Is the Life of a LEO Worth More Than That of a Non-LEO?

Clyde Freeman asks whether someone’s life is worth more based on their occupation. If the differentiation of value placed on the life of someone that Freeman points out doesn’t sit well with you, feel free to call and share your thoughts with those involved.

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by Clyde Freeman

It’s always sad when anyone loses their life. Police or non-police. No one’s life has more value over another.

Statistics are meticulously gathered by the Department of Justice on the number of LEOs that die each year and specifically how they lose their lives – in the line of duty, off duty, car accident, heart attack, or by the hand of an assailant.

No statistics are kept on the people each year who are killed by law enforcement. Those killed by law enforcement, while technically innocent since they have not been on trial and found guilty (remember, innocent until PROVEN guilty is supposed to be the standard), it would be hard to muster any kind of sympathy for a maniac killer that guns down a cop.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are some clear cut cases where, only after tremendous public pressure and scrutiny, is it revealed police have accidentally or through intent killed an innocent person.

Sandra Allmond and her 11 year old granddaughter, here in NC.

Kelly Thomas, beaten to death by cops in Fullerton, California.

Jose Guerena, shot 71 times in a no-knock raid – the wrong address*.

[Note: The Cato Institute has a map of botched paramilitary raids.]

Still, most cases lie somewhere in between, in a gray area. The problem is the police are the only ones usually present and control all of the evidence, and the general public and media tend to believe the police version of events over any other.

These are the forgotten innocent killed by law enforcement. If you would like to express your support for me placing a sign to remember innocent victims of law enforcement, the following contact information is below:

Lewisville Town Hall
(336) 945-5558
Hank Perkins (“town manager”) or (336) 945-5558

Lewisville town’s claimed representatives

  • Dan Pugh (“mayor”) 336.945.4294,
  • Sandra Mock (“mayor pro tem”) 336.945.2404,
  • Fred Franklin (“council member”) 336.945.4477,
  • Robert Greene (“council member”) 336.945.3621,
  • Tom Lawsom (“council member”) 336.945.6299,
  • Ed Smith (“council member”) 336.945.2710,
  • Jeff Zneger (“council member”) 336.946.2460,

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