TODAY 2nd Annual National Chalk the Police Day

Today – all day – is Chalk the Police! day!!

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2nd Annual Chalk the Police National Day of Action & Chalking Contest!

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2nd Annual Chalk the Police National Day of Action & Chalking Contest! Monday, October 1st, 2012!

Over the past year, many chalkers have been detained, harassed arrested, and jailed by authorities across this country. From the Chalking 8 in Manchester to the Chalk Walk Police Riots in LA, chalking continues to be seen as a threat to status quo and despite the temporary nature of chalk, police and local authorities continue to crack down on our right to free expression.

We must not remain silent! We have the right to chalk and the right to hold our local police accountable for their actions.

If you use Facebook, please create an event and invite your friends! Please RSVP to our Facebook event for the National Chalk the Police Day and we will also try to list all the events there.

Do you need extra motivation to chalk? This year there is a fun contest with prizes in each of the categories!

Best Mural/Chalk Art Design – For the chalk artists who love to draw and can create great murals.

Best Chalk Saying/Slogan – Can’t draw but have a way with words? This category is for you!

Best Location – Chalk the jails? Chalk the steps of city hall? Is there any interesting public property to chalk in your area? We’ll be giving a prize for best location.

Prizes: The best entry in each category will get $66 worth of items from Cop Block’s store. Also, the winner of the Best Mural/Chalk Art Design will receive a Box of Eternity Art High Quality Sidewalk Chalk (you pick up to 35 of your favorite colors!)

Judges: There will be a three “judge” panel with one person each from the East (Kate Ager), Midwest (Melissa Hill), and West Coast (Allan Eaton) that will review the photographs of the chalk and rank them.

How to Enter: Please send all photographs of chalking (or short videos) to or post them on the Facebook event. All entries for this contest will need to be submitted before 11:59pm CST Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 to allow the judges time to view the pictures and video. To be fair, please only submit chalkings that were created between Friday, Sept. 28th – October 2nd for the October 1st Chalk the Police event. The winners will be announced on Friday, October 5th.

You can arrest the chalker but you can’t stop the chalk!

The pictures below comes from the Nevada Cop Block crew last night. Kelly Patterson, wrote: celebrated National Chalk the Police Day a little early this year. I’ve got some editing to do, but here is a little preview of today’s festivities.

BTW, if you look close you’ll see the address plate in the background says “Metro Plaza.” This is the sidewalk in front of LVMPD’s giant (and incredibly expensive) new headquarters complex.

Good job y’all! I’d guess most of the individuals who passed on foot, bike, or vehicle were in agreement. Even maybe some of the folks who wear “Las Vegas PD” badges.

I’m looking forward to seeing the chalking done elsewhere. Remember, the deadline to be considered for the contest is 11:59PM CST this Wednesday, Oct. 3rd.

[BTW the “Featured” image used on this post, now on the top-right, is from the Chalkupy and Fresh Juice Party folks who have long created some awesome art at Oscar Grant Plaza in Oakland. Here’s a bit more about them: Chalkupy at Occupy Oakland!! They’re AWESOME! If you’re in the area why not hook-up with them? #chalkupy on Twitter, @OccupyOakland on Twitter,, Fresh Juice Party on Facebook, @FreshJuiceParty on Twitter, Fresh Juice Party on YouTube]


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