Jury Finds NYPD guilty of having quotas

Article provided by The Perecman Firm

A Brooklyn jury recently ruled that New York Police Department quotas are real, and they definitely motivate and affect NYPD officers’ arrests. New York civil rights violation lawyer David Perecman is unsurprised by the jury declaration. The NYPD has been involved with allegations of quotas and police misconduct for years.

What is unusual is that indisputable proof of NYPD higher-ups encouraging the use of quotas now exists. This proof includes recordings of station meetings, leaked documents, and statements from disgruntled officers.

The potentially ground-breaking decision came in a civil trial brought by Carolyn Bryant, 46, who sued the NYPD for injuring her during a 2006 arrest. During the police brutality in New York City related trial, there was a question posed to the jury of whether the police had a policy “regarding the number of arrests officers were to make that violated plaintiff’s constitutional rights and contributed to her arrest.” The panel of six individuals said, “Yes.”

Requiring NYPD officers to conduct a certain number of arrests each month can increase the frequency of civil rights violations in New York. Police who are pressured to meet certain goals can end up stopping people unnecessarily. Police trying to make their quotas have even been known to falsely arrest people, holding them and then creating charges later.

“As you can possibly imagine, using a quota system is not a good way for any police force to run. Many injustices and civil right violations can result from a quota system in New York,” civil rights violation lawyer Perecman said.

Police quotas are also illegal under New York state law.

“There is good reason that quotas are illegal. They are not in the interest of the public good is that it promotes police abuse of power. Under a quota system, an officer may feel pressured to write a ticket for an invalid reason. In New York, civil rights violations, “lawyer Perecman said, “are taken seriously.”

It is important to note that despite the jury verdict in Bryant’s police-brutality case, a city lawyer said, “The New York City Police Department does not use quotas.”

“When quota systems affect the work of police officers, they affect the relationships and reputation of the NYPD in the community. These types of practices cause anger and distrust,” said New York civil rights violation lawyer Perecman.

If the New York Police Department penalizes officers who fail to meet the quotas, it is a violation of state labor law.

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