Marion County: Police Shoot Unarmed Man in the Back, No Charges Filed

Police shoot unarmed man in the back, no charges filed against officers Lauren Miley and Norman Brown. Marion County Florida 2012



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  • t.

    Why would anyone think there should be charges against Brown?

  • DKSuddeth

    as much as a stickler that I am about holding cops accountable, why would you expect charges at all?

  • arthur berg

    those kops need bullets in the back of their heds

  • certain

    Maybe since he was backing off when she shot him?

  • Its obviously easier to use a fast bullet when the two fat asses could never have run him down.


    t. shines again as another cop-sucking death monger.

  • underoath

    Don’t resist arrest and actively attack two police officers. Its a tragedy all the way around but the guy had a chance to run and instead came back for more. Not a smart decision…

  • Common Sense

    Tragic as though it may be, it was justified. Oh, and you were wrong about where he was shot (once again).

    An article from released transcripts…

    “…Brown was still on the ground and Miley pulled her firearm and shot Salvato once in the abdomen. Miley said she felt Brown was injured to the point he wasn’t able to assist her and she was on her own dealing with Salvato, so she shot him, fearing for her life, according to the transcript.

    Brown, who apparently didn’t realize Salvato had been shot, managed to get up and used a Taser on Salvato. Brown said he did it to stop Salvato and to make him get on the ground.

    Salvato died by the time medical personnel arrived on scene…”

  • Eh

    She spontaneously over reacted and let the tazer slip her mind and went straight for her weapon.

    See how much pussies they are behind their badges?

    Really, criminal Lauren Miley? Bring a gun to a fist fight? You should not be on the tax payers pay roll.

    This is completely ridiculous.

    So, a citizen fist fights thugs with guns, badges and a vest x2, the citizen gets the death penalty, but thugs with guns, badges and a vest x250, fist fights a citizen [beating on activists or people in general], the citizen gets the short end of the stick and the cops don’t get the death penalty?

    This at all make any fucking sense?

    Who ever said this was justified needs their head examined.

    Justified is weapon vs weapon, which ever side won at the time, cop or person, is justified.

  • pedro

    discusting fat ass pigs,,,shot an unarmed man the tased him while he suffered with a gut wound,,,they are pathetic,,,hope the next time it is them that gets a bullet

  • mike

    Common, I have your card all ready to be addressed. Please post your name and address so it gets to you on time.

  • John

    That FAT BITCH is as lazy as her cohorts. How can running away be a treat????

  • Did common sense just say “Tragic as though it may be”? Dude, what the hell happened to you? You have gone totally soft, and are not even remotely amusing anymore. Please kill yourself immediately.

    Anyhow, pretty quick escalation on the part of the bloated cow, I mean female police officer. I guess at some point cops will just shoot motorists on the side of the road as soon as they approach their vehicle. Only way to be safe, after all. Because the Founding Fathers clearly stated that the safety and security of police officers comes before all other considerations or “freedoms”.

  • t.

    ***based solely on this video***
    @ certain: Again another demonstration of your non thinking. If she shot him….why should / would he be charged?

    I’ll wait (this ought to be an incredibly stupid answer).

  • John

    As usual Common Sense is always is lacking, Fat bitch discharged her pistol at a person running away from the confrontation. Shot him in the back, then the other fatass tasered him. How fucked up can these cops be?? These assholes may not be charged criminally but will loose civilly…This is a perfect example of stupid untrained police that kill w/o retribution……..

  • John

    All I can say this is more proof the FDLE is one of the worse in the nation.

  • Chris Mallory

    So, if a citizen fears for his life due to being approached by an aggressive armed gang member, can he shoot said gang member with no consequences?

    Cops are nothing but members of the largest gang in town. They are all dangerous to citizens. Much more so than “criminals”.

    Disarm the cops for a safer America.

  • unclezip

    Hey common, I thought I got rid of you. How’s that pedo uncle you’re living with?

  • BigPoppaAZ

    Tragedy, plain and simple. This LEO forced fatality is the result of poor training, poor personal interaction, and poor physical fitness on the part of Marion Country Sheriff’s office. The community as a whole, should expect more from those who claim “Serving with Honor”

    As reported in The Gainseville Sun, – Transcripts on fatal shooting by deputy released –

    “While the grand jury didn’t indict the deputies, the report pointed out lessons and recommendations that the MCSO should adopt.

    Among some of the highlighted lessons were the deputies not using the proper technique in handcuffing Salvato, the quick discharge of the deputy’s firearm — even though grand jurors say they understood her reasoning for firing the shot — and the continued discharge of the Taser after Salvato was on the ground and in handcuffs.”

    COPBLOCK STAFF/Volunteers – In order for this site and your credence as a decentralized “News Organization” there has to be some sort of “EDITORIAL OVERSIGHT” (Pete, Kate, and Ademo). To post a video with no sound, and the only context being the title

    Marion County: Police Shoot Unarmed Man in the Back, No Charges Filed

    Is complete and utter BULLSHIT. You’re better than that, and this site has the potential to be better than that. There’s a lot of “BULLSHIT” submitted to this site, whether it be Davy V. posting a video of a supposed LEO banging on his door, or the “Power-tripping, Gun-wielding Jackboots Harass Two Peaceful Dudes Near My House”.

    Seriously, upon seeing this video, I did a quick GOOGLE Search, and came up with The Gainseville Sun article. Which was a hell of a lot more informative, as well as contextual, than a simple posting of a audioless video with a sensationalized headline. Take the time to put out a quality product.

    If you want to allow all to post without Editorial Oversight, fine, but you do yourself, and those whom participate in the discussion, a disservice. The idea of this site, as I understand it is the shared goal of police accountability. Have a bit of accountability as well.

  • shawn


    Against brown, there should be no charges. The woman had no real justification for her actions. He was clearly only concerned with fleeing, not in attacking. As such, he wasn’t a sufficient threat to her life. If she can’t handle that without a gun, i suggest she return to her obvious prior employment as a dunkin doughnuts taste tester.

    What happened to physical fitness standards?

  • shawn


    Actually, I’ll correct myself on the crack about being fat. Another look shows that was a trick of the light.

  • Common Sense

    He was hit in the abdomen, not the back.

  • Burn The Obedient

    Audio to this video will tell all. The victim laid down, practically submitted to the officers unheard demands for him to obey. He did. Then the male officer decided he was due for some extra curricular MMA practice and employed some unneeded force to the victim. My guess is one of two things was going through the victims mind. 1) “Ok, Ive given up, lets hope they just take me to jail. Wait, whats this? Why is this guy roughing me up?” 2)”Fuck these pigs! Im going to pretend to submit, then when I am on the ground, and the two are trying to cuff me, Im going to fight them til they shoot me.”

    I dont buy it. “Oh well, lets just shoot him” technique isnt going to work forever before we start shooting back.

  • certain

    No, don’t argue with t, he has all the facts. Just ask him. LOL. Looks like a lot more people think you’re the tool, dude.

  • Based on what I see here, this seems like a good shoot. In fact I am actually impressed with how Miley handled the situation. She waited for backup before she tried to take Salvato into custody, and neither used excessive force when trying to handcuff him. Miley didn’t even draw he weapon until after both her and her partner were physically overpowered by the suspect.

    Since (and yes this leaves a rotten taste in my mouth) Common Sense is right and it appears Salvato was shot in the stomach I have no trouble accepting that Salvato was going to continue his assault on the officers. After all, when he was free of the officers grasp, he didn’t run. He came at the officers.

    I can’t in good conscious demand cops get their shit together and fail to acknowledge those that do.

  • T

    @certain: So that’s your answer? Wow was I ever right, it was stupid. And who disagreed with me? Heck, even @shawn agreed with me. And look, even @clark thinks your wrong.

    And so, on all the judges score cards, @certain took another tail beating and is out by TKO in the second round. Wow, this is your fastest loss to date.

  • @T…”And look, even @clark thinks your wrong.” How about you abstain from speaking for me.

    You see I only see two posts by @certain and I don’t disagree with either.

    Just because I can see how this incident can be seen as justified, doesn’t mean I no longer “think you’re the tool, dude.”

  • Joker

    The suspect just actively assaulted two uniform police officers. He was clearly shot in the stomach also when the officer who was in fear for her life discharged her duty weapon. To bad so sad dirtbag

  • dick

    both cops should be fired. what a disgrace. Do they not teach the officers how to grapple. whats the saying. fuck them in the neck

  • Joker

    Cops are not punching bags. If you swing at them expect to get seriously hurt or shot. I don’t go to McDonald’s and swing at you because the fries are cold so what gives you the right to do the police like that

  • enslave keene

    Have you heard the good news about Glik?

  • enslave keene

    Let’s see im gonna submit, go ahead and cuff me!

    No on second thought Im gonna fight,

    now im gonna run away,

    And now im gonna come back and charge at you,

    now Im going to take off running again.

    now I have lead in my gut and I’m laying here dying.


    Those cops could’ve justifiably emptied both their clips in this idiot!

  • B

    Well unfortunately this can be attributed to the officer overreacting, which is no excuse. The problem here is that she had no probable or rightful cause for deadly force. In a lawsuit against her that is where her story falls apart. She was being assaulted, but was it truly a position she felt she could lose her life because he was swinging punches? No. Then he began to escape, so from that point on her life certainly wasnt in danger. So no deadly force justified. She should be sued and held accountable.

  • Man, He was clearly running away when he was shot. I think that ANYTIME someone is shot in the BACK by cope, there should be a thorough investigation.

    @Everyone here:
    t. is a social parasite. Can’t you all see that he feeds off your anger? He takes pleasure in upsetting people. So, I suggest we all just ignore him until, without his sustenance he shrivels up and dies.

  • Scott

    All I know if if someone punched me and I pulled my legal concealed pistol and shoot the man as he is backing off, I would be charged with something. I commend Officer Brown, who after being knocked out still has the control to follow protocol and pull his taser. But for her to instantly pull her gun because someone swing s at her. She is supposed to be trained in self defense, she is supposed to be able to chase down and safely capture s SUSPECT who is INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty. Ever done a google search for “cops shoot and/or kill unarmed” ? It crazy how often these things happen, hell right now in LA they are driving around shooting up white females and males in a manhunt for a black ex-LAPD officer in a vehicle not the same model, or color of those shot up. Oh, they stopped someone on the side of road, was he mentally stable (ever tried to hold down a person with certain mental disabilities, they are know to freak out and attack) ever tried to calm down a drunk and blackout friend and had them swing on you? So you should’ve just shot them? Right? And it’s ok, shouldn’t even be questioned???? You are idiots if think what happened there was ok…

  • Scott
  • KJ