Exposing Cleveland, Ohio Police Officer Luis M. Rivera

By Davy V.

It’s no secret that a major part of what drives me as an activist and writer exposing police misconduct, corruption, and dirty cops is my Dad Mario Vara.

My Dad was a long-time community activist who for many years exposed the corrupt Rochester, NY Police department.

Having left Cuba with my mom and my brother in 1968, in search of a better life, my Dad was saddened to see that here, in the United States of America, a “free” country, the police could break into innocent people’s homes, abuse, beat, and in some cases even kill them.

And get away with it.

It reminded my Dad of his homeland.

However, unlike many people born here in the U.S., who take their rights for granted and who are complacent when it comes to standing up and denouncing injustices, my Dad did something.

He became active in the local community, attending meetings, organizing people, holding rallies and marches, but most importantly being a voice for those too afraid to speak out.

As a young teen, I recall my Dad’s passion.

It was contagious.

Unlike fake politicians who promise potential voters the world, while posing for photo-ops with babies, my Dad truly cared about people.

I admired my Dad so much.

He was real.

His passion to fight against, and expose injustices was genuine.

I began to help him, sometimes by making signs for different protest rallies, other times by simply accompanying him to meetings and rallies.

My Dad co-hosted a Spanish-language cable access television show called ‘La Voz del Pueblo’, (The Voice of the Town).

The show was another way for my Dad to educate and inform the community in Rochester, on issues varying from police misconduct to discrimination in the workplace.

But my Dad’s major thing was exposing police corruption and demanding accountability and action from City government, yes those same elected officials who at one point in time or another, promised the world to those who helped them get into office.

You see, my Dad had no problem calling those officials out, reminding them that they had a job to do, and demanding that they do it.

They hated him.

He was a thorn in their sides.

And no one hated my Dad more than the Rochester, NY Police department.

They hated that he was not afraid to stand up to them.

They hated that he rallied and inspired others to also stand up and get involved.

As a result of my Dad’s work, the Rochester Police department would constantly harass and intimidate him.

Sometimes on a daily basis.

With their intimidation tactics, the Rochester, NY Police department broke my Dad down in the worst way a person can be broken down.


Which is worse than any beating.

Unfortunately, my Dad fell into a very bad, deep depression and committed suicide, while me and my mom were home.

It’s something I have never gotten over, and despite what people say that things get better — they don’t.

My Dad wasn’t just my father, he was my best friend.

My Dad may be gone, but what he instilled in me, will forever be in me.

A relentless passion to stand up to injustices and corruption.

Like those committed by dirty, rogue cops.

The same ones who take an oath to serve and protect.

Luis M. Rivera aka “BuckNut”

Dirty, rogue cops like Cleveland, Ohio Police officer Luis M. Rivera, who used the “City of Cleveland Municipal Courts IP address, “”, during work hours, to post this comment:

BuckNut says:

November 14, 2012 at 1:12 am

Davy V. Your father was a coward who took the easy way out. Go cry a river to someone else. Nobody cares that suicide is a sensitive subject to you. Anyone who takes his or her own life is self centered and selfish including your father. The only way his action could be forgiven in my eyes is if he iced you before offing himself. Oh the pain  is unbearable… And Davy V. You know what they say…like father like son!!!

But officer Rivera didn’t stop there.


He also somehow got a hold of my personal email address and sent me this email:

fuck you go kill your self

fuck you go kill your self

fuck you go kill your self

fuck you go kill your self

fuck you go kill your self

fuck you go kill your self

fuck you go kill your self

fuck you go kill your self

And now, I get to do what I love to do.

Expose a dirty cop.

Cleveland, Ohio Police officer Luis M. Rivera.

Although officer Rivera made this personal, the reality is that this is so much more than about my Dad, Mario Vara and his memory.

Nothing officer Rivera or anyone else says about my Dad will change who he was.

A Great man.

This is about a police officer in the City of Cleveland, Ohio, who swore an oath to serve and protect.

A Cleveland Police officer who has been entrusted with the power and authority to make life and death decisions in his daily interactions with the citizens of Cleveland.

This is about the City of Cleveland, Ohio, not only the residents of the 2nd district where officer Luis Rivera works 3rd platoon, but also the need that City of Cleveland, Ohio officials, such as Police Chief Michael McGrath and Mayor Frank G. Jackson, take notice who they have on their police force.

After officer Rivera’s hurtful, insensitive, disgusting comments, not only about my Dad, but sending me a disturbing, 8 line, repetitive email telling me to kill myself, I shake my head when I think that this man is a police officer, on the streets of Cleveland, who in his capacity as a law enforcement officer, deals with mentally-ill, disturbed people.

Does the City of Cleveland, Ohio and its Police force really want a police officer who engages in this sort of behavior?

I intend to see this through and will not stop until action is taken against officer Luis M. Rivera.

In closing, I can’t help but think that Cleveland, Ohio Police officer Luis M. Rivera, who again works 3rd Platoon out of the City’s 2nd district, had no idea that his name, and photo, along with his disgusting, disturbing behavior, would be exposed not only to his City, family, friends and colleagues, but to the world.

On officer Rivera’s facebook page he lists his occupation as “Garbage Collector.”

I wonder what the City of Cleveland Ohio, Mayor Jackson and Police Chief McGrath have to say about having an officer like Rivera on the force, an officer who thinks so highly of his chosen profession, and the oath he swore.

Do Cleveland officials even care?

Cleveland, Ohio Police department Second District

(216) 623-5200  or  (216) 623-5220


Follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/davyvara


Davy V.

Davy V. is a Cuban-American Filmmaker, Video Producer, Photographer and Freelance Writer, best known for using the power of video and film to expose Police Brutality, Corruption and Misconduct.

The son of the late Mario Vara, a community activist who for years fought against Police Brutality and Misconduct in Rochester, New York, Davy V. got his start in Television and Video by tagging along and working camera for his father’s cable access television show, “La Voz Del Pueblo” (The Voice of The People).

Davy V. later went on to produce and host “KEEP IT ON THE REEL”, a cable access TV show with a mix of Hip Hop as well as issues affecting African-Americans and Latinos in Rochester, NY, such as Police Brutality and Misconduct. Some guests on the show included Treach, KayGee and Vinnie of Naughty by Nature, Method Man, Funkdoobiest, Da Youngstas, and the Rottin’ Razkals.

Davy V. won the U.S. ACM Video Festival Award for his Documentary, “R.P.D. EXPOSED!” about the Rochester, New York Police Department and their long history of misconduct, corruption and unnecessary killings of unarmed innocent citizens.
“R.P.D. EXPOSED!” and Davy V.’s follow up, “R.P.D.: Badges of DISHONOR, CORRUPTION and MURDER!” were both screened at the National Hip Hop Political Convention at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey.

Davy V.’s work has been featured in publications such as THE SOURCE Hip Hop Magazine, URBAN AMERICA Magazine, The Ave. Magazine, Insider Magazine, La Voz Newspaper, Minority Reporter Newspaper, CNY LATINO Newspaper, DOWN Magazine, as well as on television news stations, and programs such as CNN and Inside Edition.

In addition to his freelance writing, Davy V. also writes a monthly Op/Ed Column for LA VOZ Magazine and Minority Reporter Newspaper.

In June 2012, Davy V. joined Cop Block as a regular contributor.

  • John

    Interesting that he can’t spell a simple word like “yourself”, spellcheck mouth breather.

  • truth

    I hope he will lose his job!!!!!!! Thank you davy for calling out theses thugs

  • t.

    So, another Davy V. hatch job / baseless story. No facts, no information, just one guys biased opinion. Check.

  • BuckNut

    Very nice picture of me Davy. Thank you. Unfortunately, the only thing that’s going to be exposed is what a liar you are. While I understand your purpose in life is to incite negative emotion amongst your mindless flock im afraid you may have opened your mouth a little too much this time.

    If you think by posting my picture and where I work you’re going to scare me off you’re sadly mistaken. If you think by publicly accusing me of a crime im going away I have news for you my friend. You have a bigger problem than you think. While I do not deny and stand by everything I posted, accusing me of privately emailing you is another story. See Davy Im a real man. I don’t need to write lies like you have to have people follow me. That my friend is cowardly. Remember the apple? Point proven.

    So Davy, don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t stand on your soapbox and preach about the constitution and how “dirty rogue cops” violate them then in the same breath tell me I can’t have an opinion because your feelings were hurt. Take your skirt off alice and man up.

    In closing it would be in your best interest to edit your article. Like I stated, if you want to keep what I posted on there its fine by me. Once again I don’t deny it and I stand by it. You better remove the lie about emailing you. If you refuse my lawyer will be getting into contact with you. If you think im bluffing call me. Im all in.


    Luis M. Rivera
    Cleveland Police Department
    2nd District
    C Platoon

  • BuckNut

    And btw Davy…”yourself” is one word…if you’re going to spew a lie about me at least make it grammatically correct. Lol

  • pedro

    what an ass this cops seems to be, why would he even care what anyone here has to say ,, must not have much of a life,,,only a creep pig like rivera woul say stupid shit about some ones dad like that,,and we all know who the real cowards are,,men who run in packs and walk all over citizens rights,,,,,get off this site piggy and troll around policeone where your views are wanted

  • BuckNut


    Once again much like davy you want to throw around the “rights” term. You mention how I “walk all over them.” What is it you’re trying to do to me Pedro? Am I not afforded those same rights on this site? Or is it because my views don’t coincide with yours?

    It just goes to show how ignorant you people are. And why is it that none of you can make an intelligent argument without resorting to name calling and vulgarity? Lol. While you’re at it throw in a period. Lol.

    And finally Pedro. Don’t be a hypocrite like davy. Heed your own advice. Why are you commenting on what I have to say. Why are worrying about it? Davy and I are big boys. Im pretty sure we can handle this on our own without the interference of you. Worry about yourself.

  • rick

    “The only way his action could be forgiven in my eyes is if he iced you before offing himself.”

    Thank you folks! I’m here all week!

  • Hector Morales

    @Officer Rivera. Ima start off by saying I don’t have the best grammar, you can criticize it all you want. But talking shit about someone’s father, that is indeed a bitch move Mr. Manly guy with fuckin grammar. Just cause your a cop doesn’t make you a man. Well I hope god gives you a taste of the feelings you hurt pussy boy

  • pedro

    whatever pig,,,i just wanted to get a reaction out of you to see what other stupid things would come out of you,,,who cares about grammer in this forum,,,,im not writinbg a english paper dip shit,lol,,,but that was pretty muchh the respons i expected from an ass like you,,,i never said you couldnt say assinine things all you want ,,,i said it was typical that a facist pig like you would say nast things about someones father like that,,,and now am wondering if your last comment to worry about myself was some form of a threat,,,i hope your boss is reading as well…… there ,there are a few periods for you

  • Tom


    You’re an idiot. You have no free speech “rights” on this site. This site is the private property of owner(s) and they allow you the privilege of posting here presumably because with every word you speak you prove yourself to petty, thuggish, and stupid.

    Your legal threats are as impotent as you are. (Now just so you don’t get your panties in a bunch, these statements are hyperbole, a form of protected speech). So go ahead and pay some lawyer to send a nasty gram to Davy. I will work pro bono just for the pleasure of bitchslaping whatever toothless threats your lawyer sends. And if you’re actually stupid enough to file a lawsuit in federal court expect rule 11 sections and costs.

    Finally, before you do something stupid go to the popehat blog and read up on the “Streisand Effect” you’re inviting your stupidity to be broadcast on even more widely read channels. The best legal advice you could get right now is to stop acting like an idiot on the internet, be the bigger man and walk away from this before it really blows up in your face.

  • Tom

    Rule 11 “sanctions”

  • Tom

    Gotta love the Streisand Effect.


    Filing a baseless lawsuit is only going to make this worse Luis. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streisand_effect

  • certain

    1st Amendment, everybody does have a right to say what they like, or express their own opinion. That said, making a comment such as the cop did about “icing” the kid before killing himself, while absolutely his opinion that he is free to express, indicates a level of hatred and emotional instability that has no place on any police department. A lack of empathy is a sure sign of things not being set up exactly right in the old mental toolbox. It doesn’t matter what the other guy says or does. That doesn’t drive the response. The level of maturity and stability in the response is the telling factor.

  • busta nut

    BuckNut needs to be held down and tazered in the nutsack….just sayin :-)

  • wiguy

    I believe what copper said would be considered “fighting words.”

  • Eli Grey

    @ bucknut

    I hope someone bucks shots at your cruiser and catches you in the
    neck, just so you bleed out slow. Cops like you are the reason that
    other cops get blasted on. Probably got your ass whipped too many times growing up and now you’re getting your “payback” on anyone
    you want. PunkAss Bitch. Come to Philly where Police get served on the regular, I don’t think you’ll be acting half as hard.

  • kpr

    Funny how cops are famous for eating their own service weapons.

    My guess is, from Rivera’s response, is that he’s contemplated using his own weapon on himself. I’d never urge any human to kill him or herself, but in Rivera’s case I’d recommend he turn himself in for some serious psychological counseling. Further, he should never be granted a weapon; either as a cop or a citizen. The man is sick in the skull.

  • wiguy

    This cop has implored on copblock. I like mysoginistic “skirt”statement personally. This incident will haunt this man for life.

  • wiguy


  • Jack Jones

    @bucknut excuse me officer Rivera in what world do you think it is alright to talk to another human being the way you have. It disgusts me to hear the words you’ve written. I have lost a best friend and brother to suicide and its been extremely hard dealing with his loss. Hearing what you have said is not only upsetting but revolting as well. Would you be able to show your wife, your kids, your mother the words you have written on this page with the same pride you’ve taken in making Davy V. feel like dirty. I hope not. If you are a real man like you say you are, learn some class and treat the dead and living with respect.

  • paul

    Rivera, get a life, dude. Disgusting tact, talking about someone’s deceased family like that. You never even met the man. Who’s the real coward? I’d love to meet you personally. Who abused you as a child? Your father? A drunk uncle? What made you decide to take a job with the enforcement division of the corporatocracy? In my experience, only violent sociopaths pursue your lousy, extortion-funded job. I don’t envy your job. I don’t want your job. I hate your job. You have one of the most useless professions ever. Steal money to buy guns and shoot the people you steal from. Only a sociopath could sleep at night knowing he has imprisoned, beaten, or abused people for victimless acts. Do yourself a favor, and the rest of the world, and get some councilling and a new job. One that’s not so dangerous to yourself and others.

  • Ken W

    Sick. I will personally be calling to implore the city to fire this dirtbag. Not the type of disposition that should be out serving and protecting.

  • Joe

    Hey lil sizzler if you talked shit about my father like that to me, they’d have to call up the bagpipes and a hurse. The level of your disrespect is completely protected by law, however is completely unbecoming of an officer. You need therapy or to find a different job, one where you do not enforce the law and protect and serve the citizens that have awarded you special rights in order to protect them. Your hateful bias is horrifying and unprofessional. Not to mention downright dangerous, don’t you have a family you’re worried about leaving with no one to support them? Talking big talk will reveal just how small you are when you realize that a baseball bat does just as much damage to you as it does to anyone else

  • Rachel

    Don’t worry my friend..there is a higher justice he will not escape..the dark comes to the light ALWAYS! Stay strong!

  • d0nj3nko

    So sorry Davy for your loss… Keep up the good work exposing scum like bucknuts no nuts! I hope you take this in the right way but this all may be a good thing as what has happened, hopefully will do us all a favor when he is removed from his position and left to the mercy of the “garbage” (his friends, family and neighbors) as he so nicely puts it. God bless us all.

  • Eric Olsen

    WAIT A SECOND..A PIG..A FUCKING PIG IS CALLING ANOTHER PERSON A ”COWARD?” .BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!.Y ou grown up tattletales are the EMBODIMENT of what a ”coward” is.You fucking snitch…you tell..you need ”backup” you are so horrified of life you need gun..body armor..mace..lol and again ”BACKUP” your a straight bitch.all pigs are pussy.With out all your shit you wouldnt even look someone in the eyes..YOU JUMP PPL IN CUFFS..EXPLAIN HOW YOUR NOT A COWARD YOU DUMB MOTHERFUCKER.I hope you lose your job pig.Youll end up working at walmart pig. And as for your dumb comment..”garbage collector”
    I hope someone blows your head off in a traffic stop..lol POP=POP ON A COP!
    I just cant see how you tattletales dare call others names..esp a coward…lol. YOU USED TO SNITCH RUN GO TELL ON CLASS MATES IN THE FIRST GRADE IF THEY CUT THE LUNCH LINE…”TEACHER!!!! HES CUTTING THE LINE!!!” lol you know its true..youd get an extra gold start next to your name and who have to run and hide on your way home from school because everyone wanted your head.So you grew up with a massive power trip complex…and became a pig.SECOND.PIGS LEED IN SUICIDE..SO IDK WTF YOUR SAYING..PIGS KILL THEM SELF’S MORE THEN ALMOST ANY OTHER PROFESSION..FROM STREET PIGS…TO CO PIGS..lol In closing im gunna call and ask why this pos is still working..and pig..i hope someone in your family dies of cancer soon :)

  • Robo

    Conduct unbecoming a police officer. I have friends and family in law enforcement and they recognize that the behavior by this cop is everything that makes citizens hate the police. Encouraging someone to kill themselves, which in many localities is a crime. Stating that someone did the wrong thing in not murdering their child when committing suicide? What kind of a sick sociopath thinks this way. Suicide is a crime against self and victimless. Murder is completely different. This scumbag has proven himself to be less than human and not fit to protect and serve.

  • steven gott II

    Badges don’t grant extra rights

  • truth

    Funny how bucknut has shit to say now!!!!

  • wiguy

    Thanks for bringing so many people to our cause bucknut!

  • wiguy

    Now on to David Lister.

  • Dr Kranknstein

    @ Certain…Well said.

  • Jean

    +1 to our Philly friend – I’m from Jersey, been to NYC and Philly often, until recently (1 year in Boston). Once you get past the cold and the unreasonable searches, not too bad here… but nothing like Jersey, NYC, or Philly. (Lived for a while in DC, too. Equally awfull.)

    Cleveland? Reputation is, it’s an ugly shit-hole. But it’s a city, the detritus always gathers there. OTOH…. A Cop in CLEVELAND acts this way?
    Well… http://www.neighborhoodscout.com/oh/cleveland/crime/ indicates it’s safer than 2% of the cities in the US, so maybe there’s a reason. OTOH, “professional misconduct” seems about right…

    My thought is, and has been for a while, that cops aren’t paid enough. for what they DO deal with, they should be paid more. And the revenue-stream shit should stop: Speeding, seatbelts, DUI checkpoints, Stop-and-search, etc, etc, etc. The crap, basically. Cops should be johnny-on-the-spot for shootings, assaults, murders, etc. And invisible the rest of the time. No need for SWAT to come in at 3 AM to deliver a warrant. No need for busting people for doing drugs. OTOH, if a druggie does something vile (see above), the drug isn’t an excuse, and if they happen to die from injuries on the way in, well… Who the F cares? (I will separate “druggie” from marijuana users, but opium, heroin, crack, PCP, LSD, cocaine, X, meth, all a problem. Casual user who does a hit is also not a druggie, they hit druggie when they’re addicted. And punish for the CRIME, not the drug. Armed robbery = prison term, to buy drugs = extra 5 years, forced addiction recovery, anti-drugs for life, whenever possible. Like an alcoholic or IIRC Methadone user gets something which will make them violently ill if they take more drugs. Problem being medical issues, I guess – opiates used for pain relief, for example.)

    As for BuckNut – people “out there” have a name, a confirmation of your involvement, an admission of guilt; on the internet? We can find you, dumb@$$. It’s already part of the article, we know who you are, where you frequent, where to find you.
    How long before some fruitcake decides to up it a level or two? Follow your car, find your habits, maybe meet you in a bar… Or decide you need to hurt like others do?

    People are (I like to think) mostly good – but if you abuse a dog long enough, it bites. It fears the stick, but sometimes figures it can get away with the attack.
    Keep beating us like dogs, someone’s going to come looking for you. Whether it’s a sane person beaten or a crazy fruitloop with an axe to grind is irrelevant. Result is the same.

    So grow up, or ship out. If you’re too dumb to protect yourself, protect your family… There ARE evil people out there.

  • Common Sense

    1st Amendment’s a bitch isn’t it…

    The clowns post repeatedly about shooting cops and the like, but whoa, a self labeled cop posts something and you get all upset. Liberals/Socialists can say what they want and wrap it in the 1st Amendment, but some cop (if its actually the cop in question) says something, you call for their job, charges or their head. Just think, the ACLU would even the back the cop if he was termed. Irony at its best.

  • truth

    @ common sense
    For the average citizen your right but not for someone who is supposed to stop murder from happening! Use your screen name idiot and understand he wished his father to murder his son! So if this pig wants to talk all the shit he wants I am all for that but he needs to turn his badge and gun over first. He can not condone murder and wish for it and be a police officer! But you pigs think you can that is why the system needs to change as well as the culture. THE ONLY IRONIC THING IS YOU USING THE NAME COMMON SENSE

  • Ronald

    @CS you’re such a cliche imbecile.

    Socialists and liberal do not hide behind 1st amendment. On the contrary, socialists and liberals would be harshly against using the 1st amendment to protect hate speech.

    Personal attacks and threatening messages would be strictly prohibited if this country was setup and run by socialists. Thankfully for you and that other idiot police officer, it’s not. The only irony here is that you’re too stupid to realize when you’re the one acting like the supposed “liberal” you deplore.

    It’s pretty clear that this police officer needs to be psychologically evaluated and retrained. This guy at best sounds unprofessional, and at worst, it seems the elevators doesn’t go all the way to top. If we are to entrust this individual with weapons and arresting powers, we better make he’s psychologically stable.

  • Pig Hunter

    “Pigs” are really pigs… this story does not surprise me in the least.

    The only people I know that became pigs were social outcasts and academic winners rocking a D- average in high school…. rejects that worked at places like business depot for years before deciding they wanted some respect in their lives.

    All we can do is make their jobs as difficult as possible. Seat belt check on an on ramp… they wave you to slow down…boost to 25psi piglet. I’m not making your job easier. Pull my ass over pig! Just one example.

  • wow

    Sounds like Vallejo, CA P lawlessness /b.s. Here, if they don’t like you, u get killed BC some made up story about a mystery witness stating suspect had a gun, he pulled a metal wallet on me or threatened my life by pulling up his pants, he ran or looked like a gang member sitting in front of his house, in order to justify the barrage of bullets that follow. I think they killed 6 just last year alone. Look up Jared Huey on YouTube if u want to see what they did to a 17yr old token white boy so no one could say they were discriminating. Cop reached gun over fence to blow his limbs off his body as he pleaded don’t shoot. A scared little boy who they were all hyped up after a chase. Even sherrifs creeping up to him were in shock over it as were the witnesses recording! Another loose cannon like the one described here. Its hard to fathom these are the “good guys” anymore.

  • the real human experience

    Rivera is the epitome of a Bitch. he’s small, weak and hides behind that little metal badge. he’s about as tall as a spare tire on a Volkswagen. he’s a drunk, who’d financially unstable…a womanizer, drinks on the job… when he IS on the job, he’s horrible…. most of us colleagues don’t like him… typical short man syndrome. he’s just “a body” protected by a union. one of the dirtiest, shameless little men I know. I can’t believe HE hasn’t killed HIMSELF! oh, horrible father too.. does not see his children…. even if he did, they all HATE him. all 5, seriously… someone was dumb enough to have 5 with him. fucking shame. we can’t stand working with him.