P. Barnes, Bailiff at Legal-Land in Kootenai, Idaho, Quick to Taser

As Robert Paterson bicycled in northern Idaho, he was stopped and accosted by some strangers who said he was in the wrong since he decided not to wear a helmet. Huh? Who exactly was the victim? Paterson was told to report to a set location at a given date and time to whet out the “punishment” – the court house was in Kootenai, Idaho. Shortly after he did so, he was told by P. Barnes that he couldn’t hold onto his camera. When Paterson pointed out to Barnes that such an order comes from those who have something to hide, and asked him to step-aside, Barnes tased him.

I remember when tasers first came out. They were billed as an alternative to using deadly force (a firearm). It’s clear though, with this situation and the thousands of others that could be pointed to, that tasers are used almost without exception to gain compliance.

The post Smart Ass Learns Not To Run His Mouth At The Court House on StrangeBeaver.com gives a recount of what unfolded. Click on the picture below to watch the 3-minute video embedded on that post.

P. Barnes, employee at Kootenai County court in Idaho, proves that he is a thug

After the incident, Paterson, who never should have even been ordered to legal-land, let alone have what Barnes made into a confrontation, was himself levied with additional threats. One commenter, John, had this to say:

3 counts of battery????? What? Did the prongs on the taser ricochet off him and hurt someone???? From what I see, he was the only one assaulted. He wasn’t trying to hurt anyone, the cop was. Now, which is more dangerous? I think I would rather be next to the guy that didn’t hurt someone, feel a little safer anyway. What is this country coming to, when you don’t feel safe standing next to police?

I decided to call the Kootenai County District Court. I hoped to speak with Diana Meyer the “Court Services Director” to ascertain if she stood by the actions of the bailiff this video depicts. After just a few questions, I was hung-up on. Excellent customer service.

P. Barnes (aggressed against Paterson)
P: (208) 446-1170
PO Box 9000
Coeur d’Alene
Idaho 83816-9000

Thanks to my bud William Pearson for sharing this with Cop Block.


Pete Eyre

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