When Should You Shoot a Cop VIDEO

On June 28th, 2011 Larken Rose published to CopBlock.org an essay titled When Should You Shoot a Cop, about which one commenter accurately stated:

Incredible article! I hope people take the time to actually read the full article after their brains shut down after seeing the “shock” title.

I realize, as Larken must have when he wrote the essay a year and a half ago, that some individuals will be outraged that this video was made. Yet it’s a conversation that needs to be had*.

If one cannot even talk about each person’s innate right to self-defense, then it shows just how far-gone is the conversation. How much the “protectors” have become those most tyrannical. I say this as an advocate of the non-aggression principle and of voluntaryism.

Unsurprisingly, Larken’s strike-the-root prose went on to become one of the most-visited pieces of content on the site, which thusly netted a lot of comments.

It’s been cited by at least two fusion center releases – the Arizona Counter-Terrorism Information Center (Ademo Contacts Arizona Counter-Terrorism Information Center) and The Central Florida Intelligence Center (Central Florida Intelligence Exchange Promote CopBlock.org).

The mere act of “Liking” the article got two individuals rebuffed by their “party” colleagues, as detailed on the July 27th, 2012 write-up, Politicos Attacked for ‘Liking’ CopBlock.org Post:

South Carolina’s Republican Party is distancing itself from two local party officials who appeared to endorse violence against police officers on Facebook — a position that seemed to take anti-government conservatism too far for South Carolina’s Tea Party-heavy GOP. The party’s top brass called for their resignation from local party committees Monday night.

On October 6th, 2011, Larken Rose wrote the following in his post Federal Agents Visit Larken Rose – Mention CopBlock.org Blog Post:

A fascist came up to each front window and knocked. I rolled down my window just a bit, and a gray-haired, veteran fascist informed me that I was not being arrested. That’s nice. . . Out of the blue, the veteran fascist commented about the fact that I’ve posted things on my web site talking about killing cops.

On November 13th, 2011, Larken Rose expanded on his essay with a video uploaded to YouTube.com/LarkenRose:

In 2012, the legislation in Indiana mentioned by Larken around the 6-min mark in the video changed course. Instead of “law” existing that claimed that an individual had the right to use defensive force against anyone except those with badges, legislation “approved” self-defense against any aggressor, no matter their place of employment.

On March 3rd, 2012 post, When Should You Shoot A Cop – Round 2, Ademo Freeman penned:

Maybe with this law, cops will think twice about raiding a home for drugs? Maybe cops will stop working for the government and make their own agreements with their customers?

IMO, law didn’t need to be written for one to know when they can or cannot defend their life or property. It’s unfortunate people are taught to submit to police without question, yet to stick up to bullies, abusive husbands and any other non government connected persons.

On March 24th, 2012 post, Right to Resist now law in Indiana, cops show how evil they think we are, Edmond Dantes noted that:

Police really think people are that evil, that they will now just play real life Grand Theft Auto and start killing at will. Which begs the question, if people are really that inherently evil, why give so many of them the power of the badge over everyone else? It always appears to me that the worst of the worst are in gangs, whether it be Blood, Crypts, or Thin Blue Line.

But will people really just start killing at will? I can give you one fact, the law and/or a guy in a funny costume with a badge doesn’t stop me from killing someone. I don’t kill or use violence because I believe it is wrong morally. Even if murder were legal I wouldn’t kill anyone and most people wouldn’t either.

On a June 12, 2012 post, Indiana legalizes shooting cops, about the reversal of the “legality” of self-defense for Indianans, I asked:

Does this piece of man-made legislation really change anything for people living within the arbitrary political boundaries of Indiana? Or for that matter – do people living outside those arbitrary political boundaries of Indiana have any less of a right to defend themselves?

We all want to be safe and secure. The question is, how is that best accomplished?

Think for yourself. Question claimed authority.

Educate your mind http://copblock.org/knowledge

*I was inspired to create this video set to Larken’s narration after watching Message to the Voting Cattle – Larken Rose, which was edited by FreiwilligFrei.de.

P.S. Please keep in mind that Cop Block is decentralized so the perspective advocated on this post and the videos embedded does not represent all involved.


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Pete Eyre

Pete Eyre is co-founder of CopBlock.org. As an advocate of peaceful, consensual interactions, he seeks to inject a message of complete liberty and self-government into the conversation of police accountability.

Eyre went to undergrad and grad school for law enforcement, then spent time in DC as an intern at the Cato Institute, a Koch Fellow at the Drug Policy Alliance, Directer of Campus Outreach at the Institute for Humane Studies, Crasher-in-Chief at Bureaucrash, and as a contractor for the Future of Freedom Foundation.

In 2009 he left the belly of the beast and hit the road with Motorhome Diaries and later co-founded Liberty On Tour. He spent time in New Hampshire home, and was involved with Free Keene, the Free State Project and The Daily Decrypt.

  • t.

    More nonsensical rehash. Another call to violence. Very responsible Pete.

  • Anon

    @t. Please, stop commenting until you have gotten some reading comprehension because you are not understanding what the discussion nor the essay or videos is about.

    And using sarcasm is as mature as 3 week spoiled cabbage.

  • shawn


    It is a lttle rich when cops complain about calls to violence, whe cops litterally beat people to death and walk. The tactics used on even the least offenders, an nonofenders, can only be described as extreme force.

  • Pussies like t. must defend their murder cults by denying the Constitutional rights of the citizenry. His acquiescence is the only call for violence… against the very citizens who pay their salaries.

    What a maroon.

  • Common Sense

    Come on you pussies! Where’s the rebellion! My DVR is ready to go. Lets see some blood in the streets! Are you wall talk and ideas?!

    …oh wait, yes you are all talk and rant. Nevermind citizen, carry on in your delusion of oppression.

  • peoplestew

    You know…Common Sense loves attention. He is probably just a lonely 10 year old boy with abandonment issues. We should want to help him..or get him some help. But if he is truly an officer of the law (which, I just cannot believe) then we saw it with our own eyes. He does NOT think of himself as a citizen. He thinks of YOU as citizens and him as…what? That is a sad thing. The REAL men and women in blue ARE citizens too. They are people..just like us. With families..and hopes..and dreams..and..a job to do. There are bad Doctors/lawyers/teachers/miners/carpenters/ and cops. Why? Cause we are all people..and there are some bad people. Next time you get stopped..lets treat a cop like …lets say…a fireman. We wouldn’t cuss out a fireman as he is doing his job right? No cold shoulder for a fireman. No threats on a fireman. And you know what my friends? Most of the time we WERE breaking the law. Lets take our medicine when we are wrong and lets do these officers right for a change. Man, we need to come together as a citizenry more than ever..and I mean ALL OF US!! No, I am NOT a cop. I would not be able to take the constant rejection AT ALL. Or the 90% of my day dealing with REAL BAD folks..and seeing what those folks do to us as a people. Praise our Military. Praise our Firemen. Lets change our hearts toward the cops too and lets see what happens when we treat them right. With dignity and respect. Yes, some of them just might deserve that.

  • t.

    Don’t I feel chastised.

  • Comic Sense

    Another 2 morons brainwashed by their mentors. Can’t wait until the day a ‘citizen’ blows the empty airbag from their car.

  • Mike

    No, peoplestew, Common is an absolute psychopath, which would make him fully qualified for the job.

    And yes, there are bad Doctors/lawyers/teachers/miners/carpenters/ and cops, but Doctors/lawyers/teachers/miners/carpenters/ don’t carry half the power of God on their hips. And while I am civil to cops, I do not respect what they do for a living, and never shed a tear when I learn one has died ‘in the line of duty’ enforcing some bullshit ‘law’

  • Common Sense

    Nope, you all are the ones crying tyranny this and oppression that. You call it a war, that revolution is coming, I’m just saying start it. You bitch and bitch but you don’t do anything expect make fools of yourselves.

    I personally can’t wait for the next Occupy movement. Like in CA when they made shields out of garbage can lids. Fucking hilarious.

  • Dan

    I am also a waiting and watching mode, and all I see are a bunch of PUNKS in a cellar talking about what if’s,,,,, let’s go cop block inspire me

  • DKSuddeth

    t, do you know how many people have been ‘arrested’, then released because no law had actually been broken? why on gods green earth should I allow you to violently assault my freedom or liberty just because you THINK or BELIEVE I broke a law?

  • t.

    @sud: Nobody wants to assault you or even be in contact with you. Very few people are arrested and then released because no law was broken. Depending of course on where you live or are arrested….a judicial official will make a determination of PC at some point…usually pretty quickly after the arrest. If that official finds that there isn’t / wasn’t PC, release. That’s a huge difference from saying that no law was broken. Thats like going to trial and being found “no guilty BRD.”. That’s not saying that there wasn’t PC to arrest. You are, again, confusing the standards. RS…very low. PC….just a little higher. BRD…much higher. Not really that hard, unless to just doesn’t fit into what you want to say, and then its inconveint for you.

  • DKSuddeth

    @t, the PC argument, for all intent and purposes, is pretty much crap then. how do you enforce the law if you don’t know the law. the law is black and white, plain letter, is it not? To argue probable cause is basically you telling us that you don’t know the law, you only think you know the law. The end result of PC arrests is that YOU then have the power to destroy a persons life, which is too much power, therefore you should be subject to personal accountability for making false arrests.

  • t.

    Well now. If you have a problem what in said, take it up with Jefferson and his crew. They wrote about it all a couple of hundred years ago. I think you’ve claimed to have read and even claimed to love at least one of their works. Hmm, guess not though.

  • t.

    BTW…that’s the reason why people are brought before a judicial official as soon as possible (and why I suggest against physical violence). The judicial official reviews the incidents and finds that there either are enough facts or aren’t enough facts. Its the safety measure in the middle so to speak. But hey, you keep on thinking.

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  • DKSuddeth

    that does not answer the question or resolve the issue. How do you enforce the law if you don’t know the law? do you just ‘guess’ someone did something and arrest them for it?

  • DJ

    This video should be in EVERY juior high school civics class…then again en EVERY Senior high school civics class. It should be a REQUIRED discussion for ANY politics major and in every military academy in the United States of America it should be the base of at least 6 units of study.

    In order to UPHOLD the US Constitution, every Military officer and ever member of civilan policing agency, from the FBI to a constable in a rural town should be required to have at least 6 units of study on THIS subject, along with 15 units of study on the US Constitution. They should be REQUIRED to dice it up using ONLY the other writings of the authors AND the best dictionary of the colloquial language OF THE TIME IT WAS WRITTEN.

    Part of our problem is that our language changes, and we lose the original meaning. Taken in CONTEXT, not one person could possibly say that the US Constitution is alive. It was written to say what it means, and mean what is said. The issue is that WE as a society have changed by allowing the Supreme Court to DICTATE LAW and CHANGE the meaning of law as it was WRITTEN and discussed.

    A good example of the fact that this IS acceptable practice (but wused wrongly) is the statement that the constitution requires “separation of church and state”. It does NOT, it never did. It said “Congress shall make no law regarding religion”. Therefore any law separatiing the two is by itself a violation of the Constitution. Where did anyone get the notion of separation of church and steate? From a rejected belief written during the discussion about what to say in th Constitution. IT WAS REJECTED, yet today is quoted as Constituional by ignorant morons everywhere. It is a lie in iteslf and unconstitutional on its face.

  • t.

    sud: Give an example. And “not guilty” or charges dismissed don’t count. Seldom are the instances when a true “false arrest” takes places. Just as I left a specialty unit, a case that I was involved with (although just on the edges) an informant identified the suspect by name and we watched as he dealt with him in person. He gave his name, address….everything. I actually stood beside him in a fast food place to identify him. Turns out…the guy that got arrested was misidentified. He had a damn near doppleganger who was just about the same age…hung out in the same places, and lived in the same neighborhood. They even had the same first name and darn near the name last name. As soon as the mistake was discovered the charges were dismissed and his record cleared. He had bonded out right after the arrest so he wasn’t still in jail. The point is…everything that could be done to correctly identify him was done. And a mistake still took place (thankfully the actual arrest took place weeks after I had left the unit just so I didn’t have to hear it). He contacted an attorney as well. But after a review of what had gone into the arrest and a review of the case file, even his own attorney told him there was nothing.
    But to what you think is a good point. Seldom is the instance that the police “don’t know the law”. More often what may happen is a judicial official may / will decide that there isn’t enough evidence to support the charge. At which point the suspect will be immediately released. I think you are just misinterupting what happens because you have an outside view of it.

  • peoplestew

    I hear t loud and clear. However, law enforcement/judges/etc never seem to add in to their comments “unfortunately, this cost the misidentified/unjustly arrested, manhandled,incarcerated/falsely accused/ individual a bunch of time, effort, attorneys fees and money that he is not going to get back” Why is that? Maybe cause when they make mistakes the leo’s and judges and da’s don’t have to pay anything OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKET. So, it never occurs to them the “collateral” damage that’s been done to that individual and how PAINFUL that is. Cause it doesn’t mean anything to them! Its not their time/money/pain thats lost. Its not their money, or reputation, or pain etc. Now, imagine that the wrong kind of legal rep was involved…that beats a suspect before proven guilty. Or a home is ransacked. The family is traumatized. Or the officer/judge/etc lies to cover up his mistakes. These are the folks that call the citizens in general “cockroaches” and “rats”. Falsifies reports etc. Ouch. No wonder people are stewing. How do we fix something when no one cares if its broken?

  • DKSuddeth

    t: seldom don’t know the law? didn’t we just have an episode of someone OPEN CARRYING in New Mexico, a completely legal act, and was arrested after committing no crime? Police seem to know the laws they want to, then have a bad habit of claiming ignorance of the law when they need to and having it endorsed by the courts, who blame it on the city for not training them properly. It’s BS and YOU KNOW IT!!! on top of that, how is that false arrest going to affect that persons future employment or financial future?

  • DKSuddeth

    another unlawful arrest, this one KNEW the law and arrested her anyway.

  • Yankee Fan

    I read that one to DK. He takes a drunk in and demands a blood draw without a court order then cuffs a nurse in an E.R. when she doesn’t comply. She was uncuffed later and he was suspended.I get he needed some evidence but interfering with an E.R. staff by acting like a power hungry thug is crossing the line

  • PHAQ

    I, who have children and grandchildren, am for the good and betterment of mankind, being so puts me in a rage against “TYRANT GOVERNMENT”. I have been watching this government nearly 50 years, they contunually raise their pay, pass frivolous bills into law, laws that rape us of our freedom and generate revenue for them. The Department of Defence should be stationed around our boarders and ports, defending “OUR COUNTRY”. Instead the government declare a War on Terror, and use it as an excuse to “INVADE” foreign lands with the sole purpose of capitol gain(opium and oil) for the International Banksters who are actually running the Government. They are using the US Government(the government of the most powerful nation on earth) in an attempt to dominate the world. That is why the government is “shooting” for gun control. “We”, with the right to bare arms against all enemies of the state, both foriegn and domestic, who pose a threat to demacracy, are the final obsticle in their way on the path to glory and establishing “The New World Order”. When Bush declared “The War on Terror”, it opened the gates for “US AMERICANS” to exercise our second amendant rights and march into Washington, arrest and detain every corrupt politician there. The US Government, not us as Americans, has become The World Leader in Terror, including terrorizing their own people. When tit goes to tat, “PIGS”(“P”olice “I”n “G”overnment “S”ervice), being pond scum, at the bottom of the food chain, will be the first ones in line of collateral damage.

  • t.

    @phag: About your military at the borders idea. There are some very good reason, and some “pesky laws” that prohibit that. Wow, talk about inviting the “police state” which why the mi.itary being used inn the way you describe is specifically barred. Invite “TYRANT GOVERNMENT”. Good thinking there guy.

    But hey, keep voting for liberals that want to take the guns out of your hands just because you’re hoping they’ll give you something else.

  • t.

    @sud: In the incident you reference….he wasn’t arrested because he was “open carrying”. He was arrested because of his behavior.

  • PHAQ

    @tp. Hey dude you need to pull your head out of your ass. The “pesky law” The Posse Comitatus Act your thinking of was eliminated on 12/31/2011 @ 11:45p.m. While the rest of Washington DC. was bringing in the New Year, “YOUR” president, Zer-0bummer, was signing into law the NDAA(National Defence Authorization Act). With that said,I was not suggesting to use the military as public police, I factually said our military needs to be stationed around our boarders “DEFENDING” our country rather than “INVADING” other countries for capitol gain on behalf of the international banks who run this government. They are financing both parties involved in the WAR and are in a win/win situation. Not only that but where will our troops be when the so called,UN Peace Troops, invade our country to take our fire arms, after Zer-0bummer eliminates the second amendment. There will be many PIGS(“P”olice “I”n “G”overnment “S”ervice) who will be helping with the disarmament. Their justification “… just doing my duty to uphold the law.” I just hope there are enough thick skin and blooded Americans who will resist and thwart their attemptemt. I hope it never comes to that, but by the looks of things it’s not that far off. Not if but when it does come to that, they like you have my guns, lead first pried out of my dead cold hands. In the mean time, learn to comprehend what you read or keep your pie hole shut.

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  • Lawman

    This video is a joke when it comes to modern times in the US. I for one hate Obama and most of the assholes running our country but I firmly believe in law and order. Without it there is no moral code and no safety for anyone. I can speak for myself and most other cops that I know and I have no intention of violating the second Amendment, or taking anyone’s guns when Obama issues an executive order changing the constitution. I think you will be hard pressed to find many cops who aren’t pro second Amendment. Most of us grew up with guns and want or children to enjoy the same liberty.

    I get sick of hearing that all cops are bad. That’s total bullshit. There are bad cops and no one has said otherwise. In my two decades of law enforcement I have seen plenty of them come and go. They don’t usually last long, at least in my agency. Saying all cops are bad is like saying every Black, Latino, Asian, Indian, Caucasian, Dog, Cat, Fish, or Bug is bad. It simply isn’t true.

  • Concerned Citizen

    If you knew anything about the 2nd Amendment, then you would know that it was originally intended to allow the people to keep and bear arms in order to defend themselves from all levels of government, including those at the lowest end of government, the police. Look up the term originalism. When city and county police departments are allowed to use weapons and tactics that are deemed “illegal” for a citizen to use in order to defend themselves from said city and county police departments, then you have quagmire… Benjamin Franklin was right, “Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither.”

  • Lawman

    Thank you for the history lesson on the Second Amendment but it was unnecessary. And I appreciate being considered the lowest end of government but believe me there is lower than law enforcement.

    Now, please educate me some more on what weapons and tactics city and county police have and use that are illegal for citizens to possess. What are you doing that you have to defend yourself from the police?

    The Second Amendment still stands allowing law abiding citizens to possess firearms. Modern laws have been created to regulate how they can be used and by whom. I can legally possess a SBR or a fully automatic machine gun but so can anyone who applies for the permit and is approved. So where do I differ from everyone else? It’s not because I’m a cop. Maybe you’re upset because your a convicted felon. If you aren’t happy with the laws then petition to change them.