San Francisco Deputy Sheriff Faces Six Misdemeanor Charges

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A San Francisco deputy sheriff is facing a host of misdemeanor charges stemming from an off-duty incident last month when she – accompanied by two friends – allegedly forced her way into a man’s home, brandished a pistol and threatened him.

Deputy Manconia Tamika Green, 36, was arrested Oct. 3 after San Francisco police responded to the 3500 block of San Bruno Avenue where the incident took place.

According to police, Green was one of three people who entered the home of a 55-year-old man on San Bruno Avenue after an argument over some work he had been hired to do for a friend of Green.

Green’s attorney, Harry Stern, later identified that friend as Green’s sister.

Police investigators said Green, who was off-duty, brandished a gun and threatened the victim, while one of her companions knocked down a woman in the man’s home.

Police arrived on scene around 5 p.m. after receiving reports of a person with a firearm and arrested Green on suspicion of misdemeanor brandishing a weapon and felony conspiracy and making criminal threats.

One of her friends, Shalah Sheliah Lavon Johnson, 32, was also arrested on suspicion of felony criminal threats and felony conspiracy, while Green’s sister, who police declined to identify, was detained and released.

Green posted $60,000 bail early the next day. She pleaded not guilty at her arraignment last month, said Alex Bastian, a spokesman for the district attorney.

Stern, Green’s attorney, said Tuesday that his client is innocent. He said the alleged victims became aggressive and that Green identified herself as a deputy sheriff “in hopes of calming things down.”

“Deputy Green was trying to help out her sister, who had a disagreement with the other party,” he said. “The other side tried to sic a vicious dog and hit her with a golf club. She didn’t pull any weapons, use any weapons or anything like that.”

Stern said Green was carrying a gun, which as a deputy sheriff, she has a right to do while off duty.

During a pretrial conference Tuesday, Assistant District Attorney Laura Claster said she wanted to either reach a plea deal with Green or set a trial date when Green is back in court on Dec. 4.

Susan Fahey, a spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Department, said Green is back at work in the field services division where she has been assigned to administrative duties as per department policy.

Fahey said employees of the Sheriff’s Department who are under investigation for misdemeanor crimes are usually reassigned to administrative duties.



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