FOIL Request Filed After Rochester, NY Police department Refuses to Release Name of officer Caught on Video Kicking her K-9 Partner

By Davy V.

This afternoon, I filed a FOIL (Freedom Of Information Law) request with the City of Rochester, NY, requesting the name of the Rochester, NY Police officer caught on video kicking her K-9 partner on Saturday, October 6, 2012 on Veterans Place in Rochester.

In the video, the officer, can be seen walking with her K-9 partner on her left side, when all of a sudden, she kicks the dog’s rib cage.

The kick startles the dog, who appears to be scared, as it puts its head down, and its tail between its legs.

The Rochester, NY Police department is refusing to release the name of the RPD officer who was caught on video kicking her K-9 partner over the weekend.

“At this time, the RPD is not releasing the officer’s name as it’s a personnel matter, if there is something that doesn’t follow in the standards of the RPD, then there will be some action taken. This either fits in our standard, or it doesn’t,” said RPD Public Information officer Sgt. Justin Collins.

I will updating this post.

Click link for video of Rochester, NY Police officer kicking her K-9 partner!


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Davy V.

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