Raw Video of Wiretapping Arrest – Greenfield, Mass

Pete and I are hoping that with the release of this footage the states charges against us will be dismissed.

Yesterday the Greenfield district court judge ordered the release of this footage (video coming soon) taken July 1st, 2010. We were unable to transfer footage from one camera (mine), due to a dead battery, but the footage below is from Pete’s angle and it’s enough to show that we don’t deserve 5 yrs in prison for filming public officials. But don’t take my word for it, see the raw footage for yourself.
Videos are in order of the days events.

  • Raw1 21min convo inside the Franklin Co. Jail, Eyre & Mueller leave to get the bail money after being told they could film
  • Raw2 – 2min convo with Todd M. Dodge in parking lot of grocery store where they went to get bail money from the ATM
  • Raw3 – 1min walk back to the Franklin Co. Jail
  • Raw4 – 12min convo inside/outside the jail


For more information about the charges and pending court dates, check out this playlist on YouTube.

Ademo Freeman

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