Illegal Search By Wal-Mart Security + Cops, Corruption, And Lies

When Wal-Mart loss prevention agents conducted a search warrant at a home in Temecula, Ca. Marijuana was found! though it is listed in the Police reports, there are no indications that the drugs were tagged into evidence or transported to the department, and Officer testified in court ” WE DIDN’T SEIZE IT “ indicating himself , other officers along with Wal-Mart Loss prevention agents. Wal-Mart did infact seize property at the residents home as indicated in the police report, but what has the community on edge is ” what were Civilians doing searching a Families home? a Ten Million Dollar lawsuit has been filed against the Riverside County Sheriffs, who’s Attorney’s Insist Wal-Mart Be sued and not the county for the Misconduct of Searching…




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