4 MPD “Cops” Charged in Illegal Body Cavity Strip/Search Case (Videos)


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It’s no wonder why MPD thugs don’t want people legally videotaping their actions while in public.  They’ve already arrested several of us.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,

Four Milwaukee police officers were charged Tuesday (10-9-12) with crimes related to illegal rectal searches of suspects on the street and in police district stations over the past two years.

One officer put a gun to one man’s head and two officers held on to his arms as a different officer jammed his hand inside his anus, purportedly searching for evidence, according to the criminal complaint. Another man bled for several days as a result of one of the searches, it said.

Police Chief Ed Flynn referred to the strip search and sodomy allegations, during the preliminary investigation, as, “Noble cause misconduct.” The strip search incident comes on the back of several other high profile misconduct incidents in Milwaukee.

There was the death of Derek Williams.  He was an alleged robbery suspect who died in the back of a police cruiser after an altercation with MPD. It wasn’t until the Journal’s investigation revealed facts about the case which weren’t initially given to the medical examiners office that the incident gained publicity.  The video above shows Derek’s last seven excruciating minutes of life.MPD’s official report state that Mr. Williams was taken into custody, “Without incident.” We now know, thanks to the Milwaukee Journal reporters,  the police flat out lied.

Then of course there is the Milwaukee PD case where the department cooked the books on crime statistics which were reported to the FBI.

We also have the case of a 13 year old boy shot by his neighbor who alleged the kid stole guns. The boy’s mother was essentially detained for 1.5 hours by MPD while her son bled out and died at the hospital. A search revealed that no guns were ever found in the boy’s possession or house.

Can’t forget MPD “Officer” Ladmerald Cates who was sentenced to 24 years in prison for raping a Milwaukee woman who had called 911 for help.

Recently the Journal exposed that about 5% of MPD officers have actually been caught violating the law. Wonder how many haven’t been caught yet?

All of these incidents occurred in Milwaukee during the past 6 months or so.  The idea that we’ll somehow change this 150 old “Department” from within is absurd. We as citizens need to exercise our rights and monitor, via video, these individuals who’s actions rival those which we call, “Terrorists.”

My neighbors in Milwaukee are encouraged to contact me at MilwaukeeCitizenPress@gmail.com. I will also continue to reach out to the community in an effort to gain transparency. MPD is a department with over a century of brutal culture. This needs to change.


John Freeman



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  • Sebastian

    Let us hope the 4 MPD “Cops” are thrown into a cage and get serially gang-raped in prison. They deserve nothing less. Do not forget to inform the prison population that these 4 animals are cops and describe exactly what they did.

    Failing that, a high-power rifle with a decent scope can resolve the matter, albeit in a matter that does not provide as much justice to their crimes. Putting a bullet into their defense attorney would also send out a clear message.

  • It’s sad to say, I am from Milwaukee

  • Otto Maddox

    I’ll ignore the legality of these “searches” for now. I have a bigger issue with all this.

    Imagine you had a job.. which told you to stick your fingers or hand up the anus of another person.

    And you’re not a Doctor.

    Would you do it? I don’t care if there is gold up in that booty I’m not sticking my hand up there to get it.

    Someone wants to smoke crack so bad that they stuff it up their ass to hide it, let them have it. It couldn’t be that much crack and the idea of entering a drug addicts anus to get evidence is just so proposterious. Not worth it.

    Wait until they pull it out themselves. Either they pull it out to smoke it or mother nature pushes it out. One way or another it’s coming out.

  • 2minutes


    You hit the nail on the head, but not in the way you think. The purpose of the anal invasion was not to find evidence, any reasonable individual would balk at going that far, and would have handled the situation differently – perhaps even legally. But, if the intent of the technical rape is to sow fear; to intimidate and punish the victim, then it makes much more sense. This tactic has been used by dictatorships and conquering militaries for centuries.

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  • John

    Where is “Common Senseless” comments about this??????
    The police chief should be fired for marginalizing this out right abuse on human rights.

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