The Evolution of the Violent Police State

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I recently came across one of the first ever full length, high speed police chases.

In May of 1988, an Ohio officer who had installed a personal video camera on the dash of his patrol unit, caught a pursuit and capture of three robbery suspects. As you watch the video, you will see what looks to be the typical police chase. And it’s not much different. The only thing is the vehicles are not nearly as built to handle the chase, (as proven by the steam pouring from the lead cruiser after the stop). Bad guys are running, the police are chasing. It’s not until the suspects car is stopped that you begin to see the difference.
What you see is officers not just “doing the job”, but doing it well.

Once stopped, the officers handcuffed the subjects, instead of beating them into submission. The subjects were led away from the arrest without injury, instead of having to be sent to the hospital for injuries received from officers.

The case of the suspects did not get held up with accusations of police abuse. There were no accusations of police brutality. Its a simple case of good guy catches bad guy, and throws him in jail.

The difference between then and now is amazing. Compare this video to most modern day chase videos, and you will see what has become of the once highly respected job of the police. The contrast is black and white.

The police knew their place in ’88. And it was not as executioner.

– Burn The Obedient



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