Police Shut Down The Scary Snowman

This post was submitted by Robert Kruger.

Several police officers in Providence RI show how they have no sense of humor, good judgment or any understanding of concept of freedom of expression.

If you aren’t familiar with Freaky the Scary Snowman, it’s a few guys that video tape people passing by a fake snowman getting scared. It’s truly a great joy to watch, whether on YouTube or in person. At some point, a grinch decided they didn’t like the fun and that’s when the police got involved. The video several pieced together clips, and they may not be in order or even on the same day, but the quote from the description provided by the uploader makes it clear that a violation of rights occurred: “In summary Lieutenant Ryan said ‘it’s a public safety concern and he don’t like it.’ Lieutenant Ryan said it doesn’t matter if we have permits, insurance, or anything.”

If this dominating government insists on forcing us to have public areas, the fact is that these public areas will experience the tragedy of the commons. This group is doing nothing other than using a public space which they are fully entitled to use and exercising their 1st amendment rights. If others do not want to risk being exposed to occasional rants from people with Asberger’s or the smartass kid in a snowman, they shouldn’t be in a public space. I have an idea! If some jerkoff wants to have a sidewalk where people don’t go “boo” they can BUY THEMSELVES A DAMN SIDEWALK and make the rules.

I have no affiliation with the makers of this video.


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