Was Doug Boucher’s Death Justified?

Doug Boucher

Three years ago – Dec. 13th, 2009 to be exact – Doug Boucher died after his skull fractured on the pavement. He fell, after being tasered by Daniel Fry, who works at the Mason (OH) Police Department. Fry claims to have acted on the orders of his colleague, Sean McCormick.

When this story broke, the lamestream media in the area communicated only that “Boucher was struck with the stun gun after he tried to go after the clerk and hit an officer with a cuffed hand” – a quote attributed to unnamed “officials.” (How convenient these journalists – supposedly watchdogs – think it sufficient to merely parrot statements and not ask questions.)

Five weeks later, Rachel Hutzel, who, like Fry and McCormick, is also employed at an entity that subsists on stolen money under the auspices of “justice”, said that she and her team were done investigating the incident, and had found no wrongdoing.

Boucher’s family pressed on, not satisfied with the lack of accountability for the demise of their son.

Earlier this week they announced they’d filed suit against the Mason Police Department. Part of their rationale is new information that has come to light about the final seconds of their sons life:

Police in the Cincinnati suburb of Mason previously said only that Doug Boucher, 39, died after he was shocked by a Taser, but they hadn’t revealed how many times or other details surrounding the Dec. 13, 2009, incident, including the fact that an unresponsive Boucher was lying face-down on the ground for five of the seven stuns he received.

Information downloaded from the device showed that Fry used the Taser on Boucher six times in a 75-second period — five times after he had stopped moving. A third officer, Bradley Walker, testified that when he arrived, he saw McCormick hit a motionless Boucher with a baton about five times

After repeatedly being tased, hit with a baton, and kicked, Bradley Walker – a colleague of Fry and McCormick who had arrived on the scene – approached Boucher with his handcuffs. Walker has since stated that McCormick “looked at me and he said, ‘We might have to shoot this guy.'”

Soon after, those responsible for the barrage of brutality toward Boucher realized that he was not breathing. He was pronounced dead soon after.

And for what?

Daniel Fry (L), Sean McCormick (R)

Boucher had allegedly made a “lewd comment” to the convenience store clerk. Fry and McCormick, who were told of that interaction, approached Boucher and questioned him about the exchange.

Both Fry and McCormick admit that Boucher apologized and made his way to his car. But, before Boucher entered the vehicle, McCormick approached from behind and put his hand on Boucher’s shoulder.

Those still alive claim that that’s when Boucher became upset – eventually hitting Fry, who was attempting to handcuffing him. Soon after, the tasering/beating occurred.

The next chapter in this saga is legal land, Jan. 10th, 2013 at:

US District Court – Southern District of Ohio
100 E 5th St
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Unsurprisingly, those employed at the Mason Police Department are clamoring for the case to be dismissed.

Boucher’s parents, however, are pushing for jury trial, which they hope will happen in February. Their attorney, Jennifer Branch, said that the situation never should have happened, as Boucher should not have been approached as he was making his way to his vehicle. Especially since, as she points out, making a lewd comment isn’t a criminal offense.

If you’re in/near the Cincinnati area and care to join Boucher’s family in their quest for accountability, please do. And if you’re so-inclined, record the proceeding or take notes and share what unfolds via http://CopBlock.org/Submit.

Feel free to share your thoughts or inquire of Daniel Fry, Sean McCormick and/or Bradley Walker:

Mason Police Department

  • http://www.imaginemason.org/city-government/safety-services/police-department
  • 6000 Mason-Montgomery Road, Mason, OH 45040
  • 513.229.8560 (or after hours 513.925.2525)
  • police@masonoh.org

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