Canada Cop Block [Facebook]

Hi, my name is John.

I created the Canada Cop Block facebook page mainly because it didn’t exist. I was obviously inspired by the Cop Block websites and pages going up for every state in America.

I have nothing against law enforcement, but the recent G20 event in Toronto made me realize that the police might not be “serving and protecting” the citizens of Canada as they say they do. I was arrested on G20 for protesting. I was detained in the famous Torontonamo Bay prison and then had all charges dropped.

I was sad to see that democracy was overthrown on that day, the passing of secret laws, the biggest mass arrest in Canadian history, the police brutality, the undercover police operations and many other things that went wrong on that day. It seems like things haven’t been the same since then.

I would also like to show my support and solidarity with all Cop Block activists.
I wanted to do something to help, so I made this facebook page.

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