Threatened By Nashua Gangsters, Dave Ridley Turns to Transparency

This animated video, based on Dave Ridley’s raw video (below) is from Alan Alsup of Enemies Domestic, and posted to

Ridley was kidnapped and caged on May 25th, 2011 by Denis Linehan, Marc Anderson and Ray McDannell, employees of the Nashua police department [603.594.3500]. He was accused of “criminal trespass” and demanded to appear on August 25th at a location dictated, or else.

It’s clear to anyone who watches footage from the exchange that Ridley didn’t act in the wrong. He obviously did not want to have his freedom of movement restricted or to be ordered to venture through legal land. Yet that’s what happened.

The purpose of this post is to point-out the excellent job Ridley did in handling the situation thrust upon him – what could accurately be dubbed: effective damage control. I spoke with Ridley about this incident and his take-away message to others was, “Film everything.

In start contrast to his captors, Ridley was transparent. He constantly kept others informed of his situation, knowing full-well the positive impact that can be had by exposing the disinfecting light of transparency to the actions of bullies.

For example, in one update he wrote:

Some of the actions undertaken and minor successes achieved thus far during the “NPD groin-grabbing revolt”

– Coverage of reporter’s arrest (my arrest) heard by an estimated 400,000 listeners so far on
– Attorney Seth Hipple hired; has track record of beating NPD.
Initial protest completed May 29 in front of NPD office.  Turnout 20; demonstration featured in Nashua Telegraph.  Seen by estimated 1,000 motorists
Video of arrest successfully uploaded and taken to the 8,000 viewer mark [now over 16,000 views], disproportionately New Hampshirites
– Subsequent videos and podcasts on the subject seen/heard by another 16,000 roughly.
– I spoke to the Nashua Board of Alderman in early June. This sparked a healthy debate where the board discussed NPD behavior and the economic importance of maintaining Nashua’s “welcoming” reputation.
– One Alderman and one state senator have now apologized for the incident; four alderman have expressed concerns…though not publicly in most cases.
– Smaller protest held July 10. Total turnout of 12, in two locations.  Half used Hwy 111 bridge, so this time the anti-NPD message seen by estimated 6,000 motorists.
– The protests, though limited, are having the intended effect of drawing NPD brutality victims and civil rights folk into early stages of alliance with liberty activists.
– Other actions planned, still others held in reserve for possible use depending on NPD escalation.

One visible outcome of Ridley’s work was a rally held just four days after he was snatched-up, outside the facility where he’d been unjustly caged.

Later, closer to the date of his legal land venture, Ridley, under his handle DadaOrwell, posted more related details to NHUnderground:

Shortly after Ridley posted another update, making pertinent information such as an outline of his situation, the court location and date, etc., easy to find.

Ultimately, thanks to his efforts and steadfast stance on principle, Ridley was told that he was “not guilty” [read the overview from Garret Ean at and/or watch the raw trial video]. Yet even if another outcome would have been reached, he’d still have been in the right.

Ridley’s work to make known his situation helped to mitigate further harassment and likely deterred his aggressors from acting in a similar fashion going-forward. Also, his decision to speak the truth undoubtedly emboldened others to stand-up for their rights.

Ridley has since filed a lawsuit against those responsible. Brian Cullen, the “city attorney” for Nashua [, 603.881.5500] has thus far refused a monetary settlement to Ridley, which leaves only a non-monetary option (such as the aggressors loosing their jobs) or another trip through legal land. We’ll see what unfolds. To help Ridley get accountability, donate at

On Tuesday I called the the Nashua PD to inquire whether Linehan, Anderson and McDannell faced any repercussions for their actions toward Ridley. My information was taken and I was told I’d get a call back. That has yet to happen. If you want to try, have at it: 603.594.3500

If you are ever entangled with the “justice” system, take a page from Ridley – document and disseminate!

Everyone is busy with their own lives. By housing all related details in one place, and by being proactive, it’s more-likely others will learn of your situation and be able to assist. If you yourself experience rights-violations from someone wearing a badge let others know through, if you become aware of an incident that you believe others should know of, do a short write-up and share at

Raw video of the incident, with some notes below:

Consider this incident absent the Statist Quo paradigm.

Ridley was told to leave private property and he complied. He walked toward his car. Yet the nonsensical and aggressive actions of McDannell, Linehan and Anderson caused a situation already addressed to unfold into something entirely different. Individuals followed and harassed, and eventually kidnapped and caged a person who’d harmed no one.

If you’re reading this on you probably realize and advocate to others that no one has extra rights, that it makes no sense that a person can claim to “protect” you when s/he first steals from you, and that granting an individuals the right to do things wrong for you or me doesn’t lead to a good conclusion.

  • 1:05 the two men on the left pause, and wait for the Linehan to exit, then the man in the middle demands Ridley leave. Remember, he was leaving the property. So why then did these three men feel the need to initiate not just a conversation but a dictate? Did Ridley’s actions warrant such a response? Is that behavior you’d choose to fund?
  • 1:11 Linehan looks back, for confirmation that he should continue advancing. The bullies, obviously outside any “just” response look to each other for cues on how to proceed. Shortly after the man on the right looks back again, adjusts his belt and begins to issue commands.
  • 1:33 Ridley’s question seeking clarification is avoided completely
  • 1:50 Ridley satisfies the demands outlined and poses another question, which too goes unanswered. In the face of intimidation Ridley maintains a polite bearing
  • 2:43 Ridley points-out the commonality of the three aggressors – they each wear a badge
  • 3:09 Ridley continues to narrate the situation, realizing the importance of creating an objective record
  • 3:22 Linehan approaches and demands again the same information – going so far as to say “now you’re required” but what changed? Can something be wrong at one moment and right the next?
  • 3:33 Ridley realizes he’s interacting with someone who has no logic – he states something that clearly contradicts the reality of the situation. Ridley was leaving. The person with whom he’s interacting sees him leaving. Yet he says that Ridley was not leaving. Huh?
  • 4:02 it becomes clear that these gangsters want to ascertain Ridley’s information, but why? Would you want such threatening individuals know your name, vehicle information, and home address?
  • 4:07 after a prolonged pause “Detective Anderson” discloses his identity. Do you think Anderson would have treated you different if he wasn’t with such person like “Linehan, sergeant”?
  • 4:44 Ridley remains positive. This likely underscores to those who will later view the video just who is in the wrong.
  • 5:35 Ridley is told “it doesn’t have to be like this”. In other words, just comply and things will go smoother. Obey. But it’s those tactics – tacit support or complacency – that allowed for these situations to exist.
  • 6:15 Linehan compounds the harm done to Ridley.
  • 6:56 Again, a question posed by Ridley goes unanswered. Not too friendly or responsible are those folks…
  • 6:53 Ridley’s means of transportation is threatened with theft. Recall, he’s a videographer, having wheels to cover stories is imperative.


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