Infographic: The Failed War on Drugs

The infographic below was created by Camille B. It speaks for itself.
Failed War On Drugs

For more on why the war on drugs, or the prohibition of any good or service for that matter, doesn’t work, look into Austrian Economics




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  • 1605

    Just legalize it, for Christ’s sake!

  • BigDaddy

    Nice info graph.

    A documentary by vanguard, showed legalizing drugs, showed decrease in usage for this one country that legalized all drugs, cocaine, heroin, meth and mdma, in which cut the rates of hiv/aids and or any other blood transferred diseases from being spread around by needles, also it cut the rate of costs on the failed war on drugs. Murder, home invasions, armed robbery rates was cut to an all time low as well. It was specified all in the video documentary.

    It all needs to be legalized in the USA.

    Some people drink booze and get hooked to it. Booze is legal. Some people do coc, heroin, meth and get hooked and they are illegal.

    The only difference between booze and the hard drugs if they were abused, is that, booze kills you slower and the harder drugs if abused kills you much faster by the hard usage.

    It makes no sense to have a war on drugs. What is ironic is that more people die by the war on drugs rather the usage of drugs itself.

    This could go on all day long explaining how much the war on drugs IS a failure.

  • The War On Drugs is wildly successful for law enforcement. It allows for the confiscation of any and all property, and allows for the police to become a literal occupying army that holds the entirely of the American populace hostage.

    The only losers are the American people, but who cares about them?

  • Otto Maddox

    As with any “war”.. the longer it goes on the more freedom is under attack.

    In typical big government fashion.. when something isn’t working they declare “We aren’t trying hard enough!” and they throw more money at the problem.

    But just try telling someone that drugs should be legal. They think you’re nuts. Even the people that will admit the “war” on drugs in a failure still don’t want to see it made legal. They just can’t make that jump.