Yes, the Comment Functionality at Isn’t Operating Properly

Thanks to all y’all that have let us know that you’re not now able to leave a comment. Please just hang tight!

Through Facebook messages, emails, and text shared via the /submit form, we hear you and we’re working on getting that addressed.

And when I say “we”, in this iteration, I’m referencing our friends at Liberty Web Alliance. They’ve had a lot on their plates recently but are aware of the issue and are looking for a solution.

From LWA’s About Page:

Liberty Web Alliance is a network of freedom activists co-laboring to spread the message of Liberty around the world.

We are a community. We’re bloggers. We’re activists. We’re regular folks passionate about Liberty and the freedom philosophy. Not only are we passionate, we want freedom for ourselves, for our families, and everyone else.

We’re in the business of freeing minds from the shackles of statism. This is a labor of love and care for our fellow human beings.

We are the loudest and most vociferous voices on the Internet for the cause of Liberty.

With our current network of bloggers we reach over 500,000 people each month. We aim to do more… much more. . .

Setting up websites can be expensive. We take advantage of our economies of scale and lower your costs to zero. That’s right!

And, here’s what we offer:

The good folks at LWA help not only us at but host and assist a growing number of Cop Block offshoots. And for that, I’m much-appreciative.

If you agree that badges don’t grant extra rights and recognize the good work LWA is doing and can help support their efforts to do even more of it, you can give them a one-time or reoccurring donation. And they take Bitcoins!

Thanks again for making sure we were aware of the inoperable comments – if you have other ideas and feedback on how we can have a bigger impact, please do let us know. And remember, Cop Block is decentralized, so feel free to start or add to whatever component you think effective. We’ll assist where we can. :)

Pete Eyre

Pete Eyre is co-founder of As an advocate of peaceful, consensual interactions, he seeks to inject a message of complete liberty and self-government into the conversation of police accountability. Eyre went to undergrad and grad school for law enforcement, then spent time in DC as an intern at the Cato Institute, a Koch Fellow at the Drug Policy Alliance, Directer of Campus Outreach at the Institute for Humane Studies, Crasher-in-Chief at Bureaucrash, and as a contractor for the Future of Freedom Foundation. In 2009 he left the belly of the beast and hit the road with Motorhome Diaries and later co-founded Liberty On Tour. He spent time in New Hampshire home, and was involved with Free Keene, the Free State Project and The Daily Decrypt.