Civil Rights

The following article was submitted by Michelle Williams.

Where is the Justice?

What has our state come to when the law enforcement can violate your civil rights? In Knox County, the Sheriff’s Department seems to operate under their ‘own law’! How is it that several people have landed in the hospital after being confronted by the law enforcement in this county? Yes, my dad, a very non-violent person, received a blow to the head during his arrest that required him to have brain surgery. He was arrested and kept in jail for two days while his head was bleeding inside and they just blew it off and did not seek medical attention for him.

Now, two months later my dad is living with me after a very intensive recovery. I am his legal guardian for the rest of his life. As his guardian, I went to Knox County Circuit Court Clerk to ask for a copy of the search warrant; they said they did not have one on file so they called the sheriff’s office, who also said they didn’t have one. I thought by law you had to have a search warrant to bust into someone’s home and business like they did. The justice system has been corrupt for years in Knox County.

In January 2012 there were videos posted to Youtube along with formal complaints filed with the state police, about illegal activity by one of our finest in the Sheriff’s Department. Well, it got around that it was my dad that made the complaints and posted the videos. He was trying to get public attention to what was happening and find help for the woman that was being abused by the Deputy. He also called the Attorney General and the Governor after there were threats made to this woman and her family if the videos were not taken off. From this moment on, they were determined to destroy my dad – but not in a million years did I think they could have done this and get away with it.

My question is: Where is the part of our democratic government that is supposed to oversee our law enforcement to make sure they are not violating people’s civil rights? The state has done nothing, so I went to the Federal Level. I finally got a response from the FBI and I thought maybe something would get done – but now it has been 6 weeks and I haven’t heard anything. Someone told me that the local FBI office was corrupt also because of the small area we are in, but I didn’t want to believe it.

My name is Michelle Williams and my dad, Bill Hamilton, will never be the same again. We live in Knox County, Kentucky where these actions by our law enforcement are allowed to continue.

Michelle Williams


Since I wrote this, my dad has died from complications that arose from the brain injury. Now, I guess our law enforcement can get away with MURDER! Now, I have been given word to stay out of it and bring no further attention to this or I will be hurt. I am afraid for my life and my family, especially my brother who they are holding in jail without bond for an alleged forged deed they say my dad created; because my brother has the same name they are going after him since now my dad is dead. The lady whom my dad tried to stand up for because she had been sexually abused by the sheriff’s deputy and half of the politicians in Knox County, is now afraid for her life. She was also aware of a plot to murder a candidate that was running for sheriff. I believe her life is in danger because she knows too much and she has seen what happened to my dad for trying to help her. The government screams they will protect our CIVIL RIGHTS but I have contacted everyone that I know and nothing has been done, not even an investigation. Our Country is out of control when our Attorney General allows the law enforcement officers to play God. Since my dad’s death, I have had several people come to me and tell what has happened to them or a family member by the hands of law enforcement. They want something done but are afraid to make any noise because they have been threatened that if they do, they will send them to jail and never see daylight again. Now after they murdered my dad, they are not only afraid to go to jail but ALSO AFRAID TO BE KILLED.

I hope this letter finds its way to someone that can help the people of southeastern Kentucky.


Michelle Williams



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