Man Pays Ransom with Pennies, Demonstrates Disdain for Legitimized Theft

Taxes are theft. Think about it – do you want to hand over coin that you earned to a stranger simply because such an action is demanded?

Much like the ransom note that you might receive from someone wearing a badge, it’s not due to a sense of gratefulness that you might acquiesce but because of the implicit threat. The “or else” ramifications.

It was that rationale that caused North Carolina resident and Carolinas Cop Block founder Clyde Voluntaryist to pay the property tax fee associated with his vehicle. But instead of just cutting a check for the total amount, he first stopped by his bank, where he picked-up the total – in pennies.

If you find yourself with a ransom note for possessing a plant someone claims is “illicit” or for a vehicle “infraction” or any number of other victimless actions, consider sitting the time. By doing so, you won’t help to finance your local organized criminal gang, and in fact, will lessen their resources.

If you can’t sit the time, offer to donate the same amount to a charity or cause that you support.

If you’re told that’s not permissible, and you decide to pay the bribe to prevent future harassment, doing so with pennies is a low-risk way to demonstrate that you do not support their institution based on coercion.

Just imagine if 10% of ransom notes were paid as such…

If taxation without consent is not robbery, then any band of robbers have only to declare themselves a government, and all their robberies are legalized.
-Lysander Spooner


UPDATE: 2012.11.28

William Toler covered this story at Carolinas Cop Block covered this story: as did WCTI out of North Carolina:

Pete Eyre

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