Darian Worden on Cops

The following quote from Darian Worden, author of Bring A Gun To School Day, was posted on the Center for a Stateless Society’s blog.   He gives a great overview of the two high school teachers who were suspended for educating the students, as well as props to Cop Block.  Not to mention the conclusion to his post, below, on the mindset of police today, I think it’s spot on.

individuals should think a lot about police. The story of the suspension comes from the Twitter feed of Cop Block (copblock.org), which provides new stories about bad behavior from police officers almost every day. Criminally violent or negligent behavior by cops often goes unpunished, while teachers who use unapproved videos and flyers are suspended.

Undoubtedly, there are police officers who are very concerned with protecting the lives and freedoms of individuals – but that is not their job. Police are tasked with protecting and serving the interests of power, in the specific role of enforcing whatever laws those in charge demand. The pathologies of authoritarian power structures are common, and a clique-like mindset combined with administrative procedure discourages officers from exposing or trying to check the bad behavior of others. Audio recordings of the NYPD recently acquired by the Village Voice show a system concerned with anything but protecting and serving the residents of the precinct.

Punishing teachers for teaching about the law and the student’s relation to the law exposes the runaway hypocrisy, caste structuring, and authoritarianism of the state. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, but only some are allowed to know the law; you must submit to those of higher status than you; and rules are made by rulers, but only the ruled must strictly follow them.

Ademo Freeman

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