PPD Harassing Open Carriers Again: Captured on Video

The following was submitted by Andrew Shemo who originally posted it at LibertyThinkers.com.

I guess the Philadelphia Police Department hasn’t learned its lesson with respect to open carriers from previous incidents I reported about here and here in the past.

A recent video has surfaced on youtube where an open carrier was stopped by the PPD as he was about to walk into a barber shop to get his hair cut.  In the video, the open carrier mentioned that he’s been going to the same barber shop for a while without the owner of the barber shop complaining about him carrying a firearm into his establishment.  During the video, the cop kept pushing his own thoughts as to whether or not open carry is the right thing to do or not, as to deter someone from carrying how they want.  Also, during the video, the cop kept suggesting that carrying hollow points in the state of Pennsylvania was illegal (which it’s not to my knowledge).  Browsing through the UFA (uniform firearms act), I could not find any mention of hollow points being illegal.

Philly.com ran an article on the issue.

One officer says, “I should have pulled my gun out on you, technically.”





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  • 1605

    Just some thoughts as I’m watching these cops interact with a person they serve:


    Suppose you’re a bad guy? You are!

    Cop one, ok. Cop two = Dick “Don’t call me officer.”???

    LOL, these hoods should be embarrassed. They want to know how this guy knows all these laws. Jesus. How do they NOT know these laws?

    The videographer talked too much. We all need to work on the question game. Answer questions with questions only.

    Most important question, “Am I required to answer that?”

    “All conversation is ceased” so shut the fuck up.

    What has a bigger element of surprise, concealed carry or open carry? These two thugs in PPD costumes are foolish oppressors.

  • DKSuddeth

    yet another example of cops KNOWING open carry is completely legal, yet under color of law, trying to prevent the exercise of a right.

  • James Barnes

    Typical public trustee behavior today, and if this so called officer had killed this young man, of course he would have been “investigated” by his own and shown to be justified for what is in fact breaking the law. This crap has to stop. thank for reporting all this guys. Cato carrys a lot of good statistics on stuff like this also.

  • shawn

    What is with the idiotic questions about ammo? If the cops is so concerned with gun laws, spend a few minutes away from Dunkin Doughnuts and research it himself.

    This is about nothing more than cops don’t like the laws, and think they have to right to deny people a legal activity through harassment. They dress it up with all kind of what ifs. We’ll what if the guy carrying a gun an in a police uniform isn’t really a cop. Maybe you should stop him too, just to be sure. After all, you never know. But they ignore the reverse logic, as they know it sounds just as stupid as assuming an armed person is a danger. He is no more a danger open carrying, than concealed. Less of one, since criminals don’t usually advertise their weapon before committing a crime.

    I get that they think it’s stupid. I get that many here think it is stupid. But lots of things are stupid and legal. Cops aren’t payed to decide what we can and can not do. We’ll tell you what those are when we vote.

  • wiguy

    The cop keeps escalating the situation with the high pitched voice and gestures. All he had to do is know the law. I would think there would be a desire to understand laws your are employed to enforce. Pure incompetence.

  • John Q Public

    That cop was not the brightest guy. I don’t know what the laws in Pennsylvania are, but wow. I guess he’ll learn the law after that embarrasment.

  • I grew up in and around the freemason cesspool that is known as Philadelphia, but was able to escape back in the early 2000’s. Cant say I miss that city one little bit.

  • Steve in Iowa

    @ 9:06. Disrespectful? They asked questions, that he’s under no obligation to answer, cop #2 says so at 9:12. He’s calm, cool and collected and the cop is calling him disrespectful? The cops are being disrespectful to the citizens because they do not know the laws they’re being paid to enforce. Couple of low IQ wanna-be’s.

  • Jean

    Cops are not expected to know the law, I think – because KNOWING the law, especially beyond the obvious resource grabs (IE, speeding, parking tickets, signal violations), it gets expensive – and then they WOULD have “discretion”. (Example, in NJ recently, the law was changed from a situation of “officer’s discretion” to mandatory ticketing. If you are pulled over for something on Day A, you can be released with a warning; but if you are pulled over a second time, you MUST be issued a ticket. Not 100% sure it’s the same offence, which would at least make sense. Regardless, the officer is removed from the decision-making process, resulting in more of a “jack-booted thug” appearrance. How to win hearts and minds, I’ll tell ya…)

    Anyway: what the grilling is really about, is testing to see if the “SUSPECT” knows the law – determines how much he might resist, or how much he might be able to operate pro se, whether he has clue regarding his rights, whether he will stand up for them, or submit to police “authority.”

    In other words, it’s power trip and harassment, nothing more. like if you’re pulled over for speeding, you’re forced to wait an extra 20+ minutes, “to make sure the lesson sticks.”

  • unclezip

    “I don’t mind where people make love, as long as they don’t do it in the street and frighten the horses.” – B.T. Campbell

    I’m not advocating either side of open carry (I do only on my property), but the compliant media has made the “normal” citizen very wary/fearful of anyone but a uniformed officer open carrying a weapon. In other words, you are “frightening the horses”.

  • John Q Public

    unclezip, you are right about that. But there are a lot of crazy folks shooting up malls and movie theaters so of course the media is going to grab it and run. To the media, sensationalism = dollars.

  • Steve H.

    I would have told the leo the same thing that leos like to tell us:

    “If you don’t like the law, get your legislators to change it.”

  • frew

    Just more proof of the ignorance of police. He should of put all 14 rounds in that ignorant pig. Death to the tyrants!

  • mark edward marchiafava

    Did you sue these rogue cops?

  • Otto Maddox

    The mere presence of a gun, where it is legal to carry one openly, cannot be the only reason to stop someone.

    This is clearly the case of the police wanting to be the only guys on the street with a firearm.

    It’s the definition of hypocracy for someone with a gun on their hip to tell you to hide yours.

    While I know it’s frustrating to deal with police officers who are ignorant of the law it’s still best to not get into debates with them. Remain silent, ask to leave. Talking to the police never helps you.

    I do think it’s funny how they wanted you to stop talking. “Conversation has ceased.” You were making them look bad because you knew the law better than they did.

    And whatever you do, don’t call a police officer “officer”. Apprantly they don’t like that. I hope this cop’s buddies all watch this video and make fun of him. He really didn’t handle this stop very well.

  • Citizen K

    I love the way the first “officer” keeps referring to his service in military as if that automatically qualifies him to be a super cop, well I think not, if in his feeble mind he can’t distinguish between a citizen exercising his right and a potential criminal in the act of committing a crime (not thinking about it) but actually committing a crime then he needs to find another job, secondly, this country is not a war zone as much as they would like it to be and his judgement must be brought into question. In other words, sue these pricks for impersonating a police officer as they don’t know the law, and in the birthplace of true liberty, what a shame! This is what happens when slavery becomes the rule and not the exception.