I’ve Never Shot A Dog

I found this up and coming facebook page which brings focus to the issue of cops shooting dogs and encourages more accountability for this issue.

I started delivering pizzas the summer after high school.  I really enjoyed the job. I liked the interactions with different types of people and I loved being out and about, especially late at night. We were open until 3 in the morning 7 days a week. I worked in a college town suburb near Milwaukee.

I worked at the pizza place until I finished college. 4 years 7 months and 4 days to be exact. On one side of our delivery area were houses worth anywhere from $400k to several million dollars. Many of those houses were spread out and rather rural.  On the other side of town were thousands of closely packed working class houses, apartment complexes, and 2 college campuses.

One of my favorite aspects of the job was the dogs. Dogs are cool. I encountered dogs of all types. Dogs are quite intrigued by a pizza guy.

I wore black boots, black pants, black hat, we carried a black pizza bag, with a red shirt, often times covered by my  gray hooded sweatshirt.

In certain, “old town” areas, parking was limited.  I would often park in a location close and search for the actual address, with my pizza and two liter of Coke in hand,  and my flashlight lit. On certain blocks and in certain apartment complexes I would inevitably run into leashed dogs, occasional strays, and in the rural areas, dogs off leash which would come out of the shadows from behind me and great me with a bark or even a nudge to my leg from behind.

I usually worked Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 5pm-3:30am. I conservatively encountered dogs on  2 out of 10 deliveries and around 30 deliveries per night.  That puts me at about 4,200 dog encounters.

I did occasionally have to stand my ground. I’ve never been bit and I’ve never shot a dog.

Perhaps I’m just really lucky.





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