Cop Karate Chops NY Judge in the Throat and Gets Off Scot-Free

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Cop Karate Chops NY Judge in the Throat
Chris | InformationLiberation Analysis posted Jun 06 2012.

A New York judge got his comeuppance after he happened upon an “unruly crowd” of citizens outraged over a team of police officers engaged in apparent police abuse.

The judge thought the crowd was out of control and the “officers may need help,” so he called 911 and told them the cops needed backup.

A few minutes later, one of the cops reportedly “became enraged — and the judge became his target.”

After screaming curses at the crowd, the cop walked up to the judge, who was in plain clothes at the time, and for whatever reason, decided to karate chop him in the throat.

Via The New York Times:
Thomas D. Raffaele, a 69-year-old justice of the New York State Supreme Court, encountered a chaotic scene while walking down a Queens street with a friend: Two uniformed police officers stood over a shirtless man lying facedown on the pavement. The man’s hands were cuffed behind his back and he was screaming. A crowd jeered at the officers.

The judge, concerned the crowd was becoming unruly, called 911 and reported that the officers needed help.

But within minutes, he said, one of the two officers became enraged — and the judge became his target. The officer screamed and cursed at the onlookers, some of whom were complaining about what they said was his violent treatment of the suspect, and then he focused on Justice Raffaele, who was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. The judge said the officer rushed forward and, using the upper edge of his hand, delivered a sharp blow to the judge’s throat that was like what he learned when he was trained in hand-to-hand combat in the Army.

The episode, Friday morning just after midnight — in which the judge says his initial complaint about the officer was dismissed by a sergeant, the ranking supervisor at the scene — is now the focus of investigations by the police Internal Affairs Bureau and the Civilian Complaint Review Board.

The judge said he believed the officer also hit one or two other people during the encounter on 74th Street near 37th Road, a busy commercial strip in Jackson Heights. But he said he could not be sure, because the blow to his throat sent him reeling back and he then doubled over in pain.

“I’ve always had profound respect for what they do,” Justice Raffaele said of the police, noting that he was “always very supportive” of the department during the more than 20 years he served on Community Board 3 in Jackson Heights before becoming a judge. At one point in the early 1990s, he added, he helped organize a civilian patrol in conjunction with the police. “And this I thought was very destructive.”

[…]The judge said he was in “a lot of pain” and went with Mr. Rashid to the emergency room at Elmhurst Hospital Center, where a doctor examined his throat by snaking a tube with a camera on the end through his nose and down his throat to determine whether his trachea had been damaged. The doctor, he said, found no damage; Justice Raffaele was released and told to see his personal doctor for follow-up care.

When they first came upon the crowd, the judge said, he was immediately concerned for the officers and called 911. After he made the call, he said, he saw that one of the officers — the one who he said later attacked him — was repeatedly dropping his knee into the handcuffed man’s back.

His actions, the judge said, were inflaming the crowd, some of whom had been drinking. But among others who loudly expressed their concern, he said, was a woman who identified herself as a registered nurse; she was calling to the officer, warning that he could seriously hurt the unidentified man, who an official later said was not charged.

Perhaps the judge should have joined the “unruly” crowd rather than rush to call for more goon-squads in uniform.

Hopefully, it’s a lesson learned.

Cop Who Karate Chopped NY Judge In Throat Gets Off Scot-Free
Chris | InformationLiberation Analysis posted Aug 24 2012.

Remember the Judge who came upon an “unruly” crowd angry over police abusing a suspect and called 911 to “help” police get backup, only to be singled out himself by a raging cop who proceeded to assault him by chopping him in the throat? If you remember, he was a huge supporter of police, “I’ve always had profound respect for what they do,” he told the New York Times. Turns out, now that he’s the one in the victim’s seat, he’s had a change of heart. In fact, he says he’s now “amazed” how multiple police lied about what took place, he says his beating and the ensuing cover-up is “really changing my view of the force.”

Via The Huffington Post:
No criminal charges will be filed against an NYPD officer accused of violently striking a New York state Supreme Court justice in the throat in an unprovoked attack earlier this summer, the Queens district attorney said Wednesday.

Judge Thomas Raffaele, who reported the alleged assault, called the DA’s decision “shocking” and accused the NYPD officers involved of lying to cover up their misconduct.

“For this to happen, for me to be attacked by a cop — and for the cops to do this huge cover up — it’s really changing my view of the force,” Raffaele told The Huffington Post.

Raffaele said he is strongly considering filing a lawsuit against the police department over the alleged attack. “It may be that there is no other option,” he said.

In a statement, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said his office lacked the evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the officer “intentionally and unjustifiably” struck the judge.

“We find that there is insufficient evidence of criminality to support a charge that the police officer acted with intent to injure,” Brown said.

The alleged assault on the judge happened as police officers were restraining a man who was reportedly chasing people with a metal pipe on a Queens street around midnight in early June.

Raffaele said he came upon two officers restraining the man and called 911 to request that more police respond to the scene, where a large group of people was gathering. The officer allegedly repeatedly drove his knee into the detained man’s back, the judge said, causing some in the crowd to shout at him.

At that point, Raffaele said the officer flew into a rage, began screaming obscenities and randomly attacked several people in the crowd. He said he was hit in the throat with a military-style open hand chop that sent him to the hospital for the night.

“This was not some little punch or shove,” he said. “It was an all-out military blow to my larynx.”

Raffaele said that supervisory officers at the scene refused to take his complaint of being assaulted.

In June, the NYPD said that its internal affairs bureau was working with the Queens DA’s office to investigate the judge’s claims.

That investigation cleared the officers involved in the episode of criminal conduct.

“After an extensive and thorough investigation of the facts and circumstances of the matter -– that included multiple witness interviews and reviews of police reports and medical records -– my office has concluded that the facts do not warrant the filing of criminal charges,” Brown said.

The matter will now be referred to the city’s Civilian Complaint Review Board and to the NYPD “for any possible violation” of NYPD rules or procedures.

Brown said that his office had “no opinion” as to whether any administrative or procedural violations took place.

Raffaele criticized the DA’s investigation as half-hearted and said that witnesses to the incident were not interviewed for nearly two months, and only after he complained about the slow progress of the probe.

He also accused several NYPD officers of lying about the events by saying that he had behaved “aggressively” toward them.

“I was really amazed that two or three of them lied about it,” he said. “It’s really damaging to the respect that I’ve had all my life for the police department.”

The question I have is how many times did this Judge side with police in his courtroom as the “credible” witnesses they clearly are not? Police constantly lie under oath, get caught, then face no penalty. As I wrote about the time I was called for jury duty, I was the only one who raised my hand when the Judge asked, “Would anyone be less likely, or more likely, to trust the testimony of a police officer by merit of his occupation?” Of course, I was kicked off the jury by the state’s prosecutor as a result.
Chris runs the website, you can read more of his writings there.



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  • Common Sense

    Karate chop ….ha ha ha

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    just stick a gun in you mouth and pull the trigger you’ll be diong us all a favor you copfucking troll

  • certain

    LOL – “In a statement, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said his office lacked the evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the officer “intentionally and unjustifiably” struck the judge.”

    Well, I’d have to say your office is filled with ignorant ass-hats who couldn’t find their own balls with both hands and a map. But they have no problem finding the evidence to charge somebody who stumbles against a cop with felony battery.

    Nope, no double standard here, move along.


    ” karate chop….ha ha ha” Wow.

  • John Doe

    they can do whatever they want and the NYC District Attornies will help them get away with it.. just ask anyone who has been framed for drugs,, DA simply says plead guilty or wait in Rikers for a trial date.. Sad that there are good cops, who look so bad because of the low lives they work with.

  • adam

    Maybe judges will finally open up their eyes and see what the hell is going on and will have much better judgement for the next time a cop comes in to court stating this guy did this or that when in fact the victim hadn’t done anything wrong.

    Citizens pay taxes > Taxes > cop pay roll > cops do what ever they want and get off scot free-kill-hurt-injure who ever they want including “””””JUDGES””””. WTFFFF???? “INCUDING JUDGES????”

    If a pipe fitter, electrician, news anchor person, or even a bar tender did this shit, they be locked up for life for attempted murder on a judge.

    This country is flat out fucked with no hope.

  • Common Sense

    “and then, if you would tell the court what happened next”

    “I gave him a karate chop”

    ha ha ha

  • 2minutes

    “and then, if you would tell the court what happened next”

    “I gave him a karate chop”

    Or, more appropriately

    “I utilized a shuto-uchi, or knife hand strike, to the throat”

    There, fixed that for you.

    “Karate chop”, by the way, is a common enough colloquialism when referencing the martial arts techniques involving open hand strikes, and serves the purpose of the article as intended.

  • Helmut O’ Hooligan

    Hi, frequent reader of Copblock stories, very infrequent commenter. Actually, I find the comments section to be almost unreadable. It is the same old ritual shit-talking between trolls, blind police-supporters and internet tough guys who get all worked up by the trolls/boot-lickers. Not exactly a healthy intellectual environment. Truthfully, it makes Copblock look amateurish.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think what Copblock is doing is important, though I have disagreed with certain tactics from time to time. And the stories are often enlightening, though I think some of them could be screened better to ensure accuracy or relevance. A site like Copblock is already going to be marginalized, so its administrators should take great pains to make sure it is putting out material that can pass severe scrutiny.

    As for the comments, I wonder why the administrators don’t simply ban people like Common Sense and others who just come to Copblock to pick fights. People like that push readers away who would genuinely be interested in discussing police tactics and/or alternatives to the status quo. Pretty soon, all that will be left are the trolls and douche bags that seem to control your comments section much of the time. These are people who appear on almost every post and clearly have nothing else to do in their lives but wreck havoc on Copblock.

    Guys, there is no shame in banning proven trolls and troublemakers. It doesn’t mean you don’t value freedom of expression. It just means that you won’t tolerate people who try to manipulate or control the discussion. Visitors to ANY community (real world or virtual) should learn to abide by basic rules and if they won’t, they should expect to be evicted. There isn’t anything un-libertarian about that.

    Just a suggestion. Thanks.

  • Tom

    There is a reason those who follow police misconduct use the phrase “but for the video.”

    If this incident was captured on video the outcome almost certainly would have been different. Video of a rampaging cop swearing and randomly attacking innocent bystanders is more than blue wall of silence/lies could overcome.

    FYI the judge is a Family Law judge and doesn’t hear criminal cases. I hope he gets transferred.

  • Yankee Fan

    Oh god…Karate chop..thats the best one ever!

  • simpleton

    @Helmut O Hooligan…well said.

  • simpleton

    This is a classic case of just HOW F’ED UP the system is. A cop whacks a guy in the throat, turns out its a judge. The blue wall of silence investigates, finds nothing wrong. Typical and happens everyday, but it was a judge, and the judge takes the opinion that it is an OUTRAGE. Well, its because he’s judge and has been afforded special treatment his whole time on the bench. The beautiful thing about it is that we haven’t heard the last of this.

  • Common Sense

    @Helmut Head

    Sounds like censorship – sounds like you’re against the freedom of expression – that’s commie talk if you ask me!

  • shawn

    You know, last I heard, certain areas of the body were supposed to be off limits because of the danger of lasting physical harm. The throat and head were the two biggest. Yet now days we keep hearing about people going into comas from head trauma from police beatings and now an officer thinks ‘karate chop'(an inaccurate term, but the idiots trashing it know what they mean.), is an acceptable way to handle the public. Hey, don’t even find out if they are involved in the situation. Just attack a citizen, any citizen, to vent your frustrations.

    Simpleton got it right. Too many not paying attention have simply been lucky enough to avoid bad encounters with cops. They don’t realize there is an issue that will eventually affect them. Even my own have so far been limited to petty BS from an ego tripping pig.

    But now the judge finds out that those of us who have issues with cop behavior might have a point. Welcome to the real world, Your Honor.

  • Helmut O’ Hooligan

    Common Sense:
    This is the first and last time I will address you as I do not associate with trolls and/or blind supporters of police repression.

    Yes I do support freedom of expression. Apparently the people who run Copblock are also great supporters of expression, since they have tolerated you for some time now. But you are not standing on a street corner holding a picket sign. You are on a privately run blog. The administrators of this blog would be well within their rights to ban persons who attempt to monopolize discussions or try to obstruct discussions with inane comments, threats or name-calling. It happens on other blogs, so there is no reason they couldn’t do that on Copblock.

    And for the record I’m not a “Commie.” You could call me a libertarian socialist though. Thanks for asking.

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  • enslave keene

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    What would Ian, Ademo or Pretty Derrick J do if they ever got karate chopped?

    Answer, collapse!

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    At Helmut O’hooligan

    You said to Common sense;

    “This is the first and last time I will address you as I do not associate with trolls and/or blind supporters of police repression”.

    Well my Lord! If that doest render his life meaningless nothing will!

    Haha Putz!!

    I’ll karate chop you!! hahahahaha

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    @Enslave, nice name by tbe way.

    Except for giving Lewinskies to you, T, PSOSGT, and every otber co, common’s life is already pretty meaningless.

  • Helmut O’ Hooligan

    “Well my Lord! If that doest render his life meaningless nothing will!”

    I’m pretty sure his life doesn’t have much meaning in the first place, since he spends such an inordinate amount of time on a blog starting fights. Hopefully he gets up off his ass once in a while so as to avoid the office chair equivalent of bed sores. So do you want to be his successor. Judging by your name and troll-like tone, I’m guessing so. Even if he isn’t kicked off Copblock, I would suggest that people ignore him. This makes trolls shrivel up and die. Bye now, have a nice life.

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    Their “chops” are fast as lightning !
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    And those judges throats are a little bit frighteniiiiing!!!
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  • enslave keene

    @ Helmut

    Even if he isn’t kicked off Copblock, I would suggest that people i”gnore him. This makes trolls shrivel up and die. Bye now, have a nice life”

    Wow, haha!! Tell me something, getting kicked off of copblock is that like getting kicked off of FreeKeene? Thats what this website needs to do! FK has gone down in hits by hundreds if not thousands since they started moderation!

    Kicked off of Copblock? Oh no you didnt come around trying to mess with Enslave’s emotions like that!

  • Common Sense

    ha ha ha, they should have said something more catchy.

    “knife hand strike” or “side palm blow” but karate chop, too funny.

    and yes, I knew you were a socialist, with is one step from commie to me, so get a job, stop milking the state for you wifi and pay back yor debts socialist mooch.

  • To Helmut O’ Hooligan, please bear in mind that common sense is, in all likelihood, a supporter, member, or editor of copblock that is merely playing devils advocate.

    I would say that his efforts have been very successful, because he forced you to become angry and take action (posting). Therefore, you have taken the first step in acting against police oppression and corruption, so common sense has accomplished his mission.

    Even if he common sense is a pimple on the ass of society, he is playing out his role, one way or the other.

  • Helmut O’ Hooligan

    Perhaps you are right. If that is true, however, this poster seems to be more of a caricature than a true devil’s advocate. The reason I posted was because I saw him (them?) as an obstacle to discussion.

    Good people can argue about the merits of police actions or the system of policing itself. These are controversial issues and substantive change won’t happen over night. But, from what I have seen, common sense doesn’t debate he just tries to egg people on like an aggressive drunk. So, I was suggesting that he simply be ejected like an aggressive drunk so that the adults could continue their conversations.

  • shawn


    Actually, my bet is that common is the biggest cop hater here. With his antics, I certainly wouldn’t want his support. I think he is trying to make LE look bad.

  • To Helmut O’ Hooligan and shawn, I agree with both of you. This common sense character is an obstacle to discussion, essentially destroying any logical discourse.

    The problem, however, is a matter best settled by the administrators of If the admins choose not to step in, perhaps because of their firm freedom of speech stance, or the more likely event that common sense is actually an inside agitator, tends to reflect more on the admits than it does on us, the readers.

    The only caveat here is, as I said before, is the freedom of speech angle. Once you start down that road, it becomes a slippery slope. Me, personally, I would ban common senses ass faster than he could say “I rape my sister”, but that is just me.

    However, I strongly suspect that the anonymous format here would preclude the ability to ban by account or IP address. Plus, nothing would stop any troll from simply coming back in under a different name.

    In the end, douchebags like common sense are here as a result of a fear impulse. From what direction, I neither know nor care. If my experience with federal law enforcement over the last few years is any indication, I would assert that there are entire armies of common sense clones out there. If any of you want to find that out first hand, as I have, just file a lawsuit against a large federal agency as I did and you will find yourself suddenly surrounded by swarms of common sense clones.

    But that should not stop you from winning your lawsuit, as I did, or stop you from recording the actions of said idiots for use in a civil rights lawsuit at some point in the future.

    Long story short…common sense is here to stay. One way or another. Get used to him. But more importantly, understand his motivations and his tactics. Otherwise you may fall prey to his provocations. Because in the end, that his his primary goal: To agitate, trip you up, then land you in the clink. But that is the goal of all social parasites that wear badges, or carry water for them.

  • Helmut O’ Hooligan

    Glenn: “In the end, douchebags like common sense are here as a result of a fear impulse.”

    That is very perceptive, Glenn. I think you are a right. These guys are not only deeply annoyed that the authority of the state is being challenged, but they are also afraid that their days are numbered. They fear that as the public is made more aware of the underbelly of law enforcement, police will lose support until more people start talking–in detail– about alternatives.

    Good talking to you Glenn and congrats on the successful law suit.

  • Comic Sense

    That Judge is a little bitch, he probably lets all the criminals off the hook after all the hard work the cops do to catch their dumb ass. Idiot liberal hippie judges like this screwbag are what’s wrong with this country. Good thing he got his ass karate chopped (lol that’s hilarious chop chop chop chop lol. chop your face off lol. chop some onions lol. make you cry like i chopped some onions in your eye you little bitch LOL.) That liberal hippie judge needed a good wake up call, what cop hasn’t wanted to give some waste-of-a-bench judge a bitchslap to the throat, lol might as well be a criminal to let those criminals go like that.

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  • Comic Sense

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  • ‘zactly . and the requirement to prove ‘intent to injure’ (who strikes a person in the throat without intending to injure?) wouldn’t be applied