A Basic, Vital & Well Established Liberty

This video is dedicated to,and inspired by a tireless warrior in the fight for government transparency,and individual liberty my friend Ademo Freeman.

Here is a video montage of my experiences documenting police activity. I made this video to show people what they can expect while filming the police and how to assert their rights.


Stay Cool, Be Polite, Assert Your Rights,and Always Film The Police!

Jeff (HonorYourOath)



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  • 1605

    Jeff, you are a standard bearer for how to film the police.

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    1605. Wow! Thank you!


    I’m curious as to what T,common sense,and PSOGT think about my video.

  • Jim

    Oh, I think you know the answer to that one ;-)


    Thank you Pete and CopBlock for publishing this video.

  • t.

    You are such the warrior for freedom. What a screaming joke. Filming nothing. Exercising a not infringed upon right. What a screaming joke.

  • North Philly

    These cops have no balls, take their camera and break it, you won’t lose your job. The FOP is great!!


    Thanks T. With all the positive comments and support I’m receiving from this video I was feeling a little unsure of myself. However with the anger fueled nonsensical rantings from a sausage casing like you I once again feel sure that I’m doing the right thing!

  • John Q Public

    Once again with the name calling. Wow. Shows intelligence to call someone a “sausage casing.” I guess it makes you feel better about yourself. SMH

  • Jim

    Riiiiight, like the badgelickers here don’t call us mundanes ‘dirty hippies’, ‘dopers’, ‘freaks’, ‘losers’ and so on every day.