Albuquerque Police Officer Arrested

The following was submitted by Valentin Lucero.

Unfortunately, it looks as though Albuquerque Police Department in New Mexico is in the news again. This time, one of Albuquerque Police officers was arrested for possession of stolen property in excess of $500.00. Officer Daniel Burge is a seven year veteran of the Albuquerque Police Department. He has been on leave since the beginning of December pending the outcome of an investigation. The investigation stems from the home of another officer being burglarized back in January.

Police received a tip that Officer Burge was involved and had a TV that was stolen from the home. They could not prove that the TV in question was the one that was stolen since the serial number had been scratched off, until the original owner remembered that it had identifying scratch marks on the side. The marks matched and Officer Burge was arrested. The investigation is still ongoing and more arrests could be made in the days to come.





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  • Common Sense

    Adam?! Ha ha ha

  • shawn

    Begging everyone’s pardon, but why is a cop, most of whom make many tens of thousands a year stealing a flipping TV? He must really want to watch Cops.

    That’s as silly as a woman when I was a child who was buying one of those power wheel trucks, and got arrested for shop lifting a pack of gum.


    I’m with ya shawn… wtf.

  • John Q Public

    Yep, he was stupid. Since it was a cop stealing from another cop, that makes it even more stupid.

  • shawn


    Well, we know he doesn’t care about the Thin Blue Line.

  • John Q Public

    Shawn, evidently not.