San Diego Sheriff’s Department to Obtain Drones

Increasingly, police become militarized (more here and here). Police would have you believe that it’s because the world is becoming more and more dangerous, but that’s likely not the case. When 40,000 new laws are passed each year, it becomes harder and harder for the ordinary person to not be a criminal. The frivolous and dangerous war on drugs continues to rage on, wasting lives and taxpayer money.

The police lovers out there can rest assured, the lives wasted are not those of police, for the most part. They are ordinary, harmless, unsuspecting Americans such as Eurie Stamps and Jose Guerena – or somewhat insolent teenagers with a bit of weed in their pocket, such as Ramarley Graham. And the money wasted certainly isn’t of any harm to police. They waste your money enforcing bogus laws to pad their paycheck and ensure job security.

If a cop beats you, it’s because you deserved it. If you beat a cop, it’s battery on a peace officer, with harsher penalties. When a cop kills you, it’s because you deserved it. When you kill a cop, it’s a homicide of a peace officer with harsher penalties. You know, because obviously, they are of a higher class of human being than the rest of us. Murdering Mother Teresa and kindergarten teachers is just ordinary homicide, but god forbid you kill a cop!

Resisting arrest charges, which exist in most of the 50 states (except 10 or 11 of them) effectively assume an individual is guilty, and assume that police officers are flawless. It’s all in the name of “safety” and “order,” and it seems Americans have no limit to their tolerance for invasive, police-state type intrusions.

Now they are trying to obtain drones. According to RT, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department is “now under fire for not being forthcoming with the facts about its own plans for UAVs.” Brandon Weiber of MuckRock filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to shed light on the purpose of drone acquisition. The San Diego Sheriff’s Department did not provide responses explaining any motivations in acquiring drones, although responses from the Seattle Police Department implied that a sales quote for a drone was sent to San Diego (see here). RT further reports,

The Federal Aviation Administration expects as many as 30,000 surveillance drones to be hovering in America’s airspace by the end of the decade, but little information is publicly known about unmanned aerial vehicles, except for their use overseas where they’re equipped with high-tech fire power, transforming them into remote controlled killing machines.

That would be your taxpayer money going to a bunch of psychopaths with more dangerous toys than they could possibly ever need, so that they can buy more dangerous toys that they won’t possibly ever need, but most certainly will play with. And they don’t want you to know about it.

They have tanks, assault rifles, and now drones, all while they forcibly disarm citizens. Just look to how cops, who themselves are armed to the teeth, freak out when ordinary citizens carry guns peacefully. They increasingly support laws that forbid people from having guns, or even knives, and when crime inevitably rises because people are forcibly prevented from defending themselves, they claim this is why they need more of your money, more guns, more tanks, more drones, and why people should further be disarmed.

When will enough be enough?

Georgia Sand

Georgia (George) Sand is an attorney located in sunny California. She enjoys beer, jogging, the beach, music, and chatting with her cats in her spare time.