Cop Block in Winston-Salem NC

October 27, 2012. 20.00h – Pete and I headed out in the Cop Block truck to check out Winston-Salem. Up to that point, the LEOs we had encountered were either politely engaging or reserved. The 5-0 scanner app on the iPhone was running and there were several “shot fired” calls.

We headed into the eastern side of the city and soon saw four LEOs pulled over talking in the parking lot of a convenience store.

As we were wrapping up the night cop blocking, we saw a traffic stop and decided to approach and record. It turned out to be a teenager who apparently was given his first ransom note; after the cop left, we approached and checked to make sure he was okay and to give him information on Cop Block and Never Take A Plea.

After this encounter, we spoke to a guy (Gabe) and girl in a shopping center parking lot for awhile giving them information about police accountability, recording all cop encounters, and live streaming apps such as QIK for security in recording ( Gabe shared stories about police abuse and seemed genuinely interested in Cop Block.

Maybe posts and videos like these will inspire others to Cop Block to hold police accountable. If you need information on how to get started, contact us on:

Strength in numbers!

You never know who you might inspire!





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