Police Officer Kills Family Dog Then Commits Felony by Washing Evidence Away (VIDEO)

Victim’s Story: My 18-month-old Rottweiler (BOS) got out of his kennel Sat Sept 22nd, while my wife, kids and I went into town. I get a phone call, and it’s my brother-in-law. He states that he went to my house after hearing several gunshots. He tells me my dog is dead. I rushed home and Bos was lying in the grass next to his kennel dead. I went to review my cameras as they recorded everything. My dog got out and was seen wandering around my yard. He didn’t attempt to bite anyone. About 1:52pm, the cop was in my driveway. Bos sits in a shady area on my property and in the background; I see the cop car-hauling ass. It parks in my driveway gets out and you can tell officer Huffman is pissed. It looks like he is cursing then starts walking towards the kennel. Bos gets up and attempts to move away then is shot from behind in his rear. He then begins to spin in circles while receiving 4 more shots at point blank range. You then see officer Huffman clean up the crime scene. Officer Huffman has also been through trials on a wrongful death lawsuit for shooting an unarmed man who attempted to flee him. He claimed that man Wes Dunn was a threat as well. He was placed behind a desk afterward; Until now…. This officer has a pattern of creating death in his wake!


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