Oakland SWAT Team Deploys Gas During Raid in West Oakland

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For more information about raids check out this video produced by ReasonTV and Lindy called No Knock Raid.

Produced By Jacob Crawford.
On October 15th, Oakland Police descended onto the 900 block of 21st Street in West Oakland in search of an alleged homicide suspect. With snipers set up in at least three different locations, Oakland Police evacuated residents in the immediate proximity of the house they intended to raid and surrounding streets were closed off. The action took several hours. Hostage barricade negotiation team as well as the canine unit were on site as Oakland Police volleyed gas into the house in question. Although the gas was deployed into a contained building, chemicals drifted eastbound down 21st street effecting police and bystanders. Swat eventually entered the building and the suspect they were looking for was not there.

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