Welcomes Larken Rose

Greetings, readers of CopBlock. Based on the fine work that the guys here are doing, trying to expose and reverse the police state lunacy that now infects this land, I’ve agreed to become a regular contributor to this web site.


Some of you might know me from my “adventures” with the federal extortion racket (IRS, DOJ, etc.), and some might know me from my books (“How To Be a Successful Tyrant,” “The Iron Web,” etc.). But my focus here will revolve mainly around the real-world effects of the most dangerous superstition: the belief in “authority”–which happens to be the focus of my latest book.

Let me begin by saying this: “Fascists are people too.” The bad news is, people in power (cops, legislators, judges, etc.) are usually morally confused, completely brainwashed, delusional and psychologically messed up people, and are often personally sadistic, vindictive and malicious. The good news is that understanding what makes would-be masters tick can show us how to minimize the damage they do to humanity–and maybe even occasionally convert one or two back into rational human beings.

And I mean exactly that. Those who imagine themselves to be agents of “authority” are irrational and deluded, and incapable of seeing reality as it is. They live their lives in a perpetual hallucination, imagining a world where they have the right to rule, and where the rest of us are morally obligated to grovel at their feet. They do not view themselves as mere mortals, but as part of a superhuman entity which is exempt from basic morality. Sadly, many of their VICTIMS share in this delusion.

But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. Rather than trying to give a comprehensive treatise here on the psychoses of “government” enforcers, I’ll be writing articles now and then about real-world examples of oppression via “authority,” addressing how and why they happen, and how we might be able to STOP them from happening. After all, while screaming “fascist pig!” is fun, it takes a bit more than that to create a fascist-free world. So we’ll play doctor, analyzing the causes of, and the remedies for, the societal disease known as tyranny. (And occasionally scream “fascist pig!” along the way.)


*Note Added by Ademo* Feel free to check out Larken’s YouTube page and website.


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