Minnesota Metro Transit Police Try to Block Filming in Public & Claim Swearing is Illegal

“You just can’t swear, it’s against the law. Do you have kids? You don’t want your kids being around that stuff. You know what I mean?”

People should pay for others to be forced to sit in a cage to “protect the children” from words?  No, actually, I don’t know what you mean.



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  • shawn

    What is it with cops trying to make up new laws? The entire conduct of Disorderly Conduct needs taken away from cops. It’s become a catchall for everything they don’t like.

  • Otto Maddox

    Oh please.. swearing is absolutely protected speech. Those cops are just making things up.

    And then once you disagree, politely, with a police officer they just have to find some way to order you around. Make sure you know who is in charge.

    “Buy a ticket or get off the platform.”

    Just gotta get this guy to do one thing to save the officer’s ego.

  • Fred Sands

    For reference/discussion only:

    2011 Minnesota Statutes

    Subdivision 1.Crime.

    Whoever does any of the following in a public or private place, including on a school bus, knowing, or having reasonable grounds to know that it will, or will tend to, alarm, anger or disturb others or provoke an assault or breach of the peace, is guilty of disorderly conduct, which is a misdemeanor:

    (1) engages in brawling or fighting; or

    (2) disturbs an assembly or meeting, not unlawful in its character; or

    (3) engages in offensive, obscene, abusive, boisterous, or noisy conduct or in offensive, obscene, or abusive language tending reasonably to arouse alarm, anger, or resentment in others.

    A person does not violate this section if the person’s disorderly conduct was caused by an epileptic seizure.

  • Ed

    What a bunch of stupid bullies. The cops came up to the photographer and harassed and assaulted him. Let’s either make up a law or not bother to read the law. And cops wonder why the people hate them.

  • Steve H.

    Disorderly conduct is a simple statute in most jurisdictions. It has to do with fighting or “fighting words”. Most everything else is protected speech, although I personally don’t like to hear people yelling profanity, but if I was yelling cabron, or pendajo or hijo de puta at the cops they probably wouldn’t know what I meant. Words are basically just words.

  • John Q Public

    One cop was cool, but the other one shouldn’t have grabbed the camera. I didn’t hear any cussing either though.

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  • Burn The Obedient

    @Steve: Caselaw agrees with you. Courts have ruled time and again that cursing, while inappropriate at times, is free speech.

  • Yankee Fan

    To think this these assholes are from the profession that in a sense lectured us on policeone about us “civilians” not understanding the 4th amendmentin relation to that law that was passed in Indiana because we are not police. These assclowns need to go read up on a court case or 3 that cursing in public isn’t disorderly conduct. It is constitutionaly protected speech like it or not.

  • John Q Public

    Yankee Fan, that means I can walk up to you in public and say”I’m gonna kick your ass motherfucker” and its all fine and dandy. I think not.

  • Jim

    Plenty of cops do that now, but we serfs can’t? Ok.

  • Yankee Fan

    Cursing in public is lawful and has been ruled so John. Do some research on the topic. Look up police in pennsylvania citing citizens for disorderly conduct for cussing in public. The woman cited for cursing at her overflowing toilet in her own house is one example. Carlos Miller has a story that is old that shows a guy winning a 50k settlement for giving a cop the time honored middle finger gesture. Police one had a story in their archives from 9 plus years ago that had a guy in a heated debate with a cop who he started to cuss at and was cited. The judge tossed all charges and stated that even though it is rude it is legal for someone to cuss out a cop. It is protected first amendment speech. There was an anon NYPD detective that stated it is a sad day when courts do not back up police. The example you gave John, was a threat of violence and thats not protected but telling a cop to go fuck his mother is protected speech.

  • Yankee Fan

    Here is just 1 example John. There are many more, just google flipping off/telling cops to fuck off settlement or something like that and you will see what I mean.


  • John Q Public

    Here’s one for you:

    Just to show that anyone can be convicted of disorderly conduct for less than cussing.

  • Yankee Fan

    Yes you can but if you are disorderly then you are but the fact there is a very narrow exception to the first amendment means the police/prosecutors are going to have to really make a stretch to get cussing/rude gestures at police to fall within that narrow exception. Simply telling a cop to “fuck off” or give him the “finger” has almost no chance of ending up there. Hell I would think that charge loitering has a better chance of being leveled against someone but I have ehard that there are courts that will not accept that because it can be used to stifle someones free speech rights.

  • John Q Public

    Good point. I did some research and found that courts will err in favor of the first amendment in those type of cases. Doesn’t make it the smartest thing to do though.

  • Yankee Fan

    Agreed. I am a fan of polite and courtesy all the way around. I have always said play it straight up stand up for your rights but be smart and polite because if something ends up in the hands of a jury, you want them to look at it and say…”gee that cop was a punk while that ciitzen was just being chill”. If it is the citizen who is being the fool even if he has the right, a jury may whack ya!

  • shawn

    On October 1st i was a victim of metro police brutality thank you cop block for being there.