Scottsdale PD: “Terrorists like to film Police Officer response”

From 4409:

I showed up at a scene with 7 cop cars to make sure there was no “suicide by cop”.

I will NOT second guess their response at first due to the nature of the call. I do however wonder why it took ten cops one hour to find out this guy was not a threat.

I pulled the 911 call to be fair to the police on why they were there.

Even though I deliberately stood 50-70 feet away from the scene I was still approached by a busy body cop that wanted to explain to me what he had been brainwashed to think by watching Hollywood movies and listening to talk radio.

He claimed that terrorists film cops and we all know that was just a lame excuse to confront me.

One good thing that came about is that its one less hour they had to drive around and harass people in their cars.

Before I left they said: “Did you get anything good” I explained, hopefully not. The whole point of me being there was to not get anything good. No one died and they ended up letting the homeless man go (after he got some revenue tickets of course) :)

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Darryl W. Perry

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