Andre Johnson’s Thuggery Finally Too Much for Nashville Gang

Well, it took many, many complaints, but Andre Johnson is no longer wearing a “Nashville Police Department” badge.

How many complaints? I can’t honestly say, but enough to have been “disciplined” 31 times. Thirty-one times!

Were you ever give more than one or two chances at your job? Why are folks like Johnson protected into today’s monopoly of policing? (Educate yourself on the causes and alternatives over at

Steve Anderson

In one of those disciplinary episodes (which were obviously so effective) Johnson was “decommissioned”, which his boss Steve Anderson says earned him a lobby assignment, which “no one wants.”

Damn. That’s serious.

But not as serious as the multiple ladies Johnson hit. Multiple times. Nor the double-standards afforded to him for failing to even show up at work. Still, he was paid. For the 24-years he wore a “Nashville Police Department” badge.

But even now, even after the obviously terrible track record he has, he wasn’t fired. He resigned before that could happen.

Johnson’s outright thuggery was becoming too much of a black eye for Nashville’s largest gang. It’s a shame it took this long.

Bullies love to keep their misdeeds unknown. Going forward, anyone who’s wronged by someone wearing a badge should know that they can make transparent the interaction through outlets like Getting more eyes on the situation does help. So does connecting with Copblockers in your area.


As reported by WKRN on February 27, 2013, “A judge cleared a former Metro cop accused of domestic assault of all charges on Wednesday.”

In what seems fairly typical for aggressors who wear a badge, if the incident in question is serious enough, they often resign (or are pressured out), rather than bring a bigger black eye to their outfit. In exchange, the charges levied seem to evaporate.


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*I first became familiar with Johnson’s actions when I knew I was going to participate in the Nashville Liberty Fest this past November.

Pete Eyre

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