Milwaukee Police At It Yet Again…(Video)


Milwaukee Police have had so many alleged incidents of police misconduct in recent months, the FBI has set up a hotline in Milwaukee soliciting accounts of civil rights violations. When the folks at MPD are not busy conducting illegal anal  cavity searches literally at the end of a gun barrel, it seems they are arresting people for filming their misconduct.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel exposed the above video 2 days prior to publishing an article today about yet more misreported crime statistics.  I can’t really blame the police for arresting so many individuals filming them. If I were a criminal hiding behind a piece of tin, I’d surely do the same thing. Here’s how the Journal reports the newest filming arrest:

Every week since the Sept. 23 release of a video that showed Derek Williams gasping for breath in the back of a Milwaukee police car, protesters from “Occupy the Hood” have marched in the streets.

For the first time Sunday, one of those marches resulted in arrests.

Police say the four people arrested were blocking traffic near N. 27th St. and W. Wisconsin Ave. Those arrested say that although they did march through the street, police accompanied them the whole way – a statement police confirmed. They were not arrested until about 15 minutes after the demonstration ended, the protesters said.

Cellphone video shot by one of the people arrested shows the protesters standing on the sidewalk as they are being taken into custody.

“We really, honestly, didn’t do anything. They was just doing it because we had been protesting earlier,” said Jasmine Washington, 24, who was ticketed for blocking traffic and resisting arrest.

She was walking to her car to leave when she was handcuffed, she said. She asked the officer why she was being arrested.

“He said it was because I stepped in the street,” Washington said.

Washington and two of the other people arrested, Khalil Coleman, 26, and Anthony Williams, 24, who made the recording, told the Journal Sentinel this version of events:

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Best of luck to our friends in Milwaukee. You have a long road ahead of you.



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