Police Investigate Potential Burglary & Attempt to Justify Kidnapping Homeowner for Possessing Plants

Is the incentive of most police officers to actually protect you, or is it to enforce arbitrary words written on paper? Police officers ought to actually protect and serve – at least those are the only services I would voluntarily pay for. Caging a man for possessing plants deemed “illegal” is not a disservice that I would voluntarily fund. Do you wish to spend your hard-earned dollars to jail a person whom has not done anything to harm another, just simply possessed plants? Is it okay for you to force your ideas of how one should live onto others? If your answer was yes, where do you draw the line? Will you be on-board when arbitrary words on paper declare caffeine “illegal”? Cigarettes? How about ketchup?

As reported by SJ-R.com,

An indoor marijuana-growing operation was discovered Monday afternoon after Sangamon County sheriff’s deputies went to the home for a potential burglary in progress.

About 25 plants, along with special equipment for growing marijuana, were found at the home in the 200 block of Colby Avenue about 2:30 p.m., police said.

According to police, authorities were notified by someone who saw a chair next to an open window at the home, which is just north of Clear Lake Avenue and west of Dirksen Parkway.

Once there, police entered the home in search of the potential burglar. Inside, marijuana plants were found in the bedroom and the basement.

Police said the home owner arrived as officers were at the scene. He was cooperative with the investigation and was arrested.

His name was not released Monday.