11 Year old sues the NYPD after arrest

It seems like the NYPD is starting to place fear and hate into little girls now. Last year a then 3rd grade girl got into a fight with another student. Although there was no injury’s the school called the NYPD to investigate. In a complete overreaction to a simple school fight the officers handcuffed the then 10 year old and dragged her out of the school and off to jail.

Once at the jail she was chained to a wall for hours, interrogated and denied the right to see her parents or legal counsel. She was also searched but was never charged with a crime. I assume charging a 10 year old with felony assault or disturbing the peace is not good for PR. She was released to her mother a couple of hours later.

The girl’s lawyer, Steven H. Goldman, said that since the incident, s the girl has now lost all trust in the police and anyone with authority. She has spent almost every night in tears reliving and thinking about the fear and terror the police instilled in her. I guess the NYPD is training their officers to scare children at a young age like the boogie man or a scary clown so they will be easier to deal with when they grow up.

Should police officers be arresting our children for something that should be handled by the school or parents? It’s usually the ones that were traumatized at a young age that grow up having problems so I can see how a lawsuit is appropriate in this case. And although the lawsuit is for an undisclosed amount I hope this little girl wins and goes on to live a normal life.



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