Who Received the Lighter Jail Sentence, Cop or Citizen?

When you have two people that commit crimes while driving a car, but one is a cop and the other is a mere mundane, who do you think will get the better deal? To make it even tougher, let’s say the cop was drunk and killed four people, while the citizen was high and only injured two people? Can’t stand the suspense? Well, you probably guessed right. The drunk cop that murdered four innocent people received the lighter sentence.

THE COP -8 Years

Former Sunset Hills Police Officer Christine L. Miller of Kirkwood was sentenced to eight years in prison for a March 2009 vehicle accident that killed four people and injured one.

Judge Michael T. Jamison handed down Miller’s sentence of eight years each for four counts of involuntary manslaughter and seven years for one felony count of assault in the second degree while intoxicated.She will be allowed to serve her time on each count concurrently, for a total of eight years in prison. A chemical test of Miller’s blood, revealed a blood/alcohol content of .169 percent


Regular Person -9 Years

A Queens judge handed down a nine-year sentence Friday to a Malverne woman, who admitted to speeding and driving under the influence of cocaine when she hit two construction workers with her car.

Yolanda Silvera, 29, of Malverne, pleaded guilty last month to first degree assault.



Is it reasonable that these two people received almost the exact same sentence for crimes that were completely different? Lets hear your thoughts.


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