in it.