Broward Deputy Fired More Than a Year After Stealing Woman’s Cell Phone

Carlos Miller of Photography is Not A Crime shared the following story.

It took more than a year, but a Broward County sheriff’s deputy was fired for stealing a woman’s cell phone because she wouldn’t stop video recording him in a case of road rage.

Paul Pletcher is not going to let that stop him from trying to get his job back.

However, Pletcher is also facing 11 years in prison for the incident, so he might want to place his energy in maintaining his freedom instead of his job.

This is a man who was not even in uniform or on-duty when he jumped out of his truck and confronted a pair of women in another car at a traffic light, so he is not exactly the brightest of the bunch.

According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel:

The seven-year veteran is still awaiting trial on charges of burglary, battery, criminal mischief and petty theft. He is pleading not guilty.

Pletcher, 38, was terminated July 26 for conduct unbecoming an employee and failing to obey the law, say documents released to the Sun Sentinel this week.

He is seeking arbitration to get his job back, said Alberto Milian, Pletcher’s attorney.

“The Sheriff’s Office is treating him unfairly,” Milian said. “They are depriving him of his job when he has not even been found guilty. Normally when you get accused of a crime, you get your day in court.”

At a hearing on Friday, Milian asked Broward Circuit Judge Michael Usan for more time to prepare for trial. Usan set the next hearing for Dec. 7.

So, his attorney is complaining that his client has not had his day in court while asking the judge to postpone that day in court.

That’s not surprising considering the overwhelming video evidence against him in which he continually demands the woman to hand over the phone.

“Give me the phone now or else you’re going to jail,” he tells her before the video goes black because Neyda Osorio stuffed it into her purse.

According to police reports, when Pletcher realized he was being recorded, he demanded Osorio’s phone. Osorio put the phone in her purse, but Pletcher put his arm across her neck, reached into her purse and grabbed the phone. He then told her to pull into a bank parking lot. As she pulled in, she noticed him driving off with her phone and driver’s license.

Plantation officers found the phone in two pieces near the spot where Pletcher pulled over Osorio.

Yet, despite all this evidence, it still took seven months for him to be officially charged, which was when he taken off paid administrative leave and suspended without pay, so it’s no wonder he believes he can get his job back.

After all, look at what he has gotten away with already, according to the Huffington Post.

Osorio’s lawyers told NBC Miami that Pletcher did the exact same thing to another woman three years ago. And in 2007, he was involved in an accident, in which a motorcyclist died. His initial application to join BSO was rejected thanks to his questionable driving record, which includes a 1995 citation for driving 105 mph in a 55-mph zone.


Watch the video at Photography is Not a Crime.




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  • The_Lakewood_4_Are_Burning_In_Hell

    Brave Team Blue warrior. Good job.

  • Ian

    Hey Officer, don’t you feel silly asking for leiniency when you probably busted dozens, if not hundreds of people for minor crimes?

  • Common Sense

    Thank god no one in the service commits crime…

    Reported crimes at Camp Pendleton in 2009
    Murder: 1
    Rape: 21
    Other sex offenses: 9
    Robbery: 1
    Aggravated assault: 72
    Assault against police officer: 11
    Simple assault: 241
    Reported suicide attempts: 26 (one confirmed suicide)
    Domestic disturbance: 71
    Burglary/housebreaking: 19
    Larceny of government property: 205
    Larceny of nongovernment property: 401
    Auto theft: 16
    Willful destruction of government property: 55
    Willful destruction of nongovernment property: 210
    Fraud: 25
    Drug offenses: 68
    Animal control: 369

    For 2009, the base had 452 crimes against persons; 926 property crimes, including 19 burglaries; 831 miscellaneous, of which 757 are listed as “other”; 68 drug crimes; and 2,057 “other security activities,” including animal control complaints and alarm investigations.

    While a majority of the base population is made up of active-duty Marines between the ages of 18 and 25 and therefore not directly comparative to the population of a city, a look at Encinitas and its 2008 crime report is one way to compare the numbers.

    Encinitas’ population is nearly identical to Camp Pendleton’s on a workday. The city’s 2008 report compiled by the San Diego Association of Governments shows it had 15 reported rapes, 33 robberies, 83 aggravated assaults, 275 burglaries, 669 larcenies and 89 motor vehicle thefts.

    There are more reported crimes ON base, then off. And that’s just one base of ‘shield and spear’ warriors —

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  • 2minutes

    Deflection? Really? Did you want to throw the kitchen sink in the mix, too?

  • The_Lakewood_4_Are_Burning_In_Hell

    Common hates Team Green. Troops are beloved, cops are reviled.

    Envy is pathetic.

  • shawn

    @Common shithead

    Soldiers are properly held accountable for their crimes. Nor are they charged with law enforcement. They are also largely between 18 and 25, the ages where most people are far more likely to have issues with the law. They are in fact more accountable than most of us.

    Then there is the colonel who publicly commented that his boys in Iraq are under more stringent rules of engagement than an officer on the streets of the good ol’ US of A. Now that is $#@!#$ up.

    Go ahead and hate soldiers if you want. But they didn’t sign up to be bully boys like the guys you’re busy brown nosing with. Soldiers put up with conditions and dangers that would make any of your little piglets crap themselves. I would love to see a cop’s face if he was issued a car that didn’t even have A/C.

  • The_Lakewood_4_Are_Burning_In_Hell

    Most FOBs in Afghanistan don’t have adequate donut facilities. Common would be on a medivac bird inside a week.

    Though I suspect, by his dislike of troops, that Common was in the military at one time. Clerk, cook, mechanic or some such, but never fit in. Saw police work as a chance to get back at everyone who didn’t recognize his value. Likely harasses troops for fun from the donut mobile.

  • Common Sense

    I know you don’t like it when I prove that beloved soldiers commit crime or otherwise do something that clearly tarnishs the hallowed picture you have. And remember, the numbers weren’t of some FOB, its was in California.

  • The_Lakewood_4_Are_Burning_In_Hell

    So, haven’t we established that cops are charged with upholding the law? Haven’t you deflected previously by conflating a soldier charged with the defense of the nation with a cop violating the very laws they can throw you In a dungeon for violating?

    You know, a cop charged with enforcing drug laws caught with a pile of empty heroin packets from the evidence locker and stolen needles. I’m sure you remember, the case you were cheering Team Blue for giving the drug using cop a slap on the wrist?

    When a soldier fails in defense of the nation, then you have something relevant to talk about. Otherwise you are just anti-soldier trolling. I personally could give a fuck less about your opinion of soldiers, but don’t use that trolling to deflect from a thieving, lying bastard of a cop.

  • Common Sense

    “defense of the nation” – and how does one qualify that?

    “..Gunnery Sgt. Eric Hamilton, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy in what prosecutors say was a scheme to help Iraqi contractors steal 70 generators that were meant to supply electricity for fellow Marines. He sent some of their payments home in a footlocker and had other money wired, the report said…”

    “Fort Bragg, N.C. — A Spring Lake gun shop was temporarily closed Monday after an overnight burglary in which a Fort Bragg soldier with the 82nd Airborne allegedly stole more than $68,000 worth of guns, ammunition and accessories.

    A handwritten note attached to yellow crime scene tape outside Guns Plus on North Bragg Boulevard read: “Guns Plus will be closed for the day due to scumbags breaking in. But we caught them.”

    Cumberland County sheriff’s deputies arrested Spc. William David Devane, 28, of 8961 Ardennes Road, who they found hiding early Monday morning on top of an old truck parked in heavy brush next door to the business….”

    “LAKEWOOD, Wash. — Capt. Michael Nguyen had a profitable tour of duty in Iraq — so profitable, in fact, that soon after returning to this working-class neighborhood near the Army’s Fort Lewis, he was parking a Hummer H3T outside his apartment.

    Then a $70,000 BMW M-3 showed up. People notice cars like that on a street filled with pickup trucks, old Chevys and low-end sport-utility vehicles.

    “I spent 10 years in the military, and I can tell you, nobody’s giving me bailouts like that,” said Mark Smith, who lives across the street.

    The big-ticket cars raised eyebrows in more places than the neighborhood.

    Federal investigators found Nguyen’s $6,169-a-month Army paychecks untouched in the bank since his return from Iraq in June 2008, while he was paying credit-card bills for three flat-screen TVs, two desktop computers, a laptop, several iPods, a PlayStation 3 and a dozen combat video games, a refrigerator, new living room and dining room furniture, a Nikon camera and a pair of high-powered handguns.

    In a federal indictment in March 2009, prosecutors alleged that Nguyen managed to skim more than $690,000 in cash while acting as the civil-affairs officer responsible for overseeing millions of dollars intended for reconstruction projects and payments to private Iraqi security forces northeast of Baghdad….”

    …yep, those in the service are all saints.

  • The_Lakewood_4_Are_Burning_In_Hell

    Again, what does that have to do with a cop, under color of law, assaulting a woman and stealing her phone to cover for his malfeasance?

    “Give me the phone or you’re going to jail”

    And this relates in what way to a logistics pogue officer stealing from a civil affairs unit?

    Ask the people of New Orleans, who were they happier to see after Katrina, the NOPD, or the national guard? If you are black and like to remain several ounces lighter in lead content, the answer is easy.

  • shawn


    This is a site about cops. If you want to trash soldiers, i suggest democrat under ground.

  • Common Sense

    How odd, seems Team Green has its share of bad apples as well don’t they? You just don’t like hearing about it when its your team do yo. Its okay, I’ll stop. I know I have repeated punched hole after hole into your saintly claims of US Soldiers.

    Well, maybe one more story and after all, nothing like a good gang rape and murder huh Lakewood? And it even included a cover-up.

    Ex-Soldier Charged With Raping Iraqi, Killing Family
    July 3, 2006

    Charlotte, N.C. (AP) — Federal prosecutors accused a former U.S. soldier Monday of raping and murdering a young Iraqi woman and gunning down her family, all of whose bodies were found burned in an apparent cover-up.

    Steven D. Green, a 21-year-old former Army private first class, who was recently discharged because of a “personality disorder,” appeared Monday in a federal magistrate’s courtroom in Charlotte.

    The murder and rape charges against him grew out of a military investigation involving as many as five soldiers in the alleged rape and killing of a young woman in Mahmoudiya. Three of the woman’s relatives were also killed in the incident — one of them a girl believed to be about 5.

    Go Army!

  • The_Lakewood_4_Are_Burning_In_Hell

    Note our resident donut gobbler / kiddie diddler never bothered to address his fellow cop’s behavior. Again, what does any of this have to do with the officer above? We know you are anti-soldier. We get that. Your fellow members of the authoritarian circlejerk probably are too, even First Sergeant Alabama.

    What is your response to the story? We know it has no exciting underage girls, but try anyway.

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  • John Q Public

    Fakewood, I will say this: I will defend my fellow Soldiers until the day I die. But, you’re the one who constantly says that cops can do no right, and Soldiers can do no wrong. Common was proving a point. Not all cops are bad, and not all Soldiers are good. I agree with you on one point: the UCMJ will mete out punishment to Soldiers. Cops do get away with more. The thing is, this site posts way more BS stories than legitimate ones. You are so blinded over your rage of cops you don’t see that.

    Shawn, this site isn’t about cops. Its about people who hate cops. Big difference.

  • The_Lakewood_4_Are_Burning_In_Hell

    Wow, First Sergeant. Does Common actually have to shove his hand up your ass for you to act as his sock puppet? The “soldiers can do no wrong” thing is classic Common trolling. I have declared on numerous occasions that I believe soldiers are held to MUCH higher standards than cops. Not perfect, but a much better system than the loosey-goosey bullshit standards cops are held to.

    The UCMJ has penalties for adultery. Common was recently chortling over a story where a cop murdered his adulterous cunt’s husband and got away with it. In the Army, he would have been blasted, if nothing else, for having his cock in another man’s wife. Cops have no such moral standards. Another recent cops getting a wrist slap story involved a cop stealing hundreds of packets of heroin and getting misdemeanor charges. See what happens to an officer caught stealing ANYTHING, let alone illegal drugs.

    Common is proving no points. It chaps him that soldiers are generally beloved and cops are not. He thinks i somehow give a fuck what a cop thinks about anything, let alone his moral betters in the Army. His chosen profession is one half step below crack whore in value. At least crack whores provide valuable blowjob services. What do cops provide, other than ticket revenue and examples of what happens when you don’t do enough cardio?

    YouTube has forever destroyed the image of cops and they know it. Images of 9 year olds with black eyes and grandmothers and preganant women tased at traffic stops are rapidly erasing what little good will the public has left. If cops were generally held to acount, we would not be on this site, as there would be no need.

    But continue to comment spoon with the members of the Authoritarian Circle Jerk. It prevents you from having to think.

  • Common Sense

    “..Private Kevin Robinson, rape and theft, faced 30 years – got 6 years…”

    “…Specialist Adam Winfield, 23, of Coral Gables, Fla., had been charged with premeditated murder, aggravated assault and conspiracy to commit murder in several incidents, including the deaths of three Afghan civilians in Kandahar Province…”

    He plead to a reduced charge and was sentenced to 3 years, with credit for 507 days.

    Interesting part, the other soldiers who also plotted and killed unarmed citizens, you know, the ones they were ensuring their liberty and human rights, they plotted to kill Winfield as well.

    “….Over the last 10 years, the Army has court-martialed 43 people on murder or manslaughter charges in cases that occurred in Iraq or Afghanistan and that included both civilian victims and detainees. Twenty-eight were convicted and 15 acquitted. The acquittal rate was twice as high as in civilian courts.

    Some cases that have received prominent attention have never led to charges.

    For example, in 2008 the military did not bring charges against two Marines who commanded a unit accused of firing indiscriminately at cars and bystanders along a 10-mile stretch in Afghanistan, killing 19 people and wounding 50….”

    And as far as adultery, its ‘rarely’ charged unless its added with other sex crimes such as Brig General Sinclair who faces “…charges that include forced sex, wrongful sexual conduct, violating an order, possessing pornography and alcohol while deployed, and misusing a government travel charge card and filing fraudulent claims.”

    Oh yea, I left out that he wasn’t arrested…

    “…BERLIN — The former commander of the Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade was sentenced to a $300,000 fine and issued a formal reprimand Thursday after being found guilty at a court-martial of multiple counts of fraud, conduct unbecoming of an officer, bigamy and other charges related to an alleged long-term extramarital affair he had with a woman he met in Iraq when they both lived in Europe.

    As part of the sentence, Col. James Johnson III will have to serve five years in jail if the fine is unpaid, said Army spokeswoman Hilde Patton.

    He had faced possible decades in prison and dismissal from the Army as a maximum sentence. The panel of five colonels who presided over the court-martial in the German city of Kaiserslautern did not explain their decision.

    Johnson had pleaded guilty to 13 counts against him and was found guilty of two other counts by the panel of officers hearing the case. Twelve other counts were dismissed as the proceedings opened Sunday…”

    Just pay back the money he stole and he’s good, no jail time or discharge.

    “….A 44 year-old Texas National Guard recruiter from Lubbock thought he was going to have a steamy sex session with a 15 year-old girl he met on the Internet. Instead, cops were waiting for him in New Mexico. The pudgy sergeant was nabbed with condoms in his pockets. The “teenybopper” he wanted to sleep with turned out to be an undercover cop…”

    Lets turn to the ROK…

    Courts-Martial Results for May 2012
    Results of USFK Convictions for May 2012

    At a General Court-Martial on 7 May 2012, PVT (E-1) Dustin B. Halcom, HHC, 498th CSSB, 501st SBDE, 19th ESC, APO AP 96260, was found guilty of maiming, in violation of Article 124, UCMJ; violation of a lawful general regulation, in violation of Article 92, UCMJ; violation of a lawful order, in violation of Article 92, UCMJ; false official statement, in violation of Article 107, UCMJ; disorderly conduct, in violation of Article 134, UCMJ; and communication of a threat, in violation of Article 134, UCMJ. He was sentenced to 36 months of confinement, and to be discharged from the service with a Dishonorable Discharge.

    At a Special Court Martial BCD on 10 May 2012, PVT Marquinton Brown, was found guilty of one specification of desertion, in violation of Article 85, UCMJ, one specification of AWOL in violation of Article 86, UCMJ, two specifications of disrespect toward a superior commissioned officer, in violation of Article 89, UCMJ, and two specifications of willfully disobeying a superior commissioned officer, in violation of Article 90, UCMJ. He received 5 months of confinement and a Bad Conduct Discharge.

    At a Special Court Martial BCD on 11 May 2012, PVT Kevin Morales, D FSC, 6/37th FA, 210th Fires Brigade, 2d ID, was found guilty of three specifications of failure to report and one specification of AWOL, in violation of Article 86 , UCMJ, two specifications of violating a lawful general order, in violation of Article 92, UCMJ, and one specification of incapacitating himself for performance of duties through prior indulgence in intoxicating liquor, in violation of Article 134, UCMJ. PVT Morales received 4 months confinement and a Bad Conduct Discharge.

    At a General Court-Martial on 17 May 2012, SPC Pedro Acobes, 14th Signal Detachment, 36th Signal Battalion, 1st Signal Brigade, APO AP 96218 was acquitted of 1 specification of wrongful possession of drugs with intent to distribute and 1 specification of wrongful distribution of drugs in violation of UCMJ, Art. 112a, and 2 specifications of violation of a lawful general order in violation of UCMJ, Art. 92.

    Results of ROK Criminal Prosecutions for May 2012

    In Seoul Central District Court on 2 May 2012, PVT Alexander D. Mitchel, 19th HR Company, USAG-Yongsan, was convicted of assault but acquitted of a drug charge. His adjudged sentence was a 700,000 Won fine.

    In Seoul Central District Court on 2 May 2012, A1C Travaum M. Robinson, 51st Communications Squadron, Osan Air Base was found not guilty of drug charges.

    In Seoul Central District Court on 2 May 2012, PFC Jesus A. Castaneda, HHC, 1st Signal Brigade, USAG-Yongsan, was found not guilty of drug charges.

    In Seoul Central District Court on 4 May 2012, PVT Anthony J. Hongach, B Co, 2/9th Infantry, USAG-Casey, was convicted of assault. His adjudged sentence was a 1,000,000 Won fine.

    In Uijeongbu District Court on 8 May 2012, PFC Gregory M. Rodriguez, B Co, 1/72d Armor, USAG-Casey, was convicted of traffic law violations. His adjudged sentence was a 1,000,000 Won fine.

    In Uijeongbu District Court on 8 May 2012, PVT Gregory M. Rhodes, B Trp, 4/7th Cav, USAG-Casey, was convicted of Fraud. His adjudged sentence was a 500,000 Won fine.

    In Seoul Central District Court on 9 May 2012, PVT Kevin N. Robinson, 275th Signal Company, USAG-Yongsan, was convicted of Rape Resulting in Injury and Larceny. His adjudged sentence was imprisonment for 6 years, not suspended.

    In Seoul Central District Court on 9 May 2012, WO1 Todd A. Knight, F TAB, 1/38th FA, USAG-Casey, was convicted of DUI and causing a traffic accident. His adjudged sentence was imprisonment for 8 months, suspended for 2 years.

    In Jeonju District Court on 14 May 2012, A1C Robert F. DeRose, 8th SFS, Kunsan Air Base, was convicted of Counterfeiting Currency and Uttering the Counterfeits. His adjudged sentence was imprisonment for 2 years and 6 months, suspended for 3 years.

    In Jeonju District Court on 14 May 2012, A1C Bryan M. Anderson, 8th SFS, Kunsan Air Base, was convicted of Counterfeiting Currency and Uttering the Counterfeits. His adjudged sentence was imprisonment for 3 years, suspended for 4 years.

    In Uijeongbu District Court on 15 May 2012, SPC Carlos R. Moran, B Co, 1/72d Armor, USAG-Casey, was convicted of DUI. His adjudged sentence was a 3,000,000 Won fine.

    In Suwon District Court on 21 May 2012, WO1 James E. Flint, HHC, 2d CAV, USAG-Humphreys, was convicted of traffic law violations. His adjudged sentence was a 700,000 Won fine.

    In Suwon District Court on 21 May 2012, SPC Michaud M. Sanders, 501st Signal Company, USAG-Humphreys, was convicted of DUI. His adjudged sentence was a 1,000,000 Won fine.

    In Seoul Central District Court on 23 May 2012, SSG Jomo L. K. Young, E Btry, 6/52d AMD, USAG-Casey, was convicted of violation of the Narcotics Control Law (Psychotropic Drug). His adjudged sentence was imprisonment for 1 year, suspended for 2 years.

    In Seoul Central District Court on 24 May 2012, PVT Ashlee N. Berry, 106th Medical Det (VS), USAG-Yongsan, was found not guilty of drug charges.

    In Seoul Central District Court on 30 May 2012, PVT Donald A. Brook, D Troop, 4/7th Cavalry, USAG-Casey, was convicted of Infliction of Bodily Injury. His adjudged sentence was a 1,000,000 Won fine.

    In Seoul Central District Court on 30 May 2012, MAJ April S. A. Ulmer, HHC, 65th Medical Brigade, USAG-Yongsan, was convicted of DUI and Leaving the Scene of an Accident. Her adjudged sentence was a 6,000,000 Won fine.

    …and that was just for one month.

    Go Army! Higher standards on display!

  • John Q Public

    Fakewood, I think you love the Authoritarian Circle Jerk so much, you must be the pivot man.

  • Yankee Fan

    ■Richmond, Virginia: Authorities say a police officer was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. A sheriff’s investigation will determine whether charges will be pressed against him.
    ■Two Harbors, Minnesota: A state trooper showed up for a morning training session smelling of alcohol. He was arrested for drunken driving and is on leave pending the outcome of criminal and internal investigations.
    ■Little Rock, Arkansas: An officer was given three years of probation after a misdemeanor conviction for violating the civil rights of a man. The officer was accused of choking a man who was under arrest and had his hands handcuffed behind his back.
    ■New York, New York: A 19-year-old man has filed a civil rights lawsuit against two police officers claiming they beat him after chasing him into his Bronx apartment. Luis Solivan had been charged with assaulting an officer, but his case was dismissed by a grand jury after it watched a video of the encounter.
    ■Tukwila, Washington: Two brothers have filed a formal complaint, saying that officers used unnecessary force and refused them medical treatment in an effort to cover up the assault. A dashcam captures the two officers pouncing on the brothers and throwing them to the ground.
    ■Bradley County, Tennessee: A trooper was charged with criminally negligent homicide and reckless endangerment. His grandson was accidentally shot and killed.
    ■Canton, New York: In legal papers filed in state Supreme Court, a man alleges that the police slandered him, damaged his reputation and caused him mental humiliation. According to the suit, he was held “against his will” by police in a holding room and his cellphone was seized illegally and never returned. The police that day also prevented him from getting the keys to his home, the suit alleges.
    ■Dalton, Georgia: A deputy was put on paid administrative leave amid allegations that he pawned two guns that he was issued. A routine check of the local pawn shop revealed a shotgun and the rifle the deputy was issued.
    ■Update: East Haven, Connecticut: More charges are pending against one of four police officers charged with conspiring to violate and violating civil rights, and more “overt acts” of three of the four officers originally charged are included in a superseding indictment that came down.
    ■Milwaukee, Wisconsin: A medical examiner ruled the death of a 22-year-old man, who was in police custody, a homicide. If Williams had gotten immediate medical attention, he would not have died in the backseat of a squad car while Milwaukee police officers ignored his pleas for help, James Hall, president of the local chapter of the NAACP, said Sunday.
    ■Rocky Mount, Virginia: The former County Sheriff was convicted of misconduct for failing to warn other authorities that one of his deputies planned to kill his ex-wife.
    ■Lawrence, Massachusetts: A police officer has been indicted by federal authorities for an alleged kickback scheme with a towing company. He was indicted on charges of bribery, making false statement to a federal agent and obstruction of justice.
    ■Harford County, Maryland: A sheriff’s deputy has been accused of altering program documents that stated he complete his required community service hours. He is charged with two counts of false swearing and one count each of tampering with public documents and perjury.
    ■Walters, Oklahoma: A police officer pleaded not guilty to a felony charge of lewd molestation of a then-15-year-ld girl.
    ■North Charleston, South Carolina: An officer was officially charged with misconduct in office. The police department says that he wrongfully detained and then physically assaulted a man before leaving him stranded.
    ■Truckee, California: An officer was arrested on accusations that he committed sex acts on a minor in his home.
    ■Update: Baton Rouge, Louisiana: A jury found that an officer used excessive force in his use of pepper-spray, but that he did not kick a man. The resident who filed the lawsuit was awarded $239,000.
    ■East St. Louis, Illinois: An officer who stole a Rolex planted by federal agents was sentenced to 66 days in prison. The Rolex was planted as part of an integrity test; it was part of a covert investigation into allegations of corruption within the police department.
    ■Fort Myers, Florida: An officer was arrested for the alleged aggravated battery on his pregnant wife. “This is not the conduct that we would expect from one of our officers … Officer Jackson has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of a criminal investigation and an internal affairs investigation,” said the police chief.
    ■Update: St. Louis, Michigan: An officer who shot a dog in its own yard won’t be charged. The family still wants to charge criminally.
    ■Macon, Georgia: An officer was arrested and charged with DUI and speeding. He was driving 89mph on a road with a 45mph speed limit when he was pulled over.
    ■Tacoma, Washington: A state trooper pleaded not guilty to charges that he fled the scene of an injury accident and then attempted to elude authorities. The pursuing officer observed that the trooper had an odor of intoxicants on his breath and that he was uneasy on his feet.

    Yup Common…go team blue and thats just over a 3 day period of reporting!

  • Yankee Fan

    Nothing like those boys and girls on blue protecting and serving and upholding the constitution huh?

  • Yankee Fan

    Still doesnt change the fact that soldiers are loved by the people except for the anti war, spitting on the troops crowd. The same can’t be said for the police. Actually that was an assumption on my part. Who do you think the average citizen respects more…a police officer or a soldier….prett easy math huh?

  • Common Sense

    Whatever you have to tell yourself…

  • Yankee Fan

    Why don’t you go ask Common. Thats because you are afraid of the truth.

  • Yankee Fan

    Oh…nice response by the way…you showed me.

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