Ghostbuster Arrested for Backflipping Over Police Officer

TMZ reports:

This video is INSANE! A Halloween partier dressed as a Ghostbuster climbs on a police car in Eastern Canada this weekend and does a BACKFLIP over one very angry cop. But what happens next is even crazier.

The ghostbuster sticks the landing, but the cop is PISSED — grabbing the ghostbuster by the collar … and saying, “You’re a smart ass … come here!”

Another cop rushes towards the ghostbuster — slamming him against the cop car … and warning, “Don’t you f*ckin’ move … don’t f*ckin’ do that … you stupid idiot.”

The cops then handcuff the ghostbuster and place him under arrest for mischief and for being drunk in a public place.

After the man is in custody, the cops turn to the photog … and demand he turn off his camera saying, “You wanna be under arrest too?” The video cuts off right after the warning.

TMZ spoke with the photog who tells us … the ghostbuster was taken to a nearby station and was thrown in the drunk tank … but was released a short time later.

Oh, and here’s a shocker … we’re told the ghostbuster had been drinking heavily before the stunt.



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