I Have a Marijuana Drug Charge any Advice?

I’m going to begin this post with listing the pending charges on my behalf. I currently have 3 pending charges. Possession, possession with intent to distribute (Marijuana), and illegal use of a communication facility. 2 Counts of each charge.

That being said…
Let me explain how I obtained these charges and my defense as I really am just a friendly pot smoker whos getting screwed by a weasel.

My friend Alyson who I have become pretty close to in the past 2 to 3 years was my smoking buddy before I quit marijuana use. We would hang hang out a few times a month on average and yes I would sell her some marijuana out of my personal stash if she wanted some for herself at home but im pretty sure all smokers do this. BUT she happened to have a D-bag boyfriend who didn’t like us having any type of relationship and he ended up getting himself into a jam. He was facing a second dui conviction, possession, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Since he learned from Alyson that im connected in the marijuana drug trade, I was used as his snitch canidate to get out of a 2nd DUI. Later revealed to Alyson that he hated me and worried I was a threat to their relationship.

While Aly (Alyson) was unaware of his current perdicament. She asked me If I could sell her some weed or get her some, I did niether until she continued to bug me a few more times so I sold to her boyfriend what was intended for her, the remains of my stash estimated at a gram. This is my first charge.

Being a naive moron I am, I gave Alyson permission to pass my cell number off to Marc (her rat boyfriend) when she asked. He asked a second time for some marijuana, I had none because I was beginning to end my smoking career, but I told him I could put a order in for an ounce if he so chose. Took me about a month to actually get ahold of it for him but it did adventually come. And that’s my second charge.

After these two events occured Marc adventually fessed up to his disgraceful plan which put an end to their relationship. Alyson told me everything she knew and what he was trying to do.

**She stated that cops still allowed Marc to keep the Marijuana**
**Every other piece of info she provided also proved to be correct, Marc’s charges, description of the narc agents, and the cops current investigation**

Nothing happened for more then 8 months, by this time I have already forgot about these events but the cops show up to my house with a warrant at 6 am! There was about 6 of them trying to pull of a display of intimidation.

So I’m taken to the station and the detective starts immediatly attempting to extract information from me. Also trying to imply that im some kind of big shot in the marijuana distribution ring. In reality I’m flat broke and work my ass off for the little money I have as a machinist and mechanic.

AGAIN BEING DUMB HERE I try to explain my situation and gave up the location of my weed stash (less than an oz) and whatever glass I had. Bongs, pipes and things for personal use only thinking it would help my case if I was cooperative. They searched my house and garage finding only evidence of personal use. No bags, no scales, no extra phones or whatever else a drug dealers necessities are.

BUT the detective of the case is still trying to incriminate me as a drug dealer and I’m facing felony charges.

If the marijuana sold to the witness (bf Marc) cannot be located in evidence because it was given back to him. Could this possibly question the credibility of the investigating officers to help my case?

Im stressing big time over this because I’m really only concerned with getting a felony charge.

I gave consent for them to search my phone being told it would be returned in a timely manner but of course they are procrastinating or searching desperatly for whatever crum of evidence they can prosicute me with but I have no worries there. I really don’t understand why the detective is pushing for charges so badly?

I’ll be going to speak with an attorney this week to see what I’m up against. I really feel violated for the fact im being incriminated for a little marijuana use and then the officers have the nerve to pass the marijuana off the there witness when they are supposed to be preventing the use of the narcotic. Looks to me like someone just wants a promotion

If anyone could give any advise or expertise on how to avoid a felony charge here I would be eternally grateful. My stress levels are through the roof!!


Max U


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