PPD Harassing Open Carriers Again: Captured on Video

The following was submitted by Andrew Shemo who originally posted it at LibertyThinkers.com.

I guess the Philadelphia Police Department hasn’t learned its lesson with respect to open carriers from previous incidents I reported about here and here in the past.

A recent video has surfaced on youtube where an open carrier was stopped by the PPD as he was about to walk into a barber shop to get his hair cut.  In the video, the open carrier mentioned that he’s been going to the same barber shop for a while without the owner of the barber shop complaining about him carrying a firearm into his establishment.  During the video, the cop kept pushing his own thoughts as to whether or not open carry is the right thing to do or not, as to deter someone from carrying how they want.  Also, during the video, the cop kept suggesting that carrying hollow points in the state of Pennsylvania was illegal (which it’s not to my knowledge).  Browsing through the UFA (uniform firearms act), I could not find any mention of hollow points being illegal.

Philly.com ran an article on the issue.

One officer says, “I should have pulled my gun out on you, technically.”





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