Cop Block in Winston-Salem NC

October 27, 2012. 20.00h – Pete and I headed out in the Cop Block truck to check out Winston-Salem. Up to that point, the LEOs we had encountered were either politely engaging or reserved. The 5-0 scanner app on the iPhone was running and there were several “shot fired” calls.

We headed into the eastern side of the city and soon saw four LEOs pulled over talking in the parking lot of a convenience store.

As we were wrapping up the night cop blocking, we saw a traffic stop and decided to approach and record. It turned out to be a teenager who apparently was given his first ransom note; after the cop left, we approached and checked to make sure he was okay and to give him information on Cop Block and Never Take A Plea.

After this encounter, we spoke to a guy (Gabe) and girl in a shopping center parking lot for awhile giving them information about police accountability, recording all cop encounters, and live streaming apps such as QIK for security in recording ( Gabe shared stories about police abuse and seemed genuinely interested in Cop Block.

Maybe posts and videos like these will inspire others to Cop Block to hold police accountable. If you need information on how to get started, contact us on:

Strength in numbers!

You never know who you might inspire!





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  • MrDoobz

    You guys are so pathetic. Don’t call the police when Mr. Bad guy comes and beaks into your house. It’s sad to see what people will resort to when they don’t have a real job.

  • John Q Public

    That copblocker sounds so damn stupid. Show me the law or statute where cops are required to tell anyone name or badge number. Go see a traffic stop where you have no idea (once again) what’s going on. Oh, and don’t forget to donate!

  • Helmut O’ Hooligan

    First, let me assure you that I am fully in favor of filming police actions. This should be completely legal everywhere and police should never, ever attempt to interfere with a person who is filming without getting in the way.

    With that being said, I just don’t get the point of approaching cops talking in a parking lot and preaching the Cop Block gospel. I mean, do you expect to scare them? Convert them? Both scenarios are unlikely. Or are you hoping to provoke a “loose cannon” into a confrontation so that you can film it? So you can say “gotcha!” That would be kind of a cheap shot, in my opinion. To me, some of these Cop Block scenarios look like awkward stunts which are unlikely to change anything. Police will just feign politeness or completely ignore you, like the cops in the parking lot did.

    Now filming car stops (actual police ACTIVITY!) makes more sense. And if things go sideways, might I suggest that you make your filming more covert, so that you can get quality footage of an incident without being hassled. Film from a vehicle or seek cover/concealment. Getting in the cops’ faces may be satisfying for some of those involved with Cop Block. But I don’t think it’s always good strategy if your objective changes from routine monitoring to evidence gathering on behalf of a person who is being detained.

    Just a few suggestions for you. Minor reservations aside, I think that Cop Block and the general movement for filming police is a great development that is putting the powerful on notice. Thanks.

  • Greg

    Wow, that was about a waste of web space

  • Troy

    Maybe you should get a job, that’d be a good idea!!

  • YellowBird

    I have 2 agree with most of the other posters…I have personally had encounters with each of the Officers that you have on this.
    I will tell you STRAIGHT UP. They are legit decent Cops.

    Usually I am ALL about gettin me some Cop Block. But ** ONLY when they are doing illegal,harrasing ..bully shit. PLEASE guys Don’t “Borrow” trouble…ull only give urselfs a bad rep !!

  • Pete Malloy

    J.q.p. officers are required to have either their name or a unique number displayed upon their uniform. One never seen anything that says someone can walk up to demand it though.

  • RL

    You guys are idiots, just in case you’re wondering. It seems like you’re purposefully looking for a police officer to engage you so you can slam him on youtube. Get a job, go to work and get a life, losers.

  • John Q Public

    Pete, great. Show me the law that states this. I’d like to see it.