Memphis Police Officer Severe Abuse of Power

According to WREG Memphis,

A Memphis police officer and a 911 dispatcher are on paid leave and an investigation involving both is underway.

This involves officer Darrell Mallone and dispatcher Jenny Rice.

This comes after a News Channel 3 report indicating the officer may have shown his gun, then threatened a man, while off-duty.

There is also an allegation Rice may have given Mallone the caller’s personal information which would be a violation of procedure.

Collierville resident Michael Montgomery told News Channel 3, he was driving on Germantown Parkway when he sees two guys on motorcycles weaving in and out of traffic.

“I pulled up to them at the stop light and told them, if they don’t start behaving properly I would call the police”, said Montgomery.  “One gentleman lifted his vest and showed me a handgun and told me he was police.”

Montgomery dialed 911 anyway, and said the man with the gun drove by him cursing.

Later, he says the man called him on his cellphone, apparently getting his number from 911. Montgomery said the officer told him to watch his back, that if he saw him in Memphis he would “f*^k him up.”

Deputy police director Dave Martello told us Thursday if this story is true the officer, Darrell Malone will face discipline.

Police spokeswoman Karen Rudolph confirms the same in the case of the 911 operator who may have shared Montgomery’s phone number.

“If it is true, it’s going to be dealt with and dealt with severely”, said Memphis Mayor A C Wharton. “If it’s not true and someone turned in a false report on one of our officers that’s going to be dealt with too.”

Another incident, same officer. No action taken my MPD.

A day after a man accused a Memphis Police Officer of abusing his power, another man has come forward with similar accusations against the same police officer.

Leo Veasley didn’t want to show his face but wanted his voice heard about who he calls a “bully with a badge.”

“You are there to protect and serve, not to harass people and be a bully because you are a police officer,” said Veasley.

Veasley says he was harassed by officer Darrell Malone, the same officer accused of threatening another man with a gun and a harassing phone call.

Veasley says in his case, it started when he got a driving ticket from the officer February 9th, ”He got very verbal. Pulled a stick out and threatened to hit me in the face.”

Veasley says he didn’t know the officer’s name but when he went to court a couple of months later, he got Malone’s badge number and reported it to MPDs internal affairs.

And that’s when he says the real harassment began, ”After they took the report, the following next day Officer Malone was driving past my house.”

He says Malone has passed his Frayser home multiple times after that leaving a ticket on his car, even shining a spot light in his house.

Veasley says it’s all to intimidate him.

“I’m a citizen just like you are and I want to be treated like one,” he said. “I don`t want to be protected from the police. I want to be protected by them.”

MPD says Veasley did not file a complaint with internal affairs but with a workstation at the precinct level.  Officials say a precinct supervisor called Veasley several times to follow-up on the case but Veasley never returned the phone calls so the case was dropped.  But Veasley says he never got a follow-up call about it from police.

MPD says Veasley never reported that Officer Malone had continued to harass him.

Mallone and 911 and 911 dispatcher Jenny Rice are both on paid leave at this time.




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  • Buford T. Justice

    As usuual…another story with no proof. Show me some evidence, any kind of evidence, other than some dude spouting at the mouth. Hell, the second dude in the article didn’t even return a call from Internal Affairs. Where’s the proof?

  • re: “Where’s the proof?”

    Learn to read the English language. The story reports that allegations were made. If you want proof that allegations were actually made, you need to take it up with WREG. I seriously doubt that those allegations were not made. I also doubt you have enough integrity to object just as much to any story in which police are the ones making allegations.

  • Itsonlyeye


  • shawn


    It wasn’t internal affairs, and of course cops would never lie, right? The man states he recieved no calls. As for proof, phone records can at least show the officer called.

  • Common Sense

    ..but, but, he cursed!

  • Jesse from East LA

    I wouldn’t take any police officer’s/dept. word over a civilian, so if the cops say they called him and he never got back to them then that’s probably a lie.

  • Yankee Fan

    Maybe Buford, do your own researching before you look stupid with your ignorant comments. Here is the actual news release on this story:

  • certain

    Buford T Justice is an inbred, corrupt, fat boy cop. And the original in the Burt Reynolds movie was, too.

  • Spirit of 46

    the next time Buford turns on the TV and sees a Tornado Warning he’s going to say “As usuual…another story with no proof”


    @shawn.. internal affairs.. cops don’t lie I would say 99.999% of the time. I wouldn’t!! Lying in an internal investigation is going to get me fired 100% of the time, willing to bet it’s the same just about everywhere else. Would rather take my lumps for calling someone, than trying to lie my way out of it.

  • “cops don’t lie I would say 99.999%
    Is this statement the .001% of the lies?

  • rick

    Amazing how much damage that 0.001% can do!

  • zonmoy


    No I think it is the lie that proves that the .001% of the time that they are being honest.

  • t.

    Another story of a police department getting it right. Memphis PD trying to insure that their officers are doing it right. If this guy did it wrong, he did. If he didn’t, he didn’t . Allegations are just that…allegations. Due process will show it. Memphis PD…well done.

  • Jim

    And a paid vacation to boot while the investigation comes up with the boilerplate exoneration. What a great gig!

  • Just a bitch gang banger with a badge.

  • Police should not abuse their power and the government should strictly implement rules to guide the people and the force.

    I just hope everything gets sorted in a timely manner.

  • need2knowBasis

    the police Do lie my home was illegally searched i was harrassed and they Lied on the report and I have nobody to turn too obviously they either cut a deal with the victim or scared him so bad he fell back i have witnesses all of us are afraid to report this i talked to my lawyer he even said leave it alone u know why? because i will get hurt for telling the truth this is not the first time this has happened to me personally in memphis either the memphis police are out of control they are using scare tactics to get away with it too im more afraid of the police than the thugs

  • MemphisMan
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  • Will Crump

    Until there is an independent CIVILIAN review board put in place WITH THE AUTHORITY-THE FULL AUTHORITY- to have abusive police officers permanently stripped of their badge and police powers-there will be no meaningful changes in how police abuse is swept under the rug.

    An abusive police officer, in many ways, is many times more dangerous than a convicted sex offender because he/she is operating under the color of law. They have a badge, a gun, and a uniform. Their authority is unquestionable. However, these abusive officers are predatory. They know how to manipulate the situation to their complete advantage. If they are fired in one jurisdiction, they can, in many instances move to another municipality and pin the badge on again. I ask you…how is that any different than pedophile clergymen being allowed to move from one area to another?

    In fact, the extreme threat that abusive police officers pose to the general public at large and given their propensity to act abusively over and over again suggests that there should be a public nation-wide registry for abusive police officers. It would the the civilian review board that places abusive police officers on this registry for life.

    Also, abusive police officers should have their gun rights rescinded permanently because taking a badge and a uniform doesn’t make them any less dangerous. They should also have a lifetime ban working as security officers. We don’t let pedophiles work in a Kindergarten class room. Abusive cops shouldn’t be allowed to work any type of security job. It relates too closely to their abusive cycle. They’re bullies and predators no matter what they wear or what they look like.