Police State – Lawsuit Claims Jail Guards Flushed Baby Down Toilet



A mother of three is suing the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office after she said a trip to jail ended in unimaginable horror.

Lisa Allison said guards at the Metro Jail actually flushed her miscarried baby down a toilet and joked about the incident afterward.

Allison is due any day, expecting her fourth daughter, but this story is about her time spent at the Metro Jail two years ago. She was there for a probation violation after filing a false police report to protect her then-boyfriend.

It was her one and only time in jail, and it was her birthday while she was in bible study when the pain began.

“I started having severe pains at which point I started bleeding profusely. I had actually passed the baby in the toilet. To my knowledge, I didn’t know what happened,” she said.

Allison was rushed to the hospital where she had lost so much blood she had to have an emergency blood transfusion. The last thing she remembered was paramedics saying, “don’t flush the toilet. Take the baby to the hospital.”

“The doctor asked me, ‘where’s the baby?’ I said, ‘I don’t know,’ and she radioed to the lieutenant at the jail asking, ‘where is her baby?’ And he said, ‘I don’t know. I will have to get back with you.’ And she said, ‘somebody better produce a baby or someone’s going to be in trouble,'” Allison said.

But the baby never made it to the hospital and never made it out of that toilet.

“When I got back I was told by all the inmates that the guards were joking about the baby being alive and that it was moving,” Allison said. “They used a pipe snake to dispose of my baby, and I’m not quite sure why.”

That is the question attorney Jim Roberts wants answered as well. Roberts is now demanding answers and compensation in a lawsuit.

“The idea that they thought they could snake a toilet that was clogged up so they could flush a baby down that toilet is just inexcusable. I can’t even imagine why they thought that was okay,” Roberts said.

The sheriff’s office says it can not comment on any matter under pending litigation, and this case is in court right now.

“No matter how guilty a person might be, that child is innocent. And it’s always going to be innocent, and that innocent child was flushed down the toilet intentionally,” Roberts said.


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