What if the one you encounter is a bad apple?

Certainly, the attitudes, thoughts and words of a few officers will not necessarily be representative of all police. Even so, it is important to keep in mind there are indeed deranged, corrupt, and morally bankrupt people in uniforms who carry guns. Not infrequently, they will publicly, and shamelessly display their degeneracy because they know that regardless, they will continue to be protected by the law, and revered by the public. Below are just a few recent examples.

In the “humor” section of PoliceOne.com (a particularly heinous website where police congregate in order to stroke each other’s egos and cheer on “accidental” killings of civilians), Senior Editor Doug Wyllie wrote a piece called “25 signs that you’re a cop.” While undoubtedly hilarious for police, it’s unclear the public would find it humorous that most police “believe that 50 percent of people are a waste of good air” and “believe in the aerial spraying of Prozac and birth control pills.”

Ordinary peons not privileged enough to be a member of those who are not a waste of good air might also find the author’s attitude towards people suffering from depression rather disturbing — he wants to “hold a seminar entitled: ‘Suicide: Getting it right the first time.'” Although it was by no means a mystery before, this article by Wyllie makes it abundantly clear that many police believe themselves to be better and more worthy human beings than a great proportion of those they claim to serve, and are less interested in helping people than they are helping them disappear from the face of the earth.

More recently, Officer Trey Economidy of Albuquerque Police shot and killed a suspect, and subsequently listed his profession on Facebook as “human waste disposal.”  APD as a result is reviewing their social media policy (read: they aren’t telling the officers to stop being assholes; they’re telling the officers not to broadcast to everyone that they are assholes).

Also this month, The New York Times ran an article on Miami police officers, who have killed seven African-American men in eight months (two were killed by the same officer over the span of nine days). These officers also had been participating in a reality TV show called Miami’s Finest SOS, during which Chief Miguel A. Exposito stated, “Our guys were proactively going out there, like predators.” Another officer stated, “We hunt….I like to hunt.”

Mr. McNeil, the seventh man to die in this killing rampage, was unarmed and never left the driver’s seat when he was shot in the chest. The officer who shot him, Reinaldo Goyo, was featured on Miami’s Finest SOS saying, “I’ve got some style. I’ve got some flavor” while wearing a hoodie labeled “The Punisher.”  Goyo and his partner were nicknamed Crockett and Tubbs after lead characters in the TV show Miami Vice. Amidst all the fun and games, reality stardom, nicknames and one-liners, it is difficult to see where the “protecting” and “serving” come into play.

In response to this video, in which Savanna police beat up some St. Patrick’s Day celebrators, one cop commented,

That is what we in law enforcement call it. I, unfortunately, am in no position to hand out a medal to the officer (Judge Hester’s famous quote). If that was my daughter, I would explain that if you want to drink and show your butt, be prepared for whatever happens (including officers that are tired of running from one incident to another all night).

It’s not surprising that an officer would engage in victim blaming. And because he’s an officer, people tend to be less critical of such horrifying statements. However, the statements on their face simply make no sense. Presumably, under his logic, if his daughter were raped, mugged or attacked, it would be her fault. Violence by officers is justified as long as they were having a crappy day and the victim was drinking. She should have been “prepared for whatever happens” because she imbibed alcohol and wore her pants too low. Shari’a law, anyone?

Finally, police officer and longtime troll on Cop Block, going by the aliases “Training Day” and “TheBlueLine” had this to say to me because he disliked this article:

You are a peasant. You are weak. The power you hold lies only in your writing. You have no spine. You could not spring into action if your life depended on it. You are a sheep.meet me in a dark alley we will see who smells fear. Keep running your mouth you will never change a thing. It is my world. I am the enforcer.

As an “enforcer,” he believes the appropriate response to someone with contrarian ideas is to threaten to do something to them in a dark alley (rape? beat? kill? I don’t know what, exactly, but why else would he want to meet me in a dark alley?).

In response to the disgusting display of arrogance and psychosis by the police described above, skeptics will predictably turn to the “few bad apples” excuse. This article does not purport to hold general truths or be backed by statistics, however, one thing is undeniable — not all police are there to protect and serve. Some want us to just straight up die. Some are just here to screw around, get on TV, and kill black people. Some like to brag on Facebook about the people they killed. Some believe police brutality is acceptable as long as the victim was drinking and wore inappropriate clothing. Some see themselves as predators, and us as the prey. Some like to hunt down people they don’t like in dark alleys. So think twice if you ever want to call the police for help, or if you meet one on the street. You might get unlucky.


Georgia Sand

Georgia (George) Sand is an attorney located in sunny California. She enjoys beer, jogging, the beach, music, and chatting with her cats in her spare time.

  • Rob

    Love it ” PoliceOne.com a particularly heinous website ”

    Great post Jenn

  • Chris Mallory

    They are all bad apples. Every single one of them. If they weren’t they would be busy arresting their co-workers.

  • Tristan

    power corrupts every single time… term limits for law enforcement! Mandatory capital punishment for abuses of power that costumed employees commit. When Sgt.Tinypecker McKickmydogs-Abusemykids “meets me in the alley” I hope he remembers I’m recording! Even if you don’t “see” my method and you want to call it “wiretapping” I am recording! I will defeat you eventually… even if you injureme you will not break my spirit to defeat your abuse! If you kill me you will serve to promote my cause. I am non violent, the way the “police force” should be!

  • Jenn

    @Chris Mallory – agree 100%.

    @Tristan – The way the whole concept of violence has been distorted in the context of police-civilian relations is just absurd. When police use aggressive, initiatory violence, it is seen as acceptable, and is in fact legal. On the other hand, when ordinary people use violence to DEFEND themselves against police, this is seen as unacceptable, immoral, and has been made illegal. What. The. Fuck.

  • Definitely true. Great job on this one! The police one list made me want to gag.

    P.S. Jenn: He only wants to meet you in a dark alley because he has a crush on you, and knows he doesn’t stand a chance with you under normal circumstances. He’s not threatening you, just stalking you. That’s comforting right?

  • Jenn

    @Danny – lol. Yes I suppose stalking is better than the other alternatives. Btw, you’ve been posting some good stuff on your site lately. I haven’t been commenting, but have still been following your articles. I dig it!

  • Oh thanks! Same to you :)

  • DKSuddeth

    ‘training day’ is just one example of why every individual should learn firearms AND martial arts training. We should no longer allow ourselves to think we live in a peaceful society and that warfare is the mindset of the day, especially when your state and local law enforcement agents go to work with the belief that we are the enemy.

    They are prepared to kill you in order to go home at the end of their shift, why aren’t you prepared to do the same?

  • @DK: Yes I definitely agree with martial arts and firearm training. However I want to learn how to drive like a cop. That’s the real fun stuff.

  • JL Turner

    The only way “Training Day” would meet you in a dark alley is if 10 of his butt buddies in blue were just around the corner waiting to do a overzelous arrest, after which a slap on the wrist for murder would follow. By the by kevlar doesn’t stop arrows.

  • “Certainly, the attitudes, thoughts and words of a few officers will not necessarily be representative of all police.”

    What *is* true of all cops is that every single one of them accepts stolen money as a paycheck.

    And that Ediot Doug Wyllie is just sick.

  • John

    It’s said that “power corrupts,” but actually it’s more true that power attracts the corruptible. The sane are usually attracted by other things than power.
    David Brin–The Postman (1997)

  • Dan

    “You believe that 50 percent of people are a waste of good air.”

    I’m not a cop but I believe this to be true.

  • Ogre

    Another great article, Jenn. As you mention towards the end — think twice before you call the police. I’m a bit older, and I can remember when calling the police could bring peace. In fact, many times, that was the best way to peacefully resolve something in public. But these days, I know that’s not going to happen. I know now that when you call police, you are asking for violence. To all outward appearances, when you have ANY encounter with ANY police, you are going to obey orders, get fined, or get beaten and jailed. There simply is no other outcome. Police today are trained to use violence first, last, and in the middle. I long for the days of peace.

    And DKSuddeth asked, “They are prepared to kill you in order to go home at the end of their shift, why aren’t you prepared to do the same?”

    I have thought long and hard about this one over the years, DK. The only reason I’m not prepared to take this route is that I know if you even hint at using violence against one of their number, they will bring tens, hundreds, or thousands down on you, and they will not stop until you are dead. So if you’re prepared to do violence to them, even in defense, the only way it will end is with your death. They have superior numbers and immunity to responsibility. This is how the police are trained.

  • Jenn

    Thank you for reading everyone. I appreciate your thoughts and encouragement! Another really bad item on the “25 signs you’re a cop” article, as my bf pointed out is this one, which I forgot to mention –

    “Your idea of a good time is a “man with a gun” call.”

    So it appears they think it’s a good time to get ready to kill people.

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  • feraldoug

    cops should try following the law sometime and stop crying I,m only human while they file a complaint on civilians for the same action.I,ve come to the conclusion that criminal cops are lowest form of life and are only interrested in herding all civilans into gov. programs and instatutions for their on job security to hell with everyone else they prove it daily don,t comply quick and here they come,never call a cop for those in the ranks who don,t come forward are just as evil

  • bLaKouT

    I’m fond of telling people that ‘police are just another, albeit well armed and organized, gang on the street’. I do not trust them and avoid them whenever possible. Even in social situations, I’ll leave the room, or even the party if a police officer is a fellow guest to insure that I don’t say anything that can be construed as incriminating in their presence.

  • training day

    Oh Jen how I have missed you so. Im flattered you are quoting me now. Guess I’m the most interesting guest you have on here and in my absence you have been really bored. Again, I am flattered. Just to clear the air, that comment you seem to love so much was not towards you. It was clearly in response to one of your other flunkies who was challenging me. How dare he! Lol..I don’t particularly want to meet anyone in a dark alley. I’m afraid of the dark. Go figure. How about dinner Jen…I know a place that is very cop friendly :)

  • robert holley

    this was just for humor. it was not to be taken seriously.jen llike to call officers and their families assholes and liars.i am ond of those. i was a very good officer and proud of 25 years of service.i broke my back trying to help the people of my county.as a atty jan violates the same things she states here but says it is ok.how do you ptreach about so much bad but then ti=urn abd not abide by those same rules.when jan called me and my family liars and ass holes i ask for an apology.my uncle lost his life in the line of duty at the young age of 39.he left behind a wife and 3 kids.there are bad in every profession. just like the atty s who were said to have made 130 counts of misconduct.those were attys.jan does not practice what she preaches.

  • Jenn

    Excuse me, Mr. Holley? What did I violate as an attorney? You better watch yourself. Telling open lies on the internet is never a good idea. I have never violated any rules or regulations as an attorney. Although I take some issue with the way the state bar conducts its business, I have never been in trouble with the state bar, if that is what you are insinuating (your lack of coherence makes it difficult to understand what exactly you mean). I have all our email conversations saved, and nowhere did I say it is ok for me to violate rules, and nowhere did I say “your family are liars and assholes.” You are the one who owes me an apology for spreading lies and wasting my time.

  • Jenn

    @Holley, yeah yeah, 25 years of service, broke your back, you are so awesome, you work so hard, you are so important and cool, you want someone other than yourself to suck your cock, since you’ve been at it so long? I tried to be polite to you in our emails, and your response is to engage in delusional conspiracies and then commit libel against me on this comment page. God, you are a pathetic excuse of a human being.

  • Jenn

    @Holley – not surprising a psychopath like you would find this funny. However, go ask most people – suicide is not funny. Forced sterilization is not fucking funny. Shooting people for fun is NOT FUCKING FUNNY. Especially when the government, and police actions, have demonstrated they are NOT FUCKING JOKING. They DO shoot innocent people. They do NOT have a duty to respond to people in need of help, and the government HAS forcibly sterilized people they didn’t like in the past. Seriously, go fuck yourself. Here how’s this for a joke – I think it’s hilarious your son was prosecuted for burglary even though he was innocent – seriously, really really funny. Also really funny you broke your back. That shit cracks me up, really makes my day. Do you agree? Is it humorous? Or maybe not so much when the shoe’s on the other foot? I see – it’s only funny when YOU FUCKING COPS joke about killing and sterilizing US, but it’s not so funny when we joke about you getting injured in the line of duty or suffering a miscarriage of justice? Have I got that just about right?

  • robert holley

    i have all the mails also .i ask you if you went by the rules of the courthouse and courtroom.you said yes but you preach against them, how is that not violating and doing what you tell people is wrong.your true colors ar a person came out when you started losing the arguments and refusing to admit you lost.you seem to think people are scared of you because you are an atty.well you found one person who is not scared.you admitted in your mail that you had major problems withe the state bar.then you denied it saying you never had any problems but only disagreed with the,remember that mail.take you best shot at me as i am not scared or intimidated.what i stated comes directly from the mails you sent.you plainly do not practice what you preach.all your back dragging and having to come up with a answer does not suit you.instead of answer you would avoid the question.your words here clearly show your character and integrity as a person.i ask thsi one question 3 times and you still have not addressed it. if a person was beaing beat up who would they run to?a cop or lawyer?

  • robert holley

    you called me a good person in your mail but call me a psychpath here.just another example of your integrity

  • Jenn

    @Holley – You initially appeared reasonable. Now that you are engaging in libel against me and taking my words out of context, I realize what a psychopath you are. You asked me about lawyers, and rules they abide by. I stated that I have a problem with the institution of lawyers sometimes as well. I said I have a problem with the way the state bar conducts business, just as I have a problem with the way police departments conduct business. I also explained what I meant. You totally took that out of context and somehow are now saying that I violate ethical rules of being an attorney. You are lying, and you are despicable.

  • Jenn

    @Holley I also believed you were reasonable before because you hadn’t mentioned that you found forced sterilization and suicide to be hilarious matters.

  • Jenn

    I didn’t lose any arguments. I stopped arguing because you proved yourself delusional. After being shown evidence of qualified immunity, you continued to deny its existence. I cannot debate with people who are delusional.

  • Jenn

    This is precisely how the conversation went, asshole –


    “i have been to a few hearings.i have seen a ton of lawyers be disbarred for not doing their jobs and stealing from their clients.these guys you are asso0ciated with feel they are above the law.the laws and rules they trample on or some of the same ones you swore to uphold….”

    “I agree. I have major problems with the state bar as well. But my time is limited. I pick and choose what I want to focus on. And for the time being, (and of course, this is only a matter of my opinion and my choice), police killing and torture interests me more than shady asshole lawyers.”

    Where the FUCK in all of that do you get that I violate anything?

  • robert holley

    you say one thing in your mails and say the opposite.you mail clearly shows you saying that you have had a major problem with the bar.you said major.are now deny that also.alot of your posts are about bad lawyers.you tell people that the rules in a courthouse and courtroom are wrong and a violation of their right. but what you do not tell them is that you abide by those same rules. that is a major conflit with what you tell here.you do not practice what you preach.that mean you have no integrity

  • Jenn

    …All I can say, Mr. Holley, is that in the context of what you asked me, if you took that paragraph as me saying I regularly violate attorney rules and am proud of it, and hold myself to a double standard, it would really explain this whole misunderstanding. You clearly do not have a competent grasp of the English language.

  • robert holley

    you started dodging my questions when they started talking about lawyers. you would change the subject back to the police. you have now been ask the question 4 times and still no answer. if someone was being beaten who would they run to.? a cop or lawyer?

  • Jenn

    @Holley – between the two of us, I’m pretty sure it’s the guy libeling, twisting words, and making up outright lies that lacks integrity. Really ironic, considering it’s usually attorneys who get accused of taking things out of context and lying.

  • Jenn

    Ok, I’ll answer your asinine question. Absolutely a lawyer. The cop has no legal duty to help. He will probably investigate me instead and find some reason to charge me with a crime, since he likely will not be able to locate the criminal. The lawyer, if I paid him, would at least be contractually bound to help me, or be able to sue and recover damages.

  • robert holley

    i have a very good grasp.you break the rules here,may your comprehension is not very good,maybe that is why you spernd so much time here and not practicing law.i clearly said what you tell people here is not what you do yourself.

  • robert holley

    your response to the question makes no sense. a lawyer would be the last person they would run to. why is it that people make fun of lawyer and make them the butt of jokes.it is like a dentist. they do not want anything to do with you unless you are helping them.you have no integrity to charge the huge hourly cost to a client

  • robert holley

    i have seen many more lawyers than you would admit being in jail.they even are arrested for non support although they have these ridiculous hourly salaries/they just plain lacj integrity

  • robert holley

    you talk like a real lady.

  • a different dan

    US cops scare the shit out of me. Whenever I’m back in the US, I’m continuously uptight, and it’s largely due to the overwhelming ‘law enforcement’ seen everywhere. Many people in the US have grown numb to it, I think. There’s also a general feeling of aggression and macho-ism in the US that I find tiresome and just weird.

    I go back as rarely as possible and get out as quickly as possible. “Love it or leave it”. I made my choice, for a number of reasons but your article points to one of them.

  • John Bass

    Hey Jenn-san–This is very insightful…and true. The police are just another gang; it took me years to figure it out, to get beyond all the “Thin Blue Line” propaganda. The police are only really interested in the “3-P’s”: Paycheck, Promotion, and Pension…–JB

  • Scott

    When applying violence in self-defense you should use the minimum level of force to resolve the situation. Unfortunately this is not always recognised by police officer and civilians.

    I’ve also noticed a lot of reference to the way that police are trained. I can then only imagine that you are all police trainers, since you guys are so experienced in their methodology.

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