South Dakota State Police Violated my Rights


I am a two time graduate in European Intellectual History, Human/Cultural Topical Geography in Community Corruption, with a minor in Geographical Information Science pursuing voltmeter organizations abroad, follow ships and will not stand for the on governmental committed crimes. However, my work and writing will put South Dakota Police corruption center for the world to see.

I was arrested for DUI but not resisting arrest.

The DUI arrest was made while WALKING out of the Emergency doctor’s office to walk not to my car next door to get my medicine, per the docs request. The police intervened and ordered me to their police car. Taking the fifth amendment I was arrested.

Because I was unable to obtain my medication, I became sick with an adverse reaction to mental medication with a blood suture level over 400.

The police did nothing for at least 10 minutes, but make jokes as I lay (shown in video) on the floor. At some point six to seven police, jailers, both women an men, beginning with placing “spit net” over my face, twisting my arms, pushing by bloody face to the concrete with an around 300 lb. man placing all his weight in the side of my knees and kneeing my injured pack. The sound has been doctored out to delete my screaming for “help” and the crude jokes of the police watching and doing nothing.

I was “hog tied’ ‘(according to one officer), were I was bound, torched, and shoved a sharp object down my penis telling me it “was going to be painful” and leaving it exposed finding nothing in my blood, but anxiety medication. It was extremely painful as I was tied down. Many people observed and cringed, even the police. I was given no phone call and rush out of the jail because I believe they know they committed crimes.

My trial is set for mid December with State State’s Attorney, Clyde Calhoon, who has stated I made “terroristic threats” while in the Emergency room, under doctor-client privilege. That is total ridiculous! The Doctor does not see it that way, very young nurses though they overheard “shoot” rather than a diabetic “shot,” indeed I needed it. Moreover, the mentioned said victim does not even exist. I believe Mrs. Calloon’s licenses should be under review. This “good-old-boys” system in South

Dakota believes that human and civil rights do not pertain to this state. I plan to move out of the region or country (after my legal suits will allow), and many, many angry people persecuted in South Dakota, who have had it and expect justice. I invite you to look at the South Dakota Indian population’s spite.

I saved multiple videos and immediate pictures resulting from this crimes along with my lawyer Mr. Terry Wasorick.

Dakota police have for years. Finally, I have several witnesses that Det. Cora Olson of the South Dakota State University has been guilty of Defacement of Character. Moreover, I have received, unknown, threats to not peruse the case against Brookings Law Enforcement. In fact my friends, family, and my life may be in danger.Also, while handcuffed – in custody – two Brookings police twisted the cuffs and threw me against a concrete was while I was not resisting. This is also on video. I know my civil and human rights have been crush at the hand South

Much of this past abuse has lead deaths and suicides. This is not the first or the last this has happened in a town of only 20, 000.

Richard David Gould















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